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DarkStar One DarkStar One is an open-ended action/adventure title set in a huge universe populated by a variety of unique alien races. Players will take on the role of an intrepid young adventurer, Kayron Jarvis, as he explores space, upgrading and customizing his ship – the DarkStar One. The game's story, written by renowned German Fantasy and Science Fiction author Claudia Kern, will immerse players in a tale of action and intrigue as Kayron searches for answers surrounding the death of his father. Players can take a number of different paths and approaches to earn money and upgrades as they solve the mystery of the death of Kayron's father. One may play as trader, mercenary, smuggler, pirate or a combination thereof, customizing tactics to suit individual playing styles. A fully customizable and upgradeable ship – the DarkStar One. Players can create a fast attack boat, heavy cruiser or other combined style of ship from parts purchased or captured from enemies. More than 200 weapons, shields and equipment upgrades -- including rockets, torpedoes and mines, each featuring a special tactical or trade benefit. [CDV Software]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1621
Genre Simulation, Sci-Fi, Space, Small Spaceship, Combat
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
cdv Software / Ascaron Entertainment GmbH, Ascaron Entertainment
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DarkStar One reviews ( 6 )

AlexD., Aug 17, 2006

It's the bomb. Seriously. I haven't had this much fun since Colony Wars: Red Sun on the Playstation. And X-wing before that. You just don't get seem to get decent space shooters like this any more. If you liked those, you'll love this. Equipping your ship with an absolute arsenal of weapons and then kicking some pirate butts in glorious 3D (play it on a projection screen) -- what's not to like?

Cargan, Mar 21, 2013

I first played this game when was first released and enjoyed it immensely ive played it threw close to 20 times over years it has some simplistic aspects that could of been fleshed out more but i suppose they had to work with what they could and stay in budget. one thing i found is you cant just collect parts and level up to get unfair advantage as there two parts for sure if lvl up ship too fast makes em impossible

Stain, Jun 27, 2011

It's a space shooter AND an RPG. Awesome! It has a completely unique take on controls for a space sim(hard to descxibe). While not as tight as Descent or Freespace controls it definitely works. Your character is your ship and can be upgraded and geared out big-time.(see me screenshots) The shooting is super-fun(you can upgrade you ship with turrets as well as front weapons) and the RPG elelments are spot on. It'll have you running all over the galaxy completing side-quests in order to upgrade enough to beat the next story mission. This game still looks great and is not very hardware-taxing which is a great combination. The story and cutscenes are complete crap but the fact that all the alien races are visualy interesting and hilariously over-acted makes up for it.

WayneW., Nov 19, 2006

So tell me what space games have come out that can offer a ship that can be upgraded so many ways,and you can see evolving and morphing throughout the game? The critics o this one seem to omit that fact,and the fact that it lends itself very nicely to the story. My single complaint is the repetetiveness of the missions taken on in the trade stations,looks to be about 6 or so of the same type and exact briefing on EVERY single station! That being said, this is still one of the most pleasant surprises I have had in a space game since KoToR. Bug eyed terrans aside (grin)This game is fun, does tend to get boring after about 4 hours or so, but by that time It's time for a soda break any way.

I_Am_Turok, Oct 4, 2012

2012 and the game plays quite nicely. I have Windows 7, and so far no bugs like the many forums have reported. The missions are repetitive, the storyline, well hardly engrossing, but get it for cheap, play it for 30 minutes at a time, and it is quite nice. It's Xwing/Elite style fighting. Personally I prefer the better cleaner environment of X3, this is too colourful for my liking, but it's easy on the eye. And easy to play, mostly. Oddly you often need to take your hand off the joystick, press space plus action the mouse to do something, then return to the joystick. Bizarre UI, who thought that would be good. (For a 2006, I'm quite tolerant of it, but I see XBox had a 2010 version. I hope it is vastly improved and deeper for Xbox, if this game were to be released in 2010 I'd be far more harsh on it).

ShodanSpectre, Jul 10, 2014

Below is a critical review from a person who likes really hardcore sims - where run out of ammo, fuel, oxygen and battery power. The pros: decent eye candy graphics. Unlike many space sims - the cutscenes include decently rendered characters and dialogues. The cons: From the very first minutes this game hits you with the perspective that you will be farming money to buy "upgrades" to your ship. The upgrade system is pretty straightforward and dull - there are about 10 different types of systems on your ship or so, each system can be unpgraded. The highest level is 10. And of course you start with ALL systems at lvl 1. Even though the plot/backstory suggests that you get a _really_cool_ ship from your father as a graduation present - you in fact get an equivalent of classic newbie set of gear that is nothing but a substitute for upgrading to something decent. On the very first station where you start at there are lvl 2 components in the market that make you feel just how awesome your dad's present is, and give you a reason to go farm some money. The farming, or rather, the plot missions - give a "spy-kids" feeling: if you go to salvage some abandoned container well of course there will be a bunch of pirates incoming at the exact moment you come, of course they will die easily but of course they will never retreat. The fighting itself is a rather arcadish close-range pew-pew dogfight, and the space locations seem rather small and crowded. Unlike, i.e. StarShatter, or EVE, where anything less than 10 kilometers is considered close range, and you gotta know your weapons' specs to use them effectively! Overall - an arcadish pew-pew space shooter with decent graphics and a simple storyline. If you can close your eyes on it being very childish - you can enjoy the game. If you're looking for a space SIMULATOR - look elsewhere.