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Conflict: Denied Ops When the US government needs to act, but can not afford to be associated with the operation, deniable operatives are dispatched. Members of the unit must bear no identity; no objects, papers or clothing that could associate them with the government. Their task is to do anything necessary, no matter how ruthless, to dissolve the threat. Conflict: Denied Ops puts players in control of two of these merciless operatives, each of them highly specialized in both weapons and military tactics. With gameplay focused on accessible two-man tactics, utilize simple commands and switch seamlessly between team mates to lay down covering fire, explore diverging paths, create distractions and pin the enemy under fire. Making full use of Pivotal's Puncture Technology, Conflict: Denied Ops features a highly destructible environment, allowing players to utilize tactics such as shooting through walls to create sniping holes or blasting open new paths to take the enemy by surprise. Fighting for a good cause, does not mean they have to play by the rules. Brutalize the opposition, blast down buildings, and destroy everything in true Hollywood fashion – all throughout politically sensitive areas across South America, Africa and Russia. [Eidos Interactive]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 60 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1669
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Modern, Arcade
Players 16 Online
Company / Developer
Eidos Interactive / Pivotal Games

Conflict: Denied Ops reviews ( 7 )

ZachW., Feb 24, 2008

Ignore what others say! This is a very good game! It features destructible environments, and the ability to switch between players at any given moment! You can also order your squad member to move somewhere, throw a grenade, take out a certain target, bash open a door for you and, suppressive fire. It features online co-op and game modes. Theres 3 gamemodes. Conquest (like the BF series), deathmath and, team deathmatch. Incase your curious, the commands are very affective. You can tell your squad member to shoot across a place (like left or right) and you cover him. This is many other tactics can be done with these commands. Want your partner to use a certain weapon and kill someone? Yup, he can do that do. The graphics ARE NOT bad. People just say they are! Ignore the bad reviews and buy this game!

SB, Feb 25, 2008

I think its a great game. No its not Gears, no its not Bio-shock.. Its not Lost Odysey. Its not supposed to be. Its a well made game .I've had no problems so far camera and aiming great. Most books aren't great art. Most movies are crap. This is justa good fun shoot the bad guys and blow up stuff game. Plays crappy on Vista tho ; had to load it onto my old pc. New on is a quad core and it is laggy.

daveyy12, May 17, 2012

Even though I might seem inexperienced at gaming, I really liked this game. There was lots of action and a somewhat decent plot, with annoying cut scenes held to a minimum. The ability to change players at will added some entertainment to the game, especially since each player had different weapons. The only problem I had was with the weapons. Does it really take three hits to kill a tank with an RPG? How many head shots do you need with a sniper rifle to make a kill?

KyleB, May 4, 2008

Gave this game a 2 because I actually got to play Co-op with my brother in MN for a while. That was fun, then, it stopped working on Co-op, nobody in Steam answers forums, and neither does Eidos. Lack of support= *&^%$#@! game. BTW Sins of a Solar Empire will cure that!!!

DaveR., Feb 22, 2008

Absolutely atrocious. Ugly, buggy, generic, uninspired. The developers don't deserve to make their money back on this waste of time. Buy literally anything else instead.

ARCHANGELM., Feb 29, 2008

the graphics superior, playability sucked outright,too many keys too little time, I'd place PlayStation one and a side scroller ahead of this,they need to make things simpler,this is a war venture not politics,as its bad enough to use a voting machine then it is to place a ballot on paper and drop it in a box

AnonymousMC, Feb 13, 2008

This was the most disgusting piece of shit I have seen. For Eidos to have reasonable graphics in Tomb Raider: Legend/Anniversary, and then put out something that makes you want to kill yourself once you set eyes on it... it's awful. They say it features "Massively Destructible Environments," by which I guess they mean you can break boxes and crates. Whoop de doo. The gameplay also sucked. Your teammate is a retard unless you control him. Your enemies won't fall when hit by a hundred bullets but can kill you with one. Weapons are limited and tedious. Now, I've only played the demo... but, based on that, I would burn every copy of this shitty game in existence. Buy this if you're looking for something to hang yourself by. Otherwise, save $40.