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Darksiders The time for the great Apocalypse of legend has come in Darksiders as you take on the role of War, one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and rain judgment and destruction down upon the Earth. However, not all is as it seems when you discover that you and your fellow Horsemen have been implicated for the premature destruction of Earth and are swept up in a conspiracy between the forces of Heaven and Hell. Banished and stripped of your powers, embark on an epic quest of revenge and redemption as you battle angels and demons to restore your awesome abilities and seek out who betrayed you.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 6341
Genre Action Adventure, Modern, Fantasy, Open-World
Company / Developer
THQ / Vigil Games
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Darksiders reviews ( 7 )

goodterling, Oct 2, 2010

This is a fantastic game. I was expecting a cheap God of War Clone, but it's far better than that. For one thing the Horseman War is far more interesting a character than Kratos, whose one-note vengeance act is wearing pretty thin. Great atmosphere, fun combat, very creative puzzles, and some of the best creature design ever. It's a long game with tons of bosses, and they're all awesome looking. New elements are constantly introduced to keep it fresh--grappling hook, horseback combat, and even some Portal dynamics near the end. The biggest criticism is that Darksiders doesn't do anything new, but combining all these great elements from other games so successfully IS something new.

sleeplust, Mar 29, 2014

Quite a masterpiece of bold creativity. Fascinating story,character design and combat. War is cool! No too many words praising. The default key set of this one is a bit inconvenient for keyboard playing,so I needed to remap the keys. I am going through the story firstly in the apocalyptic difficulty and feel that the pace of the game is mostly quick and intensive and this means its "enter aiming mode,aim down,shoot,quit aiming mode" maneuver is annoying and destructive to the fluency,though players need to execute this "combo" quite often. Sometimes hints are not obvious enough for new players like me,for that I got a little confused with the complicated set of skills and enhancement. Rotating map is common among many action games but impractical at all compared with the mini maps in Blizzard's WOW. After completing all of the elements of the game,I should say that it is a masterpiece which is of the same level of those more famous games,like Diablo,Warcraft,Biohazard franchises.Though I don't think the traditional RPG parts of Darksiders 2 is interesting enough,but boring,I hope that Nordic Games treasure,develop this beautiful story and let more people try,taste it with more fascinating,clean Darksiders games. A bad glitch showed up:toggling among the game and other program while I was playing it may cause the achievement tracking/counting system/function no longer effective,which disturbed some of the achievements completion and urged me to have some parts replayed. Another glitch,the cloud save of this game is a vanity,maybe still is. A suggestion,a roaming mode after the end of the main story,having the game divided into parts of levels and bosses,and allowing replaying the story with all the collectibles completed,which would be convenient for players to patch up the missed achievements and enjoy beating the game cleanly.

thebluerider, Jul 17, 2012

I wasn0t sure if I should buy this game first. I'm not that much of an action-gamer. Bought it cheap anyways and was amazed how much fun I had. Darksiders opened a compelte new world of games for me - thanks alot for that.

Tomle1202, Jan 20, 2016

Darksiders is a game that contains many elements from many different titles, mixed together to create the ride to hell of War. It has its problems, yes, but that does not mean the game is not on a great path.

LA_DOTTORE, Aug 21, 2011

An awesome button masher or just another God of War remake? This game gives many people mixed opinions but I don't understand why! The graphics are amazing, the sound too, the story is alright and animations are spectacular! Let's start with story. One of the Four Horseman from the bible, War is called to Earth to help the end of the world go on but it turns out he was framed and doesn't know who sent the call of the Horsemen and War embarks on an epic journey to defeat the demon boss who was released to attack Earth in the first place. The story I didn't much care about, I'd give it a C+ at best but the gameplay I enjoyed thoroughly with its puzzles and epic animations and, to my excitement, no quick time events! The creatures and bosses are very imaginative as the weapons are too which I own all of them yet I never used any but the default one, Chaoseater, because use of weapons levels them up and by level three I was super man with this sword! Overall I give it an eight because of the stories lack of true depth to me though it still holds up well enough with its collectibles and achievements (if you're on Steam).

Prosthetics, Dec 24, 2010

Overall this game a well done Xbox 360 port. The controllers for the PC are atrocious and the game is obviously much better suited to be played on a Xbox controller for windows. Overall the story offers a linear progression, with additional goodies being added with each phase of the game, giving you the ability to backtrack to previously visited areas to see if you missed anything. While you have the ability to backtrack if you wish (with some scaled baddies to fight in the area), it just seems like a one play wonder. I personally played it through once and then moved on. Worth the asking price of $40? I personally don't think so. It is a game that is more attune to a $20 price tag.

JSNB, Sep 24, 2011

Played this expecting something worth my time but I was wrong. Boring linear game play, and almost no character progression, not exactly a recipe for a winner. I wasn't able to play much of it which that in itself says it all. I know some people will say, "how do you know if you didn't even play all the way through." and to that I say, you don't have yourself locked into torturous human experimentation lab on the off chance that you might get a lollipop when you leave.