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Conflict: Desert Storm You're the best trained, best equipped Special Forces squad in the world. You have been deployed behind teh enemy lines where the terrain and conditions are barbaric. You will seek, locate and destroy the enemy while creating havoc and confusion against insane odds. [SCI Games]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 58 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1516
Genre Action, Shooter, Third-Person, Tactical, Modern
Players 1-8
Company / Developer
Gotham Games / Pivotal Games

Conflict: Desert Storm reviews ( 5 )

AnonymousMC, Jun 5, 2006

I play this game in my teachers class..which is really, really boring and me and about five of my friends play this in a LAN and well its pretty fun especially when you are bored out of your mind.....try this game give it a chance and well its actually pretty good graphics...but it is now though it should be two bucks or so

reflect27, May 28, 2012

This game is honestly so terrible that it's incredible. I can completely understand why people would critically take this game for what it is and give it a bad review. However, I feel this is one of those cult games that just doesn't matter about flaws. This game is awesome/terrible!

molemaster43, Mar 8, 2013

This is a really fun game. There are a lot of things that make this game fun, including challenging missions, interesting gameplay, and just all around fun. It is not really the best shooter game out there, but I think this game is actually pretty fun and deserves more credit than it actually gets.

mrchuckles15, Jun 3, 2012

Well honestly, Conflict Desert Storm is one of those games where i doubt it has aimed particularly high. It is a great squad shooter, and the graphics were pretty good when it was released. One part I did enjoy was the diversity of weapons. It made you feel like you had achieved something and you get a burst of excitement when you get to try out your new toy. Plus the AI were realisitic most of the time and were a challange when there is 4 of you and a dozen of them plus a tank.However, the story is very repetitive, as pretty much each mission after the training and 1st mission, is the same stuff in a different setting. I found the way to destroy a tank realisitic however it became extremely annoying when you run out of rockets in your rocket launcher and you have to send one of your guys with C4 to do the job, which usually ends up with him dying when you detonate. Also, not being able to pick up enemy weapons was a bit of a pain as well, especially when you run out of ammo with your rifle, down to your pistol and knife and there is still 1/2 a mission to go. The ammunition as well is an annoyance, as everytime you reload, no matter if you have even only fired one shot will make you throw away the whole clip,not just reduce that one shot from your main stockpile of ammunition like other games. It is an interesting game, with so much potential, however it just felt wrong in so many places. If a remake ever occurs, I would like to see an online mulitplayer with a more pleasurable experience and some new weapons, plus a better, more varying storyline for each mission and of course, modern graphics to give it that finishing touch.

Sam, Dec 3, 2002

Well its a bit disapointing, the training and second mission are fun. But then it starts to be about the same thing (bloody tanks and Sam Sites) its a bit crudy cause you only have four members and when you die theres no bloody blood which is unrelistic. All in all i think it a load of old sh.t! dont buy it!