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Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor is the next standalone chapter in the Company of Heroes franchise, featuring all-new content, including three single-player campaigns, new multiplayer modes, additional maps and units. Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor also introduces a new “direct-fire” feature that allows players more tactical control of their units and more strategic options in-game. Developed by internal studio Relic Entertainment and powered by Relic’s proprietary Essence Engine, Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor is fully compatible with Company of Heroes and Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, allowing players who own the entire series complete access to the epic battles of World War. [THQ]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2742
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Military, General
Company / Developer
THQ / Relic
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Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor reviews ( 7 )

PaulL, Apr 14, 2009

Amongst the echoing complaints, I feel Tales of Valor accomplished its job as being an expansion for 30$US/CDN. People who were disappointed were those who were comparing it, to its two previous dreadnought games. This is not what tales of valor is. Tales of valor is multilayer content. If you spend a lot of time in coh multiplayer, TOV is a steal. The singleplayer only works to propel the games new features forward. Tiger Ace FTW!

TonyR, Apr 11, 2009

The missions are an interesting introduction to the different gameplay you can expect from the multiplayer. However, the campaign is ridiculously short (4 hours tops) and the hero units are way too strong. This is the only downside to the expansion: you will be dissapointed if you expect the same level of storytelling and long campaigns that were the trademark of previous COH campaigns. On the plus side, the AI is ridiculously strong now, and expert computers make for a very good practice when there's nobody else online. They are aggressive, have good capping orders, and the cpu is vicious and relentless. The new units are a mixed bag, and they are fairly balanced, letting players try out different types of playstyle. For example, the M17 is a glass cannon that trades the armor and mine-laying abilities of the M8 for a more powerful rapid-firing cannon and very weak armor. It is a worthy addition to your collection.

BiteMe, May 18, 2009

Quit your whining, CoH gives you exactly what they are selling, no less and no more. I play lotsa games and this one entertains and is challenging, and the option of overseeing the game or going on"on the field" to see the diferent angles is awesome. If you find this game too easy, then you are lyng or spending too much time on the computer, get a life. Like most games, you can only play them so long before they get boring, so I think its definitely worth the money and recommend it to anyone, especially those who enjoy WWII games.

kane148, Oct 26, 2012

If you play CoH multiplayer then perhaps this is worth it, but as someone who only plays the singleplayer I was disappointed with it. While the missions are interesting and fun, they are very short--you might get three hours total out of all of them. Maybe. Thankfully I got this on sale on Steam, but I would have been upset had I paid the full $20.

joeybear, Mar 5, 2013

Tales of Valor simply does not add enough to justify a full-price expansion. There is a serious lack of new units and no new factions. Given it's a standalone title, it's not bad per say but sorely lacking.

JimM, Apr 12, 2009

Agree with the other reviewers: this game is very short on content for the single player. The only redeeming feature of the purchase so far is the difficult first mission in the last 'campaign' (as yet unfinished). The other missions (played 6 so far) are very easy and very short.

tolgaeryoldas, Apr 10, 2009

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