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Darkest of Days In Darkest of Days, you'll get to experience some of the most varied gameplay ever released in one title. Thigns will never get stale as you travel to distant times and fight alongside people from that time period. Fighting in Antietam (the bloodiest day of the American Civil War) feels much different than fighting on the side of the Russians at Tannenberg (where the Russians withstood 140,000 casualties in WWI). [Phantom EFX]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 53 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1969
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Sci-Fi, Arcade
Company / Developer
Phantom EFX, Inc. , Phantom EFX / 8Monkey Labs

Darkest of Days reviews ( 7 )

BobRoundal, Sep 10, 2009

Amazing for an indie game. This isn't the kind of indie game where it's a constant struggle to eek out any fun or it's only for a niche market, the fundamnetal gamepaly is enjoyable. You can just breeze through it if you're a casual and want to ignore the story.

josephn, Dec 19, 2009

this game was great for the amount of people on the battle fild at once never listen to the big shot reviwers all they care about is how good the company that made the game is like on cod that game could have so much btter and this was a low buget game for all the fun i had knock out the blue guys to a prison break level and to see this game get a 5.4 this game was so much btter then the reveiwer set it up to be there were no story telling part expect you talking to dexter and that on lady well codwm 2 annt good at all theres noneing new on it and it had a bigger buget then drakest of days but darkest of days had btter ever thing then codm2 did this game need mp then it well be perfect this is what i do when i m bad about something i go on darkest of days and kill injuns or in the future solders or breaking out a prison

spartan-117, Sep 24, 2010

just wow a very very nice game full of action with some nice futuristic weapons and authentic ww2 weapons nice graphics and funny to play a game with a new idea is so fun to kill Spartans with the assault rifle that i can do that all day

AdamG, Nov 16, 2009

A lot better than the critics reviewed however a big down fall was the no multiplayer and the random acts where u would recieve an awesome gun and get to use it for 3 mintues just to get it taken away will piss u off no a whole lot of replay vaule however I still enjoyed the game a lot even during its buggier momements

Theguyoffire, Mar 4, 2012

I know alot of people who like this game. I can't say for myself that its a game I would recommend buying. Unless you like interesting storyline, and plot. Check this one out. Otherwise... Don't buy it. The graphics suck with a horrible framerate. The gameplay is fun, but broken. This is a game that I kinda like, even though its broken. Still interesting, and enjoyable. Nice storyline. Alright setting. The plot is good. It has decent shooting. The rest of the game doesn't work well.

tinpreacher, Jul 1, 2011

I was utterly fascinated with the concept of a time traveling shooter and eagerly picked up Darkest of Days. Right out of the gate my hopes got a quick reality check.Darkest of Days tries to put you in the middle of the battle and does a good job when it forces you to play the part you've "jumped" into. Most notably, the first Civil War mission really made me feel like I was blending in to not disrupt history and that I was really there. Unfortunately it goes down hill quickly from there. The plot begins to meander quickly with, and the level design becomes worse and worse. I found more invisible wall in DoD than in another game I've played, often in areas that seemed to suffer from serious "rail-shooter"-itis. Darkest of Day's concept is there, but the writing (especially the dialogue) doesn't do it justice. When you are told by a mysterious stranger literally "You are actually working for the bad guys" you can't help but laugh. Your partner's quips are forgettable and his ever present Australian Boony cap is always out of place and almost stands out for everything wrong with DoD. Yeah you (the developer) may think its cool, but does it make sense? I wouldn't mind a DoD2, but put a bit more thought into the story and level design next time guys.TLDR: If the concept of killing Prussians with a man portable MIRV launcher is your thing, its worth snagging if it ever goes on sale on steam. Bad level design and bad writing make DoD sadly forgettable.

Tempestangel, Jul 27, 2013

This game is an atrocity, yes it has a lot of innovative ideas, but none of that matters when you fail to implement it properly! Lets start with the story, I wont lie I didn't play past the first few levels because of this. From what I recall, you were a cow-boy in the frontier fighting off native warriors, but you are eventually pulled through a warp in time... yeah that makes complete sense, get pulled from your roughneck world to a futuristic world full of advanced technologies that you somehow know to use! Beyond this point it was full of story-breaking loopholes, and unanswered questions. The Story is bad, now they should redeem through game play right? Wrong, the game play is very stiff and not innovative at all compared to the ideas that were advertised with the games release. The enemy AI is a very sad thing to see, constantly getting stuck or glitching across the map into your face. While you are surrounded by allies that cannot do a thing, and I don't mean a small squad, no you are surrounded at some points by MASSIVE armies, that do nothing but stand in your way, blocking any action and causing incredible stress to the system. I hate to imagine how it would affect a computer. To call it short, the game play felt like I was playing call of duty but without good controlling. Well that is my rant for the day, sorry to ruin your day mate.