Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Crack/Patch

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round 2 new playable characters join the fray to make 34 fighters. Master the signature DOA fighting system through the textured story and tutorial modes, unlock more costumes than ever before in each of the offline training modes, and compete with the best fighters in the world in the online training modes. Fight as ninjas, assassins, roughnecks & wrestlers as you knock your opponents off an exotic waterfall, into an exploding oil rig and more.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 71 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1231
Genre Action, Fighting, 3D
Company / Developer
Koei Tecmo Games / Team Ninja

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round reviews ( 7 )

Qmorq, Mar 31, 2015

Are people just reading the somewhat negative notes about this game and making bad reviews over it? First off - I own the ps4 copy as well. I bought this version as DOA is my favorite fighting game of all time and I want to play it when I travel on my laptop. Here's a little detail about the difference between the two versions: Graphics: Don;t be so quick to dismiss the PC version. The graphics are basically equal on both versions (But I get a better framerate on my laptop). All this noise about the soft engine and some items being equivalent to the ps3 version is totally crazy. MAYBE if I bring my laptop downstairs and pause both versions side by side I'd see a guarantees. Giving this game a bad review due to the lack of the soft engine is like hating a hamburger because the bun has 2% less sesame seeds. ***Quick side note - I bought the story mode on PSN because I thought you needed it to get trophies....but there aren't any on PSN either. Very strange as I thought every playstation game was required to have them. Online: No debate here....PS4 has full online with the cool share button features as well. No steam online for 3 months which would make this a terrible purchase for you if you only play online. I mainly play local competitive or arcade mode so I'm not missing out. Random thoughts: The loading time in the PS4 is surprisingly good, but not nearly as nice as having the game installed on your SSD. Game is extremely fast on steam! I have the wireless 360 controller for windows and it works flawlessly. No strange button maps here. I'm using a laptop with a nvidia 770M (Which is low/mid range compared to desktop cards). The game runs flawlessly @1080p and I never see any slowdown. People still care about steam achievements??? They're so useless O.o Anyways... I do agree about the online functionality. Hopefully that gets fixed sooner than later. But all these other complaints seem really unnecessary. Go out and try the PS4 version if you really want to see the difference in graphics. The game play is identical, with the exception of the better loading times which makes a big difference for me.

ZarosLeonhart, Mar 3, 2016

This is a awasome fighting game if you want something descompromissing, fun and relaxing, the combo indicators on bottom of screen are really usefull for casual players. Graphics are great.

Dangerism, Apr 2, 2015

Pretty good game, stop comparing it against other platforms and see it on its own. + Graphics are beautiful and smooth. Though you need GeDoSaTo to unlock 4K rendering, it works. + Controller support with rebindable buttons. not sure what the other user reviewers are talking about. + Short load times + It's cheaper than the bloody console versions you idiots - Cutscenes limited to 30fps, the supposedly 'cinematic' framerate - Keyboard support is terrible. There are some of us that like tapping to fight you know. - No online at launch, not that I care. I understand that this is the same case as KT's other PC releases that fear it will cannibalise the market of their already available online games (DOA Online in this case).

MNO__ONM, Jul 8, 2016

Good points: ✔ Has offline content ✔ Nice roster ✔ Nice training modes ✔ Happy to see the licence on PC ✔ Happy to see i18n options ✔ Some free unlockables. ✔ Base game is quite fairly priced. ✔ Gameplay is good. ✔ Pretty accessible 3D fighting game compared to the other big licences. Bad points: ✔ Unable to redefine keyboard keys or game device buttons. ✔ Online is broken. never worked for me. ✔ DLC are following a crazy overpriced policy. The full content costs over $700.

Seiryu99, Mar 31, 2015

Usual broken garbage port. No online at launch when the quality of this port ALREADY doesnt justify the game coming out 3 months later. -No controller support (Technically has it but the buttons are completely jacked up because its an arcade port, Oh and you cant rebind them) -No achievements -No online -Saves are tied to your CURRENT steam name. (If you change your name in steam it cant detect your save file....WTF?) -Missing stages -Upscaled from last gen so it lacks soft engine and looks pretty poor quality overall -Bad optimization? (Slow downs during win poses in story mode, SLI/XFIRE not optimized, Crash's in story mode occasionally) *EDIT* I havent personally had any problems but i hear the game is more CPU intensive than GPU somehow? -DLC can go f**k itself ( Seriously? 55$ and 65$ for the DLC which is MORE expensive than the console's and WTF is the point without F**KING ONLINE FOR 3 MONTHS?!?!) Dont buy this game, if they end up not porting any future DoA's to the PC we are WAY better off without them anyway if this is the treatment they are going give us.

tpapas1, Apr 3, 2015

what a fantastic 2006 original xbox game. hm now its 2015 and this is just mediocre. graphics great for 2005 maybe , moves maybe as good as doa 3 on my ps3 . still I like better my doa 3 ps3

MadJaples, Apr 3, 2015

I do NOT know which planet these morons singing the game's praises live on, but they definitely ain't on the same one that I'm from. Yes indeed, ladies and gents, Tecmo and Team Ninja bring you yet another extra special dosage of T&A action with yet another DoA title. With MORE **** MORE ass, and MORE blatantly rubbish fighting that will have any pubescent teenager either smashing the **** out of his console or ogling wobbly breasts all day. This game has great graphics, it's plot - on the other hand - is definitely on a par with a children's book - and by a children's book I mean just give it a nursery rhyme and the plot would be better. I don't know who thought it up, but it was rubbish. The fighting is nothing spectacular, but I do have to say I am very surprised that Team Ninja have just left the fighting engine the way it's been for so long already. Having had a character thrown to the ropes by Tina, why are the ropes still lifelessly rigid? You don't see that happening in a real wrestling or boxing ring so why not in the game? Methinks Team Ninja would be best at soft porn game manufacture, because all those guys in the game are just to throw the parents off track. Don't think we don't know that **** Team Ninja. Oh wait...