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Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (CS:CZ), a tactical action game, challenges you to compete with and against cunning AI opponents in mission-based campaigns spread across the globe. As squad leader of an elite counter-terrorist operative, use specialized maneuvers and weapon skills to complete over 20 new missions, each containing numerous objectives. Drop into challenging scenarios -- from harsh jungle environments to severe arctic terrains, from unforgiving deserts to dangerous international city streets. Rescue hostages. Escort VIPs to safety. Locate and defuse bombs. This collection of entirely new episodes challenges your ability to think quickly and strategically! CS:CZ advances the award-winning Counter-Strike series by introducing single-player action and special enhancements for online play. Powered by an enriched Half-Life engine, CS:CZ introduces new game technologies including highly-detailed models, atmospheric enhancements such as snow and rain, and many more dynamic special effects. [Sierra]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 67 / 100
User rating
Downloads 13828
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Modern, Arcade
Players 1-32
Company / Developer
Sierra Entertainment , Valve Software / Turtle Rock Studios

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero reviews ( 4 )

GavinF., May 7, 2006

I can't complain I got the game well the serial number only from K-Mart for $4.01 because the discs had been lost. Thank you steam for making lost discs or destroyed data no problem when installing, just had to add my new serial to my account and there you go the cheapest copy of Condition zero ever.

MatthewA., Oct 26, 2007

Let me just say, this game probably won't please people who can play Counter-Strike 1.6/source online, however for people who don't have a fast enough internet connection, or just wanna practice, this is the game. Also, the addition of a new terrorist model on multiplayer is an everlasting lure for those who love not being able to see how good they look. A definite must buy.

WesleyC., Jun 30, 2007

I say I was surprised by it! This was what I've always wanted! A counter strike style with a story in the middle. The graphics are not too good for some reason... But it's all about the gameplay right?

AlexH., Jun 16, 2007

This game is better than source, and the graphics are ok. The game itself isn't very realistic, but the custom game option is the best. Online is great, and their are a lot of cool servers to join.