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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1146
Genre Role-Playing, General, Roguelike
Company / Developer
Kasedo Games / Bulwark Studios
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Crowntakers reviews ( 3 )

plebking, Nov 13, 2014

If you can handle the loss of everything you have achieved in a play through just like with FTL then this game is for you. The music might start to skip if you leave the game paused for awhile then come back, there are sometimes locked chests in the first world before you get a chance to get a lock pick, sometimes the random starting locations in battles may screw you over completely. I dont care though. Cause sometimes life doesnt work out the way you wanted perfectly either. This game is still a perfect 10 to me though. I havent had a game scratch a certain itch since FTL and pixel dungeon and this game managed that flawlessly. Apparently the devs are listening to the first wave of baby players that this game is too hard and/or too frustrating. I hope they dont change a thing before more true roguelike fans discover this little gem as is. Maybe they can add a princess mode with saving. Pro tip: If you think the game gives you unwinnable random battle locations stick with the tier 1 main hero, he can switch your guys where they need to be. Zoe pwns all.

juanval, Dec 30, 2014

Lovely game very similar to Faster Than Light (FTL, the king of roguelike games), but in another setting, medieval instead of the spaceships setting of FTL. Crowntakers, like FTL, has an adventure that consists in random events, with 8 areas plenty of events in houses, lakes, caves, etc. Combat is great and challenging. And items management is very important to success at the end. The variety of soldiers that form your team is nice and balanced. At this moment the game is bugfree an perfect for playing. All FTL fans should play this game.

JohnPreston, Aug 29, 2017

I like this game, because of beautiful design and atmosphere, but this random - too hard. I can't feel comfortable dying every time. But in general - pretty.