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Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble Immerse yourself in passionate, social upheaval -- by flirting, taunting, playing poker, and shaving your legs. In a backward town like Brigiton, USA, the only hope for change are young women who admire Marlene Dietrich, Mae West, Myrna Loy, and Barbara Stanwyck on the silver screen. While their male counterparts deliver papers and wipe windshields, your gang of girls will plow through superstition, intolerance, repression, and last century fashions. Each victory makes them stronger. Each innuendo makes them more satisfied. Are you passionate enough to handle that kind of power? Those incapable of bending their gender, even for make-believe, will never understand... This is the game where good girls get better by being bad! [Mousechief]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1099
Genre Role-Playing, General
Company / Developer
Mousechief / Mousechief

Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble reviews ( 7 )

monday, Sep 14, 2011

I didn't really know what I was getting myself into when I bought this game on steam sale. It's a board game with RPG elements and mini-games, which already sounds weird enough, but on top of that, it's 1920's themed and you control a gaggle of headstrong high school girls. You'll progress the story, level up your girls' skills, and gain power-ups (in the form of gossip and boyfriends) by completing mini-games against the NPCs which include simplified poker (fib), decode the sentence (expose secret), figure out the pattern (flirt) and if you've played any Monkey Island titles, the taunt mini-game will be familiar. Gameplay is casual but the story and game board presentation keep it interesting. The variety and depth of each girl you can have in your gang is pretty refreshing. Keep an open mind and this game pays off.

eamonshort, Jul 23, 2013

A no holds barred action packed adrenaline ride. This is the epitome of the modern gaming era, little did those who programmed pong and space invaders so many years ago know what kind of artistic perfection they were laying the path for. This game is like Half-life, Grand Theft Auto and Skyrim rolled into 26 megabytes of glorious action. At first the games gritty in your face nature may present an intensity level well above Dark Souls and can make prolonged play very taxing but for those of you with the balls to prove your metal in this Colosseum you will be well rewarded with treasures and riches the likes of which you have never seen before and will never see after. This game also boasts a storytelling experience only rivalled by the immortal bard William Shakespeare and will take you on a journey that will change you irreparably, however I must warn you, if you are a seasoned gamer this may not be for you as once you have played it, no other game will satisfy you.

AlanB, Mar 14, 2009

I cannot believe how amazing this game is. The mini games are all very simple, but the strength of the characterisation and storytelling is what glues everything together and makes it all worthwhile. If you thought that the best thing about Puzzle Quest was the story, you will like this even more. It's the most fun I've had sitting in front of a computer reading text since the days of Infocom adventures. Be warned though - advanced proficiency with the English language is a must-have requirement to enjoy this game.

DantheMan, Oct 1, 2011

Interesting story and engaging milieu undone by dull and unimaginative game play. This surprisingly ambitious game attempts to do with sociology what Winter Voices would later attempt to do with psychology. The problem in both games, however, is that the ambition outstrips the ability to execute. The result is a muddle. An interesting muddle, especially for those who want to think about the design behind the play, but a muddle nonetheless. The heart of the problem for Dangerous High School Girls is the mini-games which attempt to turn such real life games as flirtation and gambits into computer games. While the idea sounds cool "How do I turn flirtation into a computer game" the result is pathetic. In essence every game comes down either to luck or to knowledge that lies outside the game itself. Worse, while the RPG element allows you to level up certain social attributes of the various girls (such as glamor) the mini-games the girls are presented with don't often match what skills you have leveled up. The net result is that some encounters you will lose no matter what girls and/or skills you have in your party but you still have to play through the mini-game anyway. It's dumb design. It's also sad because while I think the game is creative and has a unique vision the result is very much a slog. It simply isn't all that much /fun/. This is one of those games that leaves me wondering what the author could have done with $50 million backing him up. The vision and the imagination is there but the execution is just beyond the scope of a single designer.

gist95966, Mar 29, 2012

I'm not sure why this is so highly rated... don't get me wrong, it's not bad I guess but an 80 score is just not accurate, hence why I decided to write this review.Lets start with the good: there is a fun plot in that you control a bunch of high school girls, and it has an RPGish element to it where you choose different stats to level up into and make your girls better at whatever you want them to do.The cons: I know the major selling point is probably going to be the pricetag - but if you want the honest truth, I have played free games that were more entertaining.The minigames were what I was expecting to have the most fun with, but as another reviewer mentioned, there is a lot of luck involved. It almost takes the fun out of leveling up your girls because with good luck you can win anyways - I found myself reloading just so I would succeed and reloading a game isn't fun, nor do I learn how to improve because it was just bad luck that I lost in the first place.The other cons are that the interface is a pain to maneuver through - you have to choose where to go and scroll around the map which takes up unnecessary time if they simply implemented a map or quick-travel system.The one and only minigame that actually does feel like it uses some skill and past experience (and that was fun) was the taunting minigame. There, even if you lose, you learn new retorts and insults to trade with for the next taunting minigame.I enjoy games where they at least tried to come up with something unique and so it passes above a 5 for me simply for that.

SickRamen, Jan 29, 2014

The story has an undeniable charm to it, the atmosphere is quite refreshing. Unfortunately the mini-games are too limited and repetitive to have any long term interest, a shame since the scenario itself is really well written. Some may still find an interest in playing it. You might also want to get it for your kids as it's a bit reminiscent of those children detective novels, good reading practice and definitely no violent content in there. As a game though, it just gets a bit too dry to recommend, especially the fact that it will only work in a 640x480 window, and whilst the 2D art is passable, the layout, interface, lack of animation, and overall presentation look way too amateurish, almost like this game was made with power point...

Eglin, Aug 29, 2013

I bought this game after seeing the relatively high Metacritic score, but I wish I hadn't. The game doesn't have even the most rudimentary setup options no way to change the screen resolution, no way to change the volume levels, etc. The bulk of the game is comprised of repeatedly solving a small set of very simple puzzle games. The games are fine, but they are too few and the "story" connecting them is so weak and cumbersome that the game would be better without it. I am finding that I can no longer trust Metacritic scores when it comes to indie games. For this game to have a score in the same ballpark as Tomb Raider, Saints Row, etc., it should be in the same ballpark in terms of quality, but this is clearly not the case. Not even close.