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Cthulhu Saves the World Cthulhu was all set to plunge the world into insanity and destruction when a band of heroes cursed him and sealed away his powers. The only way for him to break the curse is to become a true hero. Save the world to destroy it!
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2101
Genre Role-Playing, General, Japanese-Style
Company / Developer
Zeboyd Games / Zeboyd Games
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Cthulhu Saves the World reviews ( 7 )

wmkaplan, Jul 19, 2011

This game is awesome. A great throwback to classic RPGs. This was exactly the awesome, entertaining, humorous, 8-bit game i had been looking for! I highly recommend it, especially for such a cheap price.

Josh_47ra, Mar 15, 2012

A really awesome game. Can be a little repetitive, but genuinely funny. Also a lot of faults can be forgiven at the ridiculously cheap price point. If you aren't a foaming COD junkie I recommend it heavily.

badrain, Sep 21, 2011

Ridiculous price, great humour, hours of engaging gameplay - what else can you desire from a game? Oh, yes - I forgot about graphics. But thats only one thing that you wouldn't find here...Because its totally old-school rpg ... and that's a plus! Reminding me the times when imagination was more important than astonishing visuals. Thank God for indie developers.

overfiend87, Aug 7, 2013

Fun little adventure game with quite a bit of comedy. Can't really say much more to it but there is a lot of re-playable things to it too. It's a rarther average RPG, most likely made with someone like RPG maker, but it is quite funny and a lot of jokes against your typical RPGs and the Cthulhu mythos.

skeith, Jan 13, 2012

Funny, simple, and classic. I would recommend to play it on easy mode, because this way you do not have to grind and you can enjoy the funny yet brilliant ideas from the creators.

Greenball10, Jul 21, 2012

If you like Parody games, this is the kind of game for you. I personally really enjoy this game, but the amount of times you have to battle other monsters is absurd. It's almost as absurd as Pokemon...just...not that bad. I really like the comedy in this game...I know, it's really cheesy, but I like it! If you don't like Cheesy comedy, Pokemon or Parodies, don't get this! If you do, then this is the PERFECT Game for you, and it's only about a dollar!

ATARI, Jun 14, 2015

This sequel to 'Breath of Death VII: The Beginning' features uninspired graphics - even by SNES standards! The ironical storyline does not save the day. You are better off playing any SNES 'Final Fantasy' episode... these are masterpieces!