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Construction Simulator 2015
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 65 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1239
Genre Simulation, General, Vehicle, Civilian
Company / Developer
astragon / weltenbauer.
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Construction Simulator 2015 reviews ( 3 )

Lakitu56, Jan 3, 2017

The graphic is very nice and the game can also be played on older pcs. It makes a lot of fun to drive with the trucks. You can also download the community thinks e.g. cars. That's a +Point

BobBaumeister, Dec 18, 2014

This game is spot on, nice controls and its not too difficult to make money. If you like building, digging, and all the other fun stuff of the construction world, this is your game. Especially the Coop multiplayer makes a lot of fun with friends. Some technical issues still have to be solved with a patch but it's already a very good sim. 8/10 because of some minor technical issues. 10/10 if they have been solved.

MadJaples, Mar 28, 2015

I'm kind of saddened to see yet another - yet ANOTHER - German simulation program on the market. Not because I'm a xenophobe, far from it, but because as soon as jolly old deutschlander gets bored with his oktoberfest, he has to wax practical and constructive and crack out yet another flipping simulation. Give. it. a. rest. Now that's just my opinion about it as a game of a specific genre. Here's my opinion about the game itself. The concept is fine in itself. I don't think I've seen a construction simulator of this calibre before - which is no bad thing. My only complaint is that as with most other German games - such as the Kobra Alarm series, and the myriad of other simulations that there are in existence, with the exception of Rescue 2014, the graphics are ludicrously lacklustre. It lacks polish. It lacks something that really yells out that they've even tried to make the game as realistic as possible - and it's not the only game that has done it, far from it, every other single german game I've touched on as had this seriously half-arsed approach to the graphical shine of a program. Graphics cards these days have such a massive capability to show some of the best graphics you could probably ever see until the next generation of graphics cards - and german games in general seem to not utilize the power that AMD, Nvidia and similar are capable of putting out. The controls are fine, I particularly liked the help function, instead of having a static message displaying the controls, or having to pop to the in-game controls, a funky set of key bindings that are connected to relevant parts of a vehicle by way of a thin white line, with icons that hint at what they do when you press em. When you move the camera around the vehicle you're using, the buttons and the connecting lines all move so you can still see the button bindings and the parts of it. I thought that was a nice touch to the help side of things. Some of the contracts can be funny in appearance. Apparently in their world it takes a digger to do 'minor' gardening work. There's nowhere I know of where pulling the weeds out of the lawn would require a digger - although it would make weeding a hell of a lot easier! I was hoping for much better from the German side in the world of games - regardless of whether or not it would have been educational in some respects - however it just didn't happen, for the Nth time. If they would just concentrate on polishing the graphical appearance of the in-game world, I think this could have been a pretty good game. Worth getting, but be prepared to be disappointed with some pretty standard, dull German graphics.