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Cossacks: European Wars A real-time strategy game set in 17th and 18th century Europe, the age of Napoleonic war and early gun combat, and similar to "Age of Empires II."
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1859
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, General, Command
Players 1-8
Company / Developer
Strategy First / GSC Game World
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Cossacks: European Wars reviews ( 5 )

WillJ., Jul 8, 2001

This game is brilliant. Its only weakness I think, is that the missions are on easy mode are too hard! I've only completed two of them in ages, although after playing each other a couple of times, you soon get the hang of it.

George, Jul 4, 2001

This game is superb! It is not an "AoEII" clone, in fact it makes "AoEII" look like a flaming turd in every possible way! The only disadvantage it has is the map editor, and some bugs, but those don't interfere with gameplay.

CheeseSteakJim, Nov 20, 2015

PROS-- Massive maps, up to 8000 units! Awesome skirmish battles, replay ability is great (still playing in 2015), fun single player missions, unit variety and technology upgrades add nice depth. CONS-- Bugs like troops getting stuck in terrain or going walkabouts, can be frustrating. Classic RTS, so much fun!

Unurautare, Nov 18, 2015

17-18th century warfare, base building, good graphics for it's time, good but hard campaigns, for example the Russian campaign where Russia it let's you play as evolves from a backwater state into an European superpower but I feel the last mission wasn't that good, then again maybe the developers had the multiplayer in mind which does indeed seem to be the case since you have multiplayer only historical missions/battles, which is a shame since I never really got to play and experience them all because of that. Each nation has it's own architecture and unique units, you also have naval warfare, but most of all the game allows you to play it as you want. If you like small scale battles you can play without peace time and try to defeat your enemy fast, but you can also build up thousand of troops, compared to most RTS games where you build squad sized units. A great game for it's time and even years after.

KurtH., Nov 1, 2001

You really should look into buying this game if you enjoy strategy games. It gives a sort of taste of culture, the architecture of the buildings are amazing. I have never played "Ages of Empires" but I'm sure its not as good as this.