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Darkstar: The Interactive Movie DARKSTAR provides hours of entertainment in both interactive adventure and cinema, and features the entire original cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and music by Progressive Sound and MetalWorx. This is also the final performance of the late, great Peter Graves. With more footage than any "game" ever produced (over 13 hours), DARKSTAR is a true interactive animated world with live-action actors.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 38 / 100
User rating
Downloads 759
Genre Action, Adventure, Interactive Movie, General
Company / Developer
Parallax Software / Parallax Software

Darkstar: The Interactive Movie reviews ( 4 )

Arctarus, Feb 6, 2011

Lots of effort, time, and money went into this project or so I read. This game reminds me of an interactive game I came across a while back when software were making their mark on pc. Darkstar is a gem among gems, an original with its rich story aka a time capsule. I have barely touched the surface and the interest is growing in anticipation. DTIM is definitely not for frag fest fans or strategy games I see flooded out there. It's about patience and intuition and decision making as the situation and events unfold in a much slower pace. Some believe this is Darkstar One and it isn't. More like a movie rather than a game in itself although very detailed and requires your attention to details to move forward with the story. That said, you are certainly the captain at the helm of this long and perilous adventure in search of the mystery as to why earth is no more and the murder of one of the spaceship's crew members of 4. The fate of mankind rests on your shoulders despite the fact that you remember nothing as a result from an extended cryogenic exposure. Darkstar is truly some work of art and not to be missed.

Lello, Dec 26, 2010

Atmosphere in spades This game is taking me back to the late 90s, the golden era of adventure games (think Ripper, Black Dahlia, The Last Express, Blade Runner etc.). That also means that to get Darkstar work there is work to do, I won't lie to you there are bugs and things to watch out for. This is not some FPS from 2010 for sure. It is a labor of love and as such it should be cherished. Arm yourself with patience and the experience will make it worth it.

tempestmichael, Jun 23, 2014

the game is really interesting and you should still play it but be warned of a few things.. DO not pick up the gun you see in a crew member's cabin. It's the wrong one and you'll have to start the whole game over when you get to the end if you picked it up at the beginning of the game. this was a stupid thing for the designers to put in there because it just ruined the experience for me. Also, the puzzles are way too easy. all trial and error. The only thing that's hard is figuring out what to do next or where to go. The game crashes a lot. using vista compatibility mode helps a bit. Anyways, this game is worth playing regardless of all of it's problems, but just don't pick up that damn first gun (pick up the right one near a piano) and save often.

GriddleOctopus, Feb 24, 2014

Probably the worst game I've ever had to review. Awful acting, incomprehensible puzzles, amazingly-poor design decisions and a story so clichéd that it makes the Bible look fresh and new. It even runs at a crappy 1980s resolution. The deluded comments elsewhere on this page seem to be from the marketing department, sadly.