Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods Crack/Patch

Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods lets players step into the boots of a pagan chieftain, approaching the brutal backstabbing world of Crusader Kings through invasion, adventure, and holy war.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 90 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1878
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Historic, General
Company / Developer
Paradox Interactive / Paradox Development Studio

Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods reviews ( 7 )

Orctownorc, Jul 7, 2013

I'm I'm willing to forgive the Paradox DLC show in this case since the core game is truly worth it. It seems almost a miracle that after years and years of making sausage machines, they have (perhaps by accident) arrived at the architectual basis for a TRULY GREAT GAME. Crusader Kings 2 is a great game. No mistake. But it's still a little shy of perfect. However rather than the mediocre expansions of other Paradox titles, we find (miraculously!) that the major DLC for CC2 REALLY is improving the game. If they somehow find the way to build a GAME around this engine: scenarios, campaigns, cut scenes, narratives: we could well end up with the supreme strategy video game experience! Power yo you Paradox! On to the peak! This team may be the first to scale the Everest of game design! Even short of perfection, what they are selling now is work every copek and every crown! If you haven't tried this game buy it now and ALL the DLC. Applause! Bravo! Bravo

herlius, Oct 27, 2016

Great game! /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

PhaedoAponia, Sep 6, 2013

This game is absolutely amazing. Sure it has some quirks( i.e. un-scale-able user interface) but I have sunk 260 hours into this game and have only scratched the surface of the content. On top of the original size and quality of the game, Paradox continuously releases new patches and content enhancing the experience. This is especially important in a day and age where most companies cash in by releasing a buggy nightmare with no follow through or support.

salo78, Mar 29, 2014

Adds a great amount of depth and replayability to what is already an astounding strategy game. Combine this with all the other DLC and you have one of the most enjoyable and time devouring games in PC history. You will literally lose months of your life to this.

BubbsTubbs, Jun 21, 2013

I don't think Paradox is selling hundreds of millions of dollars of product like Call of Duty or other big name products. So if they want to charge you a few bucks for portraits, songs, sprites, and DLC, I say more power to them. Keep the games coming! They aint gonna make this stuff for free: I am Looking at you Rekkie! That said, it adds a few hundred years of game play and a few new events. Playing as a norse is worth at least a game or two and defending as England or France against the Norse invaders is also fun. (Mind you a single game can last weeks or months of real time play!) All told: worth the price of admission if you liked the whole series. If you didn't, you probably aren't even reading this so Bugger Off!

maufurtado, Jul 16, 2013

Great DLC and It's fun to play as Norse Pagan. However, it does need some balancing. Especially in the regard of armies of the Norse lords. That, however, doesn't take the fun of playing with them, especially when you watch the infighthing between the lords to form the Northern Kingdoms. I would like to see a better form other than subjugation of a county to see a kingdom be created. It's a bit idealistic, considering Norse culture see the stronger as the most prepared to lead. It's addictive to keep trying different approaches to be King of Sweden or Norway, though.

Belus, Nov 15, 2013

The idea is good, but the Paganism in this DLC is like a bigot's cartoon version of the old European religion, and no thought seems to have been given to the fact that all the pre-Christian Europeans had (what was basically) the same religion, only with different names on the deities and a few local customs here and there. In this game I can "convert" Slavic Pagans to Norse Paganism. Right.... Slavic is a language group, by the way, not a culture, religion or people. So religion follows languages in this game... ok. Sorry, but this doesn't make any sense. How exactly is it you will convert a Slavic-speaking Pagan to Norse Paganism? Can't you just teach him Norse language instead, and call it "language education"? His religion will be the same anyhow... Do you need to "convert" a French Catholic to German Catholicism too? What if he knows both French and German? The main focus in The Old Gods is the Norse Paganism, and the ultra-Christian and hateful stereotyping of the good and honourable Norsemen dominates everything here. So Pagans have to sacrifice people to their gods and to go to war in order to please the gods and their bloodthirsty populations. So that is what Paganism was about? Did Christians make this game, or what? That's laughable! There are no Old Gods in this DLC, only Old Hatred. The Christians still seem to hate the European religion ("Paganism"), and make it look completely idiotic and meaningless whenever they can, like in The Old Gods. Don't support people who make games that insult Europe and spread anti-Euroepan ignorance and hatred.