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Cultures Cultures offers the player 13 complex missions with multiple mission objectives and all the traditional elements of resource management, trading, military operations and discovery. With its rich and vibrant landscapes, colourful characters and nurturing gameplay, Cultures redefines this genre for strategy and simulation fans. [THQ UK]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 64 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1326
Genre Strategy, General
Players 1-5
Company / Developer
Xicat Interactive / Funatics Development GmbH, Funatics Software, Funatics

Cultures reviews ( 4 )

ThE_RadiX, Oct 4, 2001

My dad loves it. He's a big "Settlers" fan too, so this is very similiar... Don't try to compare against "Age of Kings." Try to understand the realism factor.

Jackie, Jul 12, 2002

This game is really good, you just have to be patient, as it is pretty slow, it's also a bit like 'Age of Empires' but I liked this better.

ChrisN82, Mar 4, 2015

I have really enjoyed this so far. I am also a Settlers fan (The first 2 anyway). It is a nice slow paced game that is good for when you are not in the mood for something quicker. If you like slow city builders like Pharaoh and Caesar and enjoy micromanagement then you should enjoy this. It really takes time to build up a sizable colony and you must sort food as a matter of urgency, because unlike in Settlers your vikings will actually starve. You must tell your vikings to have kids, which is actually quite useful because it allows you to control your population and stops you having loads of unemployed vikings eating your food but not doing anything useful. The campaign mode is also very interesting with varied objectives and a nice storyline. I really don't understand the negative critic reviews, although I will admit that this will only appeal to a certain type of gamer. It leans more towards the peaceful building type than the aggressive kill everything type. If you are the type to go for a culture or science victory on Civ then I would recommend giving this a try.

Jamie, Jul 21, 2006

This is like settlers, only even cuter. Additionally, you have direct control over individuals (Unlike settlers) and can even send them exploring on rpg type missions to find treasure and interact with other people. They can also equip themselves with boots, shields, swords etc that they find. Basically, it's an early RTS/RPG hybrid and the reviewers just didn't "get" it. Tremendous fun, pretty to look at, lots to explore. I STILL have it on my HD, along with 2 and 3 (Which are even better!)