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Dawn of Discovery (Also known as "Anno 1404: Dawn of Discovery") Dawn of Discovery takes place in the year 1404, when King George's land is suffering from severe droughts and brutal famine. Aware of his people's distress, the king calls on his two sons, William and Edward, to acquire new territories in order to produce enough goods to satisfy the needs of his empire’s inhabitants. Whereas Edward suggests aggressive means to collect the precious resources, his brother William offers a peaceful solution, proposing to explore new and unsettled lands in the south of the kingdom. With his Father’s blessing, William heads south to the mysterious Orient and returns with valuable new technologies such as the water pump that allows dry lands to be cultivated in order to produce enough food for the people. But there are still many unmet needs within the king's empire, and players are tasked with the mission of fulfilling those needs while both expanding and sustaining the vast society. Build and sustain your own expansive empire. Explore the beautifully detailed world and discover new places to create your civilization. Set up trade posts in the spice mines of the Orient and explore new trade routes to keep your nation growing. Learn from other nearby cultures to expand your horizons and master the challenges of establishing a prosperous society. [Ubisoft]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 84 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2292
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Historic, General
Players 4 Online
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / Blue Byte, Related Designs

Dawn of Discovery reviews ( 7 )

jh, Jul 23, 2009

This is my first experience playing an Anno title and I am in love. It's a wonderful city building game. Graphics are beautiful, supply chains are complex, and the use of land and trade are challenging and rewarding. It's very likely my favorite city-builder. Granted, the documentation is failry insufficient, but the campaign feeds you each new concept and each new supply chain, so it's tutorial enough. I had no trouble intuiting the finer points of gameplay although they are easy enough to learn about on internet forums if you have trouble. Highly recommended.

Zedix79, Oct 31, 2010

Best strategy game I've ever played, hands down. The game totally sucks you in with the gorgeous graphics, amazing sound and great voice acting. The best part though is the complexity! Dozens and dozens of resources and buildings makes this game absolutely awesome. Bought in summer 2009 and still playing a year+ later.

KristianL., Aug 25, 2009

This is the best empire builder game I've ever tried. There's nothing bad to say about this game. It even corrects all of the small annoyances that were found in Anno 1701 from 2006. The graphics are immense, and the fact that you can't let this game go and you have the opportunity to play from now on and until the end of time, makes this the best of the best. So many great features. I am in awe.

MT, Jul 27, 2009

If you are a fan of SimCity type of games then Dawn of Discovery (sometimes called Anno:1404) is definitely something to buy. The strongest focus of this game is on building your city and establishing a strong economy by acquiring raw resources and using them to produce goods that your citizens need in order to advance. The game is fun enough with just building a massive city builder, but the added ability to engage in military combat is icing on the cake. The combat doesn't involve much strategy, large numbers usually win. The biggest downside to this game is the gigantic learning curve. The manual is of almost no help. You MUST be patient if you want to enjoy this game to the fullest. You must take the time to play around and learn how everything works by experimenting. You can also go to forums on sites such as www.annofans.com and get help there from other players. Bear in mind, if you just want a simple resource-gathering RTS game that focuses almost entirely on building military units and fighting (such as Age of Empires) then this is not your type of game. Play the demo, and remember: Be patient with this game! It's fun once you give it a chance and learn how to play!

LimitedEdition, Nov 6, 2015

I really enjoyed this game and still today in 2015 it looks quite good on the highest settings possible. For its actual price (15 euros) it is really something you should not bother to obtain if you like this sort of games. Keep in mind that it heavily focuses on building and while acts of war are still possible, the focus might not lie upon them. It is more of a slow game and contains not really that much action, but its diversity and demands on the players are quite well chosen. Just get it if you are happy with economical building.

MikeB, Jul 27, 2009

Runs like clockwork. Low learning curve. Lots of positive tweaks compared with 1701. Enough new stuff to entertain for many hours. Very pleasurable to play.

BaronM, Jul 28, 2009

How can you make an RTS with no combat action. Trade and city building? Might as well call this Sim City Trade. My Friend was torrenting this, when he found out there was no RTS combat he canceled the torrent. Germany used to be cool. Game violence isn't training people for the real world. let's say a 8 year old kid is a very good counter strike player, if you give him a real AK-47 the recoil will control him. There is no possible way to stop real world violence and there are no proven facts that video games increased it. Germany needs to become smart.