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Day of Infamy Experience close-quarters battles in iconic WWII settings. Defend the line, storm the beach, torch the enemy, or use a radio to call in fire support. Day of Infamy is a teamwork-oriented shooter that will keep you on your toes and coming back for more with its diverse game modes and authentic arsenal.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 79 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1624
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Tactical
Company / Developer
New World Interactive / New World Interactive

Day of Infamy reviews ( 7 )

ace9592, Mar 25, 2017

Day of Infamy is a highly engaging World War II multiplayer FPS by New World Interactive, the makers of Insurgency. The game plays similarly to the aforementioned, but there are many new mechanics which improve the experience. For example, the multiplayer classes are unique and interesting; officers can call in artillery strikes, machinegunners mow down enemies with a storm of bullets, and flamethrower troops can fill whole rooms with liquid fire. Gunplay is smooth and satisfying, with hit detection that works impeccably. Because most weapons kill in one or two shots, combat is snappy and intense. Grenades and other explosives have a wide kill radius and help to break up stalemates on the objectives. The weapons in the game are straight from World War II and are modeled quite well. The smoke grenades look very good compared to many other games (CS:GO for example) and using them properly is key to winning games. Voice acting in the game is amazing, and hearing a German officer yell for artillery or an American rifleman curse when reloading really adds to the immersion. Map design is, in my opinion, miles ahead of Insurgency. Not only do the maps feel more "realistic" in their design but they are also well balanced and fun to play, with plenty of room to maneuver. There are a variety of objective-based game modes, each with a different pacing and overall feel. The main drawbacks of this game are lackluster graphics and occasional technical issues, but in my opinion none of this detracts from the amazing gameplay experience. In conclusion: if you like Insurgency, multiplayer shooters, or World War II games in general, Day of Infamy should be considered essential. If you don't usually enjoy those things, Day of Infamy just might change your mind.

Horrux, Apr 23, 2017

I almost never give out 10s but here it is. Here's why this game gets a 10: It's of course really good, but also, it runs very well and has INNOVATIVE FEATURES, without which I cannot give a 10. Graphics: plenty good enough, you aren't getting BF1 level graphics, but OTOH you aren't getting BF1 level of system requirements. You also have gibs flying from explosions, dismemberment, etc. Vivid and immersive, which is what counts. Sound: simply awesome. So real. Incredible. Takes your immersion to a new level, making the combat that much more visceral. Stability: Game runs very well. There were some minor bugs upon release, but I can't find any, now that the game has been out a month. Gameplay: As realistic as you are going to get without getting boring (like ArmA), so that is simply perfect. Unique features: Just like in real WW2, there was only local communication. Only radio-equipped soldiers (a full backpack-sized contraption weighing roughly 35 pounds) could talk remotely. So in DoI, your Voice chat is local, with enemies able to overhear what you say to your teammates if they are close enough. Unless you are a radio carrier, in which case the other radio carrier can also hear you, which enables some interesting strategic and tactical options. Radios are used by officers, just like in real WW2, and the radioman should stick with his officer, which allows him to call in support under many forms, dependant on which army you are playing as. Overall this is a fantastic WW2 experience. I cannot recommend this game enough. 10 minus zero for anything not awesome = 10/10 final score.

Ust4d, Jul 28, 2017

Think about Call of Duty 2 merges with Insurgency. A little of Day of Defeat and Rising Storm, though. It concludes with "Day of Infamy". Ladies and Gentlemen, congratulations to New World Interactive for this passionate game. It has excellent mechanics and flawless gameplay with realism. It's absolutely "a brilliant game"

wolfbil, May 28, 2017

- когда выходит сонце из-за тучи, оптика засвечивается и снайперу плохо видно - когда забегаешь в зону, где дымовая шашка, ты кашляешь - когда попадаешь в балон огнемёта, что на спине игрока, то, или количество газа уменьшаеться до нуля, или он взрывается, убивая огнемётчика и задевая всех вокруг - когда ты слышишь как летят самолёты, ищи укрытие, потому что, скорее всего, командир вызвал авиаудар (есть еще дымовая завеса - когда берёшь тяжелый пулемёт, как м1919, ты не можешь стоять смотреть в прицел и стрилять, только установив его на землю или еще на что-то - когда не выстреляв всю обойму ты перезаряжаешся, ты меняешь обойму, а не патроны, и у тебя остается полупустая обойма, которую можно будет опять зарядить (кроме дробовика и однозарядного оружия) - что бы взять оружие или улучшить его или поменять гранаты или взять больше обойм, нужно заработать очки, во время этой игры, которая идёт. если ты не чего не зделал полезного, значит будешь играть стоковым персонажем - разные бойци имеют разные характеристики, например одни более выносливы, другие не поддаются подавлению... - командир без радиста и радист без командира бесполезны - в этой игре нет бронижелетов - люди всегда есть, игра не мертва совмесно с Red Orcestra, лучшая WW2 сетевая игры 10 немецкой ругани из 10

4niwherebuth3re, Oct 16, 2017

Don't read the critic reviews. Critics are rarely to be trusted. Gamers know, because gamers remember. We remember Day of Defeat - how brilliant the combat and gameplay was in that Counterstrike mod. Day of Infamy brings back all that was good about the original Day of Defeat into the brilliantly adaptable source engine. This game is all about movement and gunplay, teamwork and communication, just as I expect real war would be. You don't need next gen graphics and demanding requirements to enjoy a game. So let the critics give this game sub 80 score, when it really deserves 90+. Critics who've probably never played Day of Defeat and instead feed themselves on a diet of CoD or Battlefield. For realism, experience, immersion and fun, look no further for your online FPS needs than Day of Infamy. Enjoy it before the toxic CS:GO crowd get here.

hammockhero, Jun 9, 2017

A deeply immersive WWII shooter for people who like a balance between realism and fun. Play this if you liked Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Day of Defeat and Insurgency.

RampantAndroid, Dec 14, 2017

The game lacks any large number of players. At any given time, I've not found a good number of populated servers OR online players. One or two servers are full, and the remaining 8 or so have a few people each. The gameplay is clunky - and I don't mean that there's no crosshair or that the reloads take longer. I mean that there will be times i'm running over a small hill and get caught. I can't jump...can't go forwards, I just get stuck...and then you die. Once you're dead? You get to wait. A long time, sometimes. In same game types the only respawns happen when your team captures an objective or "regroups" by running to a place on the map. A lot of players pay zero attention to regrouping, and other times the last player is a sniper - he refuses to die, and doesn't capture or regroup. So you're left waiting for them to FINALLY die. I enjoy America's Army. I've played Arma. I played Insmod back in the day and liked it....but Day of Infamy just falls well short of the mark. I can't recommend it, nor will I waste any more time on it. Seriously disappointing.