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Crossing Souls It’s 1986 in California. A group of friends discover a mysterious pink stone that allows to travel between two realms. This gang will live the summer of their lives in an adventure that will get them involved in a government conspiracy. Control five kids with specials skills while fighting and solving puzzles.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1407
Genre Action Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Devolver Digital / Fourattic
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Crossing Souls reviews ( 5 )

asaladoc, Feb 20, 2018

Back to SNES times, learning the mechanics, jumping and moving only using your intuition, dying several times to get to the point you defeat a boss without receiving damage. A great game-play that makes you smile, and worried, and stressed, and relaxed, and sad... You have to play it entire, this game will shine if you do so.

Ollcuet, Feb 17, 2018

I really enjoyed this little piece of art. Incredible style, marvelous music, a cool plot an d I personally enjoyed the most the different stages of it. But the thing I did not expect was the tear the story stole me in certain points In my humble opinion, is a title you will love!

SuperkenGaming, Feb 14, 2018

Crossing Souls Back to the 80s Crossing Souls is a 9 hour long beat em up adventure platforming game where you play as 5 kids at the start of their summer vacation in California during the late 80s… The game starts out as you playing as chris, going out to gather your friend to meat up with your little brother kevin at the tree house, he has something to show you.. Turns out this thing is a dead body, but you find an object on this body that matt figures out can allow them to ghosts… Only problem is… of course the military is after this.. Which takes you on a crazy adventure of saving your town and stopping the military from getting this into their hands… This game actually has a very heavy narrative focus.. The writing and story telling is great.. The actual gameplay itself though at times can be a bit lacking.. You can control all 5 characters, all with their own uses in the world.. However I feel like theyre all pretty under used.. As the focus is on combat rather than traversing levels until later in the game.. only problem is.. these sections don’t really utilize the different abilitites these characters have.. you have chris for climbing, matt for long jumps using his jetpack, charlei for flinging yourself across the map which only happens like 4 times the entire game.. big joe more moving objects and kevin.. kevin cant really do anything for now.. but will later be able to go through walls and portals… and again,, these different abilities from chaarcters are highly underused… inbetween these moments is a lot of stamina based combat.. you have to manage your stamina to not become vulnerable in combat.. enemies do drop health but they do crazy damage… the combat is definitel a challenge.. And there are pick ups around the world for health and stunning enemies, and later bombs… The progression of this story is actually surprisingly immersive, every chapter feels fresh and mixes the gameplay up, Sometimes it just straight up beat em up… other times its puzzles, or solving a mystery… There are also a couple mini games thrown in there to mix up the gameplay as well… Though these mini games aren’t really fun.. theyre just there.. The game doesn’t ever really start to slow down until the final 2 chapters where the game just starts to feel like its over staying its welcome and youre smacked with the 2 least interesting levels in the entire game. My biggest complaints with this game however is the difficulty spike at the end… the final section feels near impossible compared to the rest of the game… and the platforming overall here is just not fun, made worse by the fact that checkpoints are all over the place.. Every character has health attached to them.. and there are no refill stations and characters don’t faint.. if one dies they all die and its back to a checkpoint or the last savepoint… Most of the time this is fine… But randomly dying deeper into a level can put you futher back than dying somewhere in the middle.. causing you to have to redo all of this games unfun clunky and stiff feeling platforming, that by the way also runs on stamina if youre using the jetpack… Disappearing platforms make this stop and go extra frustrating.. and the 3d platforming style on a 2d plane doesn’t help.. especially when youre platforming as keving for example.. its nearly impossible to tell if youre over a platform or not… But these issues feel small compared to what this game does rogjt Crossing souls is still a really good game with a great story Its addictive, its fresh, its challenging, and will have the 80s and 90s kids feeling a bit nostalgic I give Crossing Souls a 7/10

zildemargamer, Feb 14, 2018

o jogo em si, é legal, mas, vive a base de esteriótipos, como: o negro alto, forte, e desbocado com mãe autoritária, o nerd oprimido que usa óculos , a caipira com pais ignorantes, e por ai vai. Pensei que o jogo seria realmente uma viagem aos anos 80's mas, foi feito de forma brusca, o conceito foi todo explorando esteriótipos para gerar uma certa ''falsa nostalgia'' o jogo tem mecânicas legais e história interessante mas erra grave no conceito e perde seu potencial.

Zer0TheHer0, Feb 28, 2018

can't rebind keyboard. so,keyboard controls aren't redefinable.....if you don't play with wasd you're screwed....if you don't like the control setup you're screwed.....this is absolutely unacceptable in this time and age