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Dawn of Man Command a settlement of ancient humans, guide them through the ages in their struggle for survival. Hunt, gather, craft tools, fight, research new techs and face the challenges the environment will throw at you.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 83
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, General
Players No Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Madruga Works / Madruga Works
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Dawn of Man reviews ( 7 )

Rrichard, Mar1, 2019

Absolutely outstanding. If you're a fan of Civilization, you'll love this. Gets the level of detail and challenge just right. Very intuitive, minimal micromanagement, no bugs. Best new strategy game since Frostpunk. Well done to the creator.

kaanelif, Mar1, 2019

???Awesome potential. ???Best price for a new game. Game offers discovery and survival. If you like tycoons, survival, city building games etc. Dawn of Man suits you! Starting with nothing except tents and little knowledge. After two hours, you just did small things. Game offers you long hours to have fun.

Diamondgirl, Mar4, 2019

Engaging village simulation with pleasant noncartoony art and a novel setting. More like 'Dawn of Northern Europe,' so don't expect to sack Mesopotamia in chariots, but with satisfying gameplay and a promise for more content to come, I can unhesitatingly recommend this to sim fans.

lord_raccoon, Feb 23, 2020

I've enjoyed this game a lot. I think i was playing it like several days through. For small indie project it has unique setting, interesting gameplay and lots of amazing features. For such price it's a bargain.

boredboredbored, Aug2, 2019

I love the stone age. I've been to the museum more times than I can count, and I always spend hours at the stone age exhibits. I reckon Farcry: Primal is the best FPS in the world. In other words: I really wanted to love this game. Now don't get me wrong, it's fun and great way to burn 10 hours or so, but without some serious expansion and ironing out of issues, it's not a fantastic game. There's no strategy for combat, it's just a blind rush of all your guys against all their guys. Building structure is infuriating as the terrain must be perfectly flat and it almost never is. Tribesmen always decided to go on marathon-long hunts in midwinter and end up dead unless you corral them like errant sheep. There's serious balance issues with domesticated animals and straw production. The camera controls are annoying and you can never get a good angle on anything. And there are UI issues with getting information on your settlement and the surrounding land. That said, if you're as keen on the stone age and ancient man as me, definitely get this game. If not...well...maybe wait for a Steam sale.

pdcmoreira, Oct 18, 2019

This game has some issues with its AI, mainly with task assignment and priorities, which could be easily forgivable if the forced priority system worked correctly or if we were able to force a peasant to do a task.Otherwise, it's a fantastic game!

jaipersaga, Mar6, 2019

I give this game a One because of dishonesty at the core of this release although the game is barely engageable. Do not trust the rave reviews and watch the repetitive comments change with real inconsistency. Actual factual players find themselves confused at reading about successful mechanical cycles and encountering a laundry list of psychographic fails. No psychographic profile exists for this release as every sales portal has only a few bad reviews and mostly saturated with flaming fandom. The game is claimed to be out of BETA. This game is still not adequately designed and thus should not be out of the ALPHA phase of development. The audience feels like the same person over and over doing separate different reviews to try and keep the positive vibe going for the first MAU month. For anyone unfamiliar with the acronym it stands for Monthly Active Users. Eleven positively misrepresented "Timmy" reviews and one brutally honest "Spike" review equals an astounding "Astroturf" game release. Lets recap: The game is released not entirely designed. No quality level of critical thinking is in the reviews. The community is spamming the hell out of the steam portal but not the discord one. The focus of this release is on obtaining initial DAU and MAU numbers. (Daily Active Users)