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Dark Souls II: Crown of the Ivory King The 3rd of three large-scale DLC additions to the Dark Souls II game includes new stages, maps, boss characters, weapons and armor. In this third DLC, players find themselves in a world shining bright with the glow of treacherous ice.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 84 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1962
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Company / Developer
Bandai Namco Games / Namco Bandai Games
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Dark Souls II: Crown of the Ivory King reviews ( 7 )

DeusXCom, Oct 2, 2014

Ivory Crown is definitely my favourite from the DLC trilogy and overall one of the best experiences Dark Souls 2 has to offer. Beautiful dreamy kingdom covered in snow, freezing atmosphere, complex level design, solid challenges, nice boss cats, one particular NPC that made me laugh with his behavior, but the biggest highlight for me are Frigid Outskirts, that place is intense! Getting lost in a massive blizzard, can't see a thing, fighting armies of deadly horses and invaders, broke down 4 different weapons on my journey there.. amazing! It's also worth noting that the game time is almost doubled compared to previous 2 DLC's, so at least 10+ hours if you do everything. This was a very nice closure and goodbye to Dark Souls 2. 9/10

Garfoodle, Oct 1, 2014

While it's not the best DLC, it is the longest. Taking place in sort of a snowy Shadded Woods, it will take a long time to run thought. Not like that's a bad thing. All the bosses are better then DLC 2, and there are some cool items to be had. It's also a pretty hard zone, even for someone playing in NG with 12M SM. But regardless,it's still worth playing through if you're a fan of DkS2, and even if you aren't, still get it,because, you know, scrubs got GitGub reallytho

blahblah69, Oct 2, 2014

Lots of exploration with backtracking (it won't be boring but I won't spoil it for you), moody environmental effects which affect play, well designed bosses, immersive 'events and story. Best DLC of the three.

YourMumWashes, Nov 23, 2014

This dlc is my favourite out of 3 crowns trilogy. Great atmosphere, great setting (frozen castle) and nice level architecture. It reminds me of DS1 and Demon souls a lot. No ridiculous red phantom enemies, and normal enemies can be hard but beatable. Theres good loot here and not a lot of cheese from enemies/bosses (except this bi*ch Maldron, hes back). Actually bosses have new models from what i can see, so its a plus. No more rehashing things from previous games (except frozen Covetous demon, but hes no boss here). Seems like FROM understood their lesson. One minus though- you fight giant tiger pet, and then the coop boss is the same giant pet, but reskinned. And there are two of them. So yea, it could be done much better. This dlc is worth its price. Maybe its not the level of awesomness of Artorias dlc for DS1 (its shorter and not that epic), but still good. If you want to buy only 1 dlc for DS2- buy this one. But still i urge From to take some time, and create one big original expansion as Artorias of the Abyss, with new bosses, enemies and big areas. It would be fantastic, while these small dlcs look quite bland in comparison. Maybe these small dlcs make money, but are not as loved and wanted by fans.

Zargham, Dec 7, 2014

Now this is what I call a way to spice things up in Dark souls 2 -Deep Story -Interesting Boss Battles -Maldron The Freakin troll!! -A great set of armours and weapons My only concern with this DLC is the Frigid outskirts, which, simply put has the award of being the worst area in the entire souls series given that your attempting it solo. Seems this area was specifically designed for CO-OP. This is the only con for this DLC otherwise it would have definitely scored a 10.

StaticSpine, Oct 6, 2014

Pros: - Good level design, interconnectivity, shortcuts. - Beautiful visuals. - Nice final boss showdown. - Cool feature with knights searching. - Troll phantom. Cons: - Frigid outskirts is the worst location in Souls games ever. - Other "two" bosses.

derpyyy, Oct 4, 2014

Somewhat decent DLC but.. Ruining the players eyes is not clever gamedesign! DS2 uses various ways of psychological warfare like the repeating pewpew sounds by the casters in shrine of Amana. However i feel that they went too far with Frigid outskirts in this DLC which is a pretty large entirely white, semi permanent snowstorm area with a boss at the end and no bonfire near the boss. After spending an hour here (having reduced brightness early) my eyes start hurting and given the fact that you will probably have to replay this area as it's pretty difficult especially on higher NG and if you are mad enough to try and solo it (deisgnated as coop area) and you will spend even more time here if you want to find all the loot..... it's not cool at all to wreck your players health like that. Other than that the DLC focuses heavily on the enemies ganging up on you. Even larger groups than in the sunken king DLC. Bosses are alright but Ivory King is no challenge whatsoever as long as you collect all the dudes that help you in the fight (not counting summons). I would recommend picking up Crown of the old Iron King over this one unless you have already done that.