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Confrontation The game is set in the fantastic and original universe of Confrontation, Aarklash. As the Age of Rag'narok is approaching, four factions are fighting for their own cause and struggling for domination over the land: the brutal Orcs of the Tree-Spirit, the ferocious Wolfen packs, the fearsome Griffon warriors or the terrifying creatures of the Scorpion.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 53 / 100
User rating
Downloads 929
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Fantasy, General
Company / Developer
Focus Home Interactive / Cyanide

Confrontation reviews ( 7 )

darman, Apr 10, 2012

A real good solid game. Strong game mechanics. The pathfind is definetely a problem but in the end you learn to deal with it. It's old school which works very well for me. The universe and mix of characters is really great.

Minty13, Apr 23, 2012

Post patch the pathfinding isn't as big of a problem- you can hit enemies from over your own teammates shoulders. Also the targetting issues don't matter so much seen as you can pause the action. Still, considering the bad reviews you would expect a price reduction soon so even if you like tactical rpg combat- and this is probably the best you'll find in that department- I'd wait for that, or maybe a "gold" edition with campaigns for the other factions. The game is also a lot easier now. Enemies seem to do less damage and hit less often but I suppose you can play on hard mode if you want the challenge it was previously on normal.

Tirre, Apr 28, 2013

Gameplay is a bit like managing a mmorpg party of 4 in a dungeon. You manage agro and decide when and were to use skills etc. for the entire group (real-time combat with pause). Graphics and sound are good enough. In short I found it worth playing so far.

ea6527, Apr 9, 2012

I cannot recommend this awful game to anyone who breathes, between the awful path-guiding and the even worse targeting system, this game is a disgrace to humanity, I really wish I could get a refund on this piece of crap. If at least the story was any interesting, but no, yet another generic game. Even though it's less important than the rest, the graphics are goddamn awful as well.

DrSepsis, Oct 15, 2013

The Positive: From what I saw it had a cool basis for a decent story and original and cool sounding names. The Negative: Almost everything else. The graphics are plain and dated looking. The maps are just a dull excuse to walk from point A to point B fighting a limited variety of baddies over and over again in order to get XP. Points where just a few lines of voice acting would have sufficed to get a plot point or idea across are instead filled with excessive text. Pathfinding is terrible often leading the one character you're trying to save to walk into the enemy or get trapped behind one of your one characters. The combat skills are slow to respond making timing in combat awkward at best. I found it very difficult to stick with this game beyond the first few levels. What could have been an enjoyable game and idea ended up being an ordeal brought about overcoming the very fundamental mechanics that the game is based on. At the current Steam price of $20 this game is sadly overpriced.

Klewer, Oct 25, 2013

Found this overall to be a fairly average game. While the graphics and actual setting are solid enough the average skill use and game play is poor at times and the very bad optimization means this game feel as though it is always labouring and never feels smooth. Give it a miss.

BluePhoenix666, Apr 7, 2012

I can't recommend this game, not at the $40 price tag. It's outdated graphically and the need to constantly rotate the map to see what's going on is annoying. Combat system is OK but most of the skills feel weak and using targeting skills is a hit and miss affair when it comes to clicking on the right target. Overall, this game ISN'T FUN to play at all. If you prefer being frustrated and bored, then this game is for you.