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Darksiders II Darksiders II follows the exploits of DEATH, one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, in a weaving tale that runs parallel to the events in the original Darksiders game. This epic journey propels DEATH through various light and dark realms as he tries to redeem his brother WAR, the horseman who was blamed for prematurely starting the Apocalypse in Darksiders.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 6585
Genre Action Adventure, Modern, Fantasy, Open-World
Company / Developer
THQ / Vigil Games

Darksiders II reviews ( 7 )

cmoyano, Aug 15, 2012

great game. Most people will complain about the lack of graphics options. however, this game just proves that those arent necessary when you have a great game, great art and jasper kyd as your composer, who once again does an outstanding job with the music. Its one of the most fun games ive played in a while. The cons are minimal compared to what it has to offer. dont be an elitist, be a gamer and appreciate what this game is doing. In a world populated by FPS and lame games like COD, this is a gem of a game, which surpasses the first one by miles. I trusted thq to give me a good game and they delivered by giving me an awesome game.

hollowfication, Aug 27, 2012

this great game i love it i keep playing it on pc cause it fun the more i get into it more i love this one better then first one this one show more design more open world world

Nyubai, Feb 1, 2013

Game very engaging and very addictive, has tons of content, the voices of the characters are very well treated and well placed challenge. Although several reviews have said problems in graphics, I can not find them, if the cause is the graphics option from the shadows, you just put in the middle and start playing! The story has a plot and a very beautiful engagement. A final point in my first review, the game is excellent, it is a combination of hack-and-slashing with open world, skill tree like any other RPG, but that combined enough. Earlier in the game, you will get a little bored and very eager to get powerful, just be patient and calm to explore this magnificent game. You will not regret.

Matseb2611, Jan 20, 2013

So, after enjoying the first game I went straight for the second one. In Darksiders II we play as the Death horseman, who sets out to clear his brother

Caliburn, Aug 16, 2012

Very good game. Alot better than the first one. It's the perfect game for people looking for fast paced/deeper combat mechanic action rpg with puzzles a la Prince of persia/zelda. What i like too is that the game has his own lore and has beautifully crafted achitectures.And for people who notice these kind of things, the music is absolutely amazing great and original and fresh soundtracks tha fits the world perfectly. The main reason i give the pc version is because its a godamn port wich means non-existant graphic options only resolution that force you to restart the game to apply if you have a console buy the console version

Simbosan, Sep 24, 2012

On balance, because of the combat and puzzle element it's a great game. It's pretty decent looking, but very few "WOW!!" moments for me. A few things drag it down for me, dodgy controls on PC keyboard, lots of keys are missed, feels like they haven't made much effort to do it properly (I assume they focussed on controllers). Quests are generally very poor, very simple, very unimaginative, the side quests are few and also devoid of any imagination. At it's very worst DS2 uses the most dreary form of 'quest' to death. Collectibles, f**k collectibles, it's the laziest easiest option and they overdo it, then overdo it some more, and then... overdo it again. The Arbiter's maze is another example of crushingly boring zone design. I guess the Crucible is required by the genre, but given that you have that, the Maze shouldn't have existed at all. A few people have commented on the greatness of the score, I think they must be listening to a different soundtrack. Several zones are poor, City of the Dead sounds like I'm back in a hotel concourse listening to piano muzak, simply awful. Entering the dead world you are greeted by overused flanging/phasing. It's nice, but we have heard it before. A very average score with some disastrous moments. It's very easy to get sucked in by the great combat and great looking art work, but large parts of this game are dreary, unimaginative and dull. But the combat and puzzles ARE very very good, but still at the end of the day, I finished DS1 with a "Wow, that was intense!!" this game I will finish with a "Not bad"

nitai007, Mar 25, 2014

darksiders 2 is overall a fun game, but it was pretty inconsistent. most of the enviroments are amazing. some of the dungeons are also pretty atmosphereic and cool. puzzles are overall mediocore. sometimes they are good but some times theyre boring and not fun to do. the music in the game is mostly good and pretty epic, though sometimes its a bit anoyying. and combat system is overall great, but like the puzzles, it gets tedious near the end of the game. the pacing in the game isnt really good. the best thing about the game is the boss fights. they are just thrilling and really fun to do. every boss fight feels unique, even though they dont really innovate. the game has few problems though. graphics arent really good. because the enviroment looks good, it makes up for it a bit, but when theres a cutscene and you have close-ups on characters and objects, you see how bad textures and character models are.the animations are inconsistent. finishers look great and opening doors is also pretty cool. combat animation are good, though they can be better. the running animation is pretty bad though. running also feels too slow. the story is bland. writing and characters are bad. voiceacting is also for the most part bad. the game tries to make a cool universe but it fails. the story was pretty forgetable. the open world is useless and doesnt make any real purpose. your horse is also pretty useless as you barely use him. the game is also a bit buggy. the aim redicle is just bad, and its a shame they released it. the aim redicle feels like a cheap port, and there are barely graphics options. overall, i sometimes enjoyed the game. it has a lot of problems, but sometimes i just couldnt stop playing because it was so amazing, but sometimes it was really boring and i didnt really want to play it. the game is just inconsistent in almost every aspect. if you like this kind of game, you will enjoy it and in its best moments it will be great, just sometimes expect some boring segments and a bad port.