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Cross of the Dutchman Cross of the Dutchman is an action-adventure game based on the folk legend of "Grutte" Pier Gerlofs Donia. In Cross of the Dutchman, you as the player take the role of Grutte Pier, a Frisian freedom fighter from the 16th century. On your journey you will encounter many challenges, and experience the world of medieval Western Europe like no game before. Will you be able to live up to the legend and liberate Frisia?

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 61 / 100
User rating
Downloads 950
Genre Action Adventure, Fantasy, General
Company / Developer
Triangle Studios / Triangle Studios

Cross of the Dutchman reviews ( 4 )

Umperio, Jan 17, 2018

tl;dr buy it I got this game, which was totally unknown to me, for 0.20€ in a Mystery Key sale. My first thought: "Oh ♥♥♥♥♥, another useless indie game I'll never play". But then, I noticed the game was Mac compatible, despite what I expected. I gave it a shot. What came after, you all know. Hours came and went away, and I enjoyed this little wonder during these goddamn hot June nights. The best 20 cents I've ever spent. PLUS: the devs included Frisian language. Hell yeah, it's the first time I see a local language in a game. And I love it.

raccV, Sep 15, 2015

Purchased the game on Steam during the first week of the launch with a nice discount. The game took me about 5 hours to finish and get all the achievements. The game also offers nice Steam features like Steam Trading Cards, which is always nice to have. The game tells the story of Pier, a local hero from the Netherlands. I am from the Netherlands and never heard of him before, but now I want to know more about his history! You can find a lot information about him on the Internet, stuff that you actually also encounter during the game! The combat is basic, but very enjoyable when you fight off multiple enemies at the time. I highly recommend this for players who want a casual experience (small RPG elements) and enjoy hacking, slashing and destroying Saxon soldiers! One last advantage was that the game is available in many languages. Normally I don't enjoy playing any game in my native language, but this one felt great!

Zuleiman, Sep 21, 2015

Purchased the game for my kids. They were very entertained while playing the game. I decided to try it out myself and I have to admit, it is a really fun, yet short experience! You definitely get your moneys worth, I could have paid up to $20 for 2 cinema tickets (excluding the food) for a 1 hour and 30 minute experience or purchase the game: $7,99 for about 5 hours fun! Some of the critics are complaining that the game is too short, but I don't believe they ''analyzed'' the price-tag of the game. There are many inferior games that charge even double! To summarize: awesome story based on historical events, pretty basic but solid combat system and beautiful art and soundtracks!

Kimz113, Sep 15, 2015

Was one of the initial backers of the failed Kickstarter campaign, was very pleased to see that the game was still coming out on PC, Mac & Linux. I bought it for my Linux device and have completed the game twice now. Very solid experience, nice dialogues and some funny moments from time to time! I enjoyed having to explore all kinds of chests hidden in the game, which is totally my thing. The game wasn't to hard, but still I died a couple of times and was caught during some stealth missions. The sound matches the overall style of the game, something I also enjoy during gaming!