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DC Universe Online DC Universe Online is an MMO based on DC comic book universe and lets you fight along side or against DC superheroes.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2903
Genre Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer Online, Massively Multiplayer, Fantasy
Players Massively Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Sony Online Entertainment / WBIE
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DC Universe Online reviews ( 7 )

Likeyou, Nov 2, 2011

This game is like when dreams coming through. Believe me, I am an Rpg player and yes I liked Comics in my childhood, but this game catches me with the one thing you can catch a gamers heart. It has soul. A gamer is looking after THAT game and maybe DCUO is it not for everybody, but its the very best I played in years. YEARS! Its not static like Wow, or a simple smash and bash like CoH or Champions Online. This game has the Elements you need, it looks awesome. The story, the dialogues and everything else are fare beyond bad results and reviews. And yes, I hate platformer Ports too, but Dcu Online and Sony did whats possible to a human developer. I very like it. Its catchy and you have so many ways of customize your hero, customize your skills, so much different ways. People who like it on day and decide to not login anymore and people which are able to forget this ridiculuos game experience.. I am sorry for that people, cuz there is not much better in the world of gaming these days. Have Fun and Cu ingame.

gerryd, Jan 16, 2011

I've played DC Universe Online for about 50 hours now and I really, really like the game. It handles great using the PS3 controller and the whole world immerses you into the DC Universe perfectly. The character customization allows you to create your own Identity while keeping the stat bonuses of a strong piece of armour which is very important. I have yet to meet anyone who looks like my character except for people using the same colors and I've meet thousands of people in my 50 hours of play. The DCUO community is very friendly and joining a group is very easy. The gameplay is very addictive and there is hundreds of quests to do along with PVP game modes and other multi group activities. The choice of which mentor changes each playthrough in such a way that starting a new character with a different mentor and power changes the story and gameplay so much that it feels like your playing a different game altogether.If your an MMO fan then you should at least try the game out and if your a comic fan then you should definitely get DCUO. It doesn't disappoint.The game has a few issues right now with some minor bugs but considering the scale of the game and the fact that its a new MMO I'd say in 3 months the game will be perfect from every point of few.

Lawbringer, Jan 12, 2011

This game is fantastic. You shouldn't compare it to WoW, it's not a typically MMO it's an action game wrapped in an MMO wrapping. The graphics are beautiful, the voice work is top notch, the battles are crazy fun, the powers, combos, loot, levels, it's all a great bundle of fun. Can't recommend the game highly enough!

Itignition, Feb 7, 2011

Casual non Gilded Gamer:Slightly Disappointed. I wold pass on this title if I could do it again. The media ratings are skewed. They make it look like it is as good as GTA4. Ridiculous. 76/100.Don't buy until its 19.99 with a 9.99 monthly price point. SOE believes they have a product worth the cost. They don't.

Skalinos, May 10, 2012

It's nice to see all of my favourite DC heroes and villains in one game (with few exceptions, for DLCs, I guess), but the control for PC ruins it. Still, it's a fun game. 6 out of 10.

goldeneyes82, Jan 20, 2011

DCUO is a game I really wanted to like. After 10+ Years of playing MMO's across the spectrum, I've been looking for something different.DC Universe would be a fine game if it weren't trying to compete in this particular genre. It has the immediacy and action-oriented fun of say, inFamous, with more depth and a quality license. Unfortunately, it simply doesn't have the depth of character development to compete with other top-tier MMO's. Your appearance is more limited than in, say CoH or CO. There are six "Powers," which function like classes, but they share many abilities between them, far more than most MMO's do, and are limited to less overall abilities than any similar game, resulting in a very repetitive play experience beyond your first character.The Episodic quest content is likewise limited. Though there is plenty of content at launch, it all feels the same. With only two locations, Metropolis and Gotham, your experience will be boiled down to fighting thugs or law enforcement officers depending on your choice of side, with the appearance of DC hero or villian at the end of each storyline to finish things off. PvP has all the right parts (Arena's, Scenarios, Open World) but the combat is still more reminiscent of a fighting game such a street fighter than an MMO. There are blocks, block breakers, and interupts, all done with a combination of mouse clicks rather than hotkeys, at a speed that's more suited to fighting games or a CoD game than the more typically cerebral PvP of MMO's.The interface for the PC version is currently an exact replica of the PS3 version. Chat commands are limited, with /shout being the ONLY. Inviting or inspecting other players requires several layers of menu selections.In the end, while DCUO offers some out-of-the-box fun, it's the type of fun I could have in Co-Op or PvP MP in any number of games, without sufficient depth or variety to warrant it's subscription fee in competition with other PC MMO's. It may well be a hit on the PS3, given the lack of competition and streamlined combat and interface designed for that platform. Don't take this as a complaint about the Subscription fee - merely an opinion that, in a side-by-side comparison of other PC games asking for your monthly 15 dollars, DCUO does not do enough, well enough to get me to open up my wallet for it rather than another game.

Eucalyptus, Sep 11, 2014

The leveling process is the most fun, which can be done in one day. All end game content is boring, repetitive, and way too easy. The community (including the current SOE community manager for dcuo) is even worse than the actual game. The community manager revels in threatening posters on the forums. If they make a complaint about something, he threatens to make it worse. He used the words "be careful what you wish for" while twisting the words of a poster. Google "dcuo forum the current prestige cap isn't going to work" the green name on the third page of the thread to see the way he manages the community he was hired to manage. "Be care what you wish for..." and he made good on that threat, the very next game update addressed the issue at hand in the most sadistic way imaginable. The devs used to know what they were doing, but recently they've been adding boring and monotonous game mechanics that cater to three-year-olds and then the devs (especially the current creative director) openly insult their customers in the game's forums. Every week they make a new decision that is a deal breaker for people who used to be fanboys of the game. If you start playing it and you enjoy it, it will be a completely different game within a year. If you decide to pick it up and you love the game, the question in the back of your head should be: How long until they introduce my deal breaker to the game? Because players that were at one point the biggest supporters and fanboys of this game are now leaving en masse (I used to love this game and said many times I'd be playing this game till the servers shutdown). Right now the universally decided most obnoxious fanboy is fuming about the most recent changes, other forumites are trolling him reminding him of how he previously always said the devs are always right, and telling him he could never make good on his threat to quit the game because he has previously proclaimed that his league is like family and he loves them. Check out the dcuo forums and I can almost guarantee you'll see long time players begging the devs not to introduce some bull crud mechanic that will destroy the fun of the game. The game is buggy and you disconnect a lot, but for a longtime I convinced myself that all games will be buggy and glitchy and kick me out from time to time, it's the willful decisions that the devs make to dumb down the game and their constant underestimation of their players' intelligence and skill that got me to quit playing what was my favorite game for two years.