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D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die Follow the story of Detective David Young, who has the curious ability to dive back in time, and use the power of Kinect or your controller to help David solve the mystery of his murdered wife and prevent it from ever occurring.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 69 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1391
Genre Adventure, 3D, Point-and-Click, Third-Person
Company / Developer
Active Gaming Media Inc. , Active Gaming Media / Access Games

D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die reviews ( 7 )

flashmozzg, Jun 27, 2015

This was a blast. In the best tradition of SWERY. It gives much more refined feel of mystery and craziness than Deadly Premonition (another SWERY game) and at the same time - this is almost perfect port. Don't believe somewhat high minimum requirements. Try the free available demo and see for yourself. Most modern notebooks can run it! The only "bad" thing I can say about this game is that it's too short (only 1st season consisting of 2 eps released right now and it ends on cliffhanger). But it's more about sales the game had/will have.

punishing, Jan 1, 2016

D4 is a strange adventure game about a detective, David Young, who has lost some of his memories and is trying to uncover the mystery of his past using his new found power to travel through time and place using mementos. Through his journey he meets some of the most eccentric characters imaginable and must interact with them to uncover clues. The interface is point and click with various action sequences mixed in each of the 2 episodes. The game can be played entirely with the mouse which is great because you need a free arm to constantly wail in the air as things get more and more bizarre. Pros: Amazing and memorable characters. Interesting story and setting that kept me immersed. Action sequences have style and add well to the mix. Interface is stylish and simple. Music fits the mood and it's really good. Vision system to help uncover clues. Cons: Only 2 episodes in Season 1, but they are both fantastic. If you're familiar with adventure games, you won't find a challenge here. It is a linear story. I was really surprised by this game, the story, setting, characters, mood, and style are all amazing. I had far more fun with this game than the Tell Tale games. I'm strongly looking forward to a Season 2.

grenouille, Jun 25, 2015

To start with a side note, the whole time I played this game I kept remembering a novel I read in high school called The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle so for those familiar with that novel this game feels like that but less sexual and in game form. Otherwise, take Swery's distinct style and mash it together with a Tellale game and this is what you get. I thought some of the unconventional pieces of the game worked really well in shaking up the traditional adventure game format. Your character can switch between a past scenario and the present, meaning that for some of the optional side quests you will need to use objects found in the present to solve the mystery in the past. While navigating the world, you use up action points which are refilled by eating food. I thought this system worked well since it incentivizes exploration because you'd want to find the food to be able to use more action points to be able to explore more. Tonally the game has some set themes that it likes to throw in the player's face at every opportunity. Hockey, food, anthropomorphism, and plane tech are regular themes that constantly appear throughout these two episodes. The eerie strangeness may be off-putting for many the way more surreal works can be. Unfortunately, there is no real plot resolution and the second/last episode released ends on a cliffhanger at the height of the story's conflict so buyer beware if Swery does not get funding for a third+episodes. Nonetheless, I would recommend this for those who like Swery/telltale games even if the story never gets resolved since it does some interesting things on the way there.

alllifeinfate, Sep 6, 2015

"Be ready to have a dose of Japanese eccentricity on the supernatural detective genre sets in Brooklyn... the gameplay certainly as bizarre as the setting as much as the characters themselves." + Stylistic and sometimes beautiful cel-shaded graphics but showing its limitations, mirroring the game's broad entertaining subjects that are far from perfect under scrutiny +/- Unorthodox or rather really particularly unique Japanese take on the game's genre and detective tropes that need a particular mindset to go through, with out-of-this-world characters with quirks that are borderline obnoxious +/- Almost perfect conversion of the original gameplay but less hands-on story-wise but more on on-screen display interaction and quick time events

Billy90, Oct 21, 2016

Nice exciting story and has everything in it; Romance, Action, Comedy....etc Hope we can see Season Two soon. .

Tessara_Vejgan, Aug 2, 2015

I find the game interesting. It has a crazy story and characters, has humor. Graphics are nice, music is great. What I don't like is the fact its only 2 very short episodes even with the side cases and no I don't count a few min prologue. Come on no matter how you look at it its too little to be called season 1.

Dunge, Jun 20, 2015

You basically take the concept of Telltale games and remove the portion that make it good (the scenario), and add completely random characters and events that are just out of context in the situation and you get this game. The game keep oscillating between a serious genre, a emotional genre and stoned nonsense humor so you aren't quite sure what's it is trying to aim for. The graphics are not so bad, but the thick black outline around the edges is really not helping it. The fight scenes and animations are great, the dialogues and minigames are just okay and the item collecting is just bad. The resource bars that limit the number of actions you can do is completely useless and just annoying, and the article clipping you collect are completely uninteresting. Combined with the fact that you can't choose resolutions over the preset ones, that the framerate is locked, it makes a poor game for this genre.