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Crazy Machines 2 Create your own daring experiments with Crazy Machines II! How will a toaster handle two whoopie cushions? How to watch TV with a steam engine? Build up insane chain reactions and pray that everything works or explodes with a big bang. Extreme detailed and living 3D graphics with new effects like heat haze, motion blur and much more. Completely new game elements, e.g. laser and lightning generators. Revised common game elements with a lot more possibilities. A new game physics model with destroyable and deformable objects. Ageia PhysX hardware support. Online option for exchanging labs and downloading new game content.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1366
Genre Miscellaneous, Puzzle, Logic, General
Company / Developer
Viva Media , Viva Media, LLC / FAKT Software
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Crazy Machines 2 reviews ( 1 )

BillS, Aug 26, 2008

For those who loved The Incredible Machine, Yes, that wacky old puzzle game that's been remade several times, Welcome to the newest remake of it. Sure its not a shiny new concept, but this will run on Vista and the original Incredible Machine does not.. although it was on my xp until it fried.