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Dark Sector An all-new and original action-thriller designed exclusively for next-generation consoles, Dark Sector thrusts players into the role of Hayden Tenno, an elite black-ops agent sent on a dangerous mission into a decaying Eastern European city that hides a deadly Cold War secret. Attacked by an unknown enemy, he awakens to find part of his body altered by an infection that has granted him inhuman abilities and he must learn to evolve along with his powers, to survive and to become a hero. A dark, gritty experience packed with fast action, incredible superpowers and an engaging story. [D3Publisher of America]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 68 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1239
Genre Action, Shooter, Third-Person, Sci-Fi, Arcade
Company / Developer
Aspyr / Digital Extremes

Dark Sector reviews ( 6 )

RainbowDashie13, May 9, 2012

Very nice game, the storyline is okay, the graphics aren't bad for 2009 but I personally don't care at all about graphics, the controls are good, I love swinging around my blade and controlling it in mid air, the game is gory and I love it! the amount of blood in the game satisfies me and the game is really fun, I don't understand why the low scores on this game, this game is **** awesome!

GreenSkullRider, Jan 29, 2017

Que les puedo decir, un juego directo, siniestro, de duración aceptable, dificultad a la medida, la historia es brutal, toques survival horror. hoy en dia ya no es tan común juegos asi. el uso del boomeran hojilla es muy bueno, la degradación del propio personaje. wow

Allen-Zim, Dec 27, 2011

For $5.00 or less this is an alright game. The storyline in negligible, and doesn't really go anywhere, it feels like if there were four dark sector books, and then they decided to make a crappy game adaptation of the fifth. As far as the gameplay is concerned, its pretty solid, combat and movement is smooth, and weapons and enemy are well balanced with each other. Graphically it fairly good looking, even on consoles. To sum it up, the story is crap, but the game itself is fun enough that i played it twice, and I just bought it on steam cause its $2.50 right now. If you're a working person who has to budget the time you have to play games, then pass on this one. If you have ample time for gaming, then this is certainly worth playing through, if the price is right of course.

dandalis, Nov 2, 2016

Pretty average TPS action game with some cool ideas and some some annoying ones. Story and characters first of all are instantly forgetable and setting itself is uninteresting. Graphics are pretty average aswell for for its time, as game's title implies its dark looking game with almost no color. On PC it runs really well with no issues in sight, but graphics options are super limited. At times game can have cool spooky atmosphere. Also game wont save your custom key bindings after qutting to Windows, so youll have get used to default controls, Gameplay is fairly average if not ok. Wasnt the fan of movement system, sprinting especialy felt painful. Cover system works fine, but at times it can get in the way since cover and sprinting use same key, making you enter cover when you dont need it leaving you wide open for enemy attacks. Game also isnt telling you what to do, where to go, how to effectively beat the bosses, nothing, meaning it doesnt hold your hand, which for some more hardcore players will be a nice thing, but will leave casual players annoyed and frustrated, so bad that theyll possibly want to stop playing the game for good. The glave which will be your main weapon and tool is a cool gimmick and works very well and controls nicely. One small yet cool thing i liked was that you can only use picked up weapons from enemies for a short period of time before they self destruct. All of the boss fights were not very well designed imo, they felt too standard without giving me any thrills and some them can take too much time before you undersatnd how to take them down, theyre also pretty easy if you dont play like noob. Game also doesnt have difficulty settings, the standard setting can be pretty challenging at times when they throw lots of enemies at you some if which are pretty OP,, there will also be lots of cheap deaths that you wont see coming, but overall if you have xp with third person shooter action games youll do fine in Dark Sector. This game is purely for action heads, if you look for a good story above all else, dont bother.

nachori, Jul 26, 2016

Dark Sector is sort of a paradoxical game. The combat is very uninspired and tedious but at the same time unique because of the glaive and various powers and upgrades. The graphics are great in some places but at the same time clunky and dated, even for 2009. The game shows it tries to have style and originality but can't seem to grasp it. If it weren't for the fact it even tried to be stylish then this game wouldn't get a bove a 4/10 from me. I only recommend this game if you play Warframe and want to see a bit more into the lore, as well as the company that made it.

johnci, Apr 4, 2009

This would've been a GREAT game if the developers hadn't sabotaged it with stupid crap. Like when you sprint you can't turn? WTF? I can cut some sharp corners when I'm in a hurry, so that makes the Uber badass guy in the game kind of a gimp. Also it has no jump feature. When has that EVER been a good idea in an FPS game? As cool as it looks, the Glave weapon is underpowered so it takes repeated throws--even repeated POWERED throws to take down baddies--whereas a burst from any of the guns will do it quicker. So you end up using the Glave mostly to look cool, not because it's a good weapon. If they'd had any clue, they'd have made the Glave steering mechanism real time (like the missiles in H-L 2), so it didn't slow the game to a crawl whenever you used it. And they should have made the guns short range only, forcing you to use the Glave for long range shots. Add JUMPING and subtract the retarded sprinting limitations and THAT woulda been a rockin' game. In fact I really want to play a game like that and I hope someone makes it.