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Dead Rising 4 This is the holiday season in Willamette, Colorado. A mysterious outbreak has overrun the Willamette Memorial Megaplex Mall and surrounding town with dangerous and deadly predators. Join Frank West as you explore a vast, open world sandbox filled with dangerous new zombies and a myriad ways to kill them as you seek to uncover the truth behind the outbreak - or die trying.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1842
Genre Action Adventure, Open-World
Company / Developer
Microsoft Game Studios / Capcom, Capcom Vancouver

Dead Rising 4 reviews ( 7 )

nnoom, Jan 10, 2017

Everyone complaining is doing it because A.) It's sold on the Windows Store for the first year, B.) Their computer can't run it, or C.) It's not in **** VR or it doesn't make them fly in real life like they hoped the 4th install would do by now or some unrealistic **** like that. The GAME, which is what we're supposed to be reviewing here, is great. It's everything you love about Dead Rising, but smoother, and more of it. I've played since the first Dead Rising, and I love them. Especially part 2. They're just... fun. Zombie killing fun. This one is great, as well. It's also one of the better ones. It's worth the purchase, IMO.

Garrett_Emrick, Dec 6, 2016

After loving the first two games and absolutely hating the third, this one is a pleasant surprise. Going into it I wasn't expecting much, so that may have made it a better experience. Overall, the timer is gone which is going to bother a lot of people. Personally, I'm conflicted as I thoroughly enjoyed it in the first game but at the same time wished there was a mode without the timer that would give me plenty of time to do a perfect run. Putting it behind a DLC paywall is what they opted with which is dumb, but it's still there if you really want it. The game overall runs well on PC and looks great compared to past Dead Rising's. Texture clipping is still an issue in cutscenes but that's been an issue for as long as I can remember. Lot's more zombies on screen and varied environment from town streets, sewers, and a mall. Pros: * Story is prob the best of the series besides DR1. And it ties in well enough with DR1 to make it interesting and engaging through the first playthrough. * Weapon variability is as good as it's ever been. Lot's of combo weapons and funny items to use throughout the world. * Exo Suit. Pretty cool when you get to use them. * Special Zombies - Won't go into spoilers but there's more than just the standard zombies that were present in past games. * Fun - Game is just fun to play in my experience. Not game of the year by any stretch but still a fun game to sit down and play. Meh: * Psychopaths have been replaced with Maniacs. Not a huge issue since Pyschopaths have been forgettable since the first game, and Maniacs are pretty close. Simply put they are groups of crazies vs just a single pyschopath. Pyschopaths were a favorite aspect of DR1 so it's sad to see them really go, but tolerable. * Game is too easy. Very rarely do I feel like I'm even close to dieing. They can change this easily in a patch or two after getting feedback for now there is very little challenge. Very different from the first DR. Cons: * Zombies all look the same. They are all seemingly wearing the same outfits/colors so it just looks like a copy/paste job. * Some people may be bothered by the Christmas Theme. May be a bit off playing this during the Summer * Aiming is atrocious with a controller. Tried it out and it's just as bad as ever, feels like the aiming moves in chucks of 50-100 pixels so lining up headshots is hard. * No Multiplayer. Essentially just a single player only game with a multiplayer mode that is really just a min-game. I hardly played with friends but this will turn some people of the series off. * Kinda short. If you are only doing the missions you'll blow through this in under 10 hours. I recommend taking your time saving survivors and killing maniacs unlike I did, perhaps because I was so used to the timers in DR. Still have New Game + so you can always go back but just realize there is no rush to the end. Also worth noting they changed the voice actor for Frank, but I honestly don't mind the change. No idea why people are freaking out, the voice actor fits the character quite well. Lot's of long time fans of the series are stuck in the past and don't realize they need to expand the fan base to keep the series alive, which means changing the formula a bit here and there to reach a wider audience. All things considered, this is a really good game. Would rate it an 8 but rating it a 9 for now since fanboy's are unfairly rating the game lower than it should be.

SuperkenGaming, Jan 8, 2018

Dead Rising 4: Franks Big Package Fun until it’s not Dead Rising 4 Franks Big Package is a collection of the base Dead Rising4 game, but comes with all dice including Capcom heroes mode, 4 player co-op, mini golf that can be played local and online, and the Frank Rising DLC that takes place after the end of this games story.. I didn’t find any of the extras special… But this games campaign definitely is… Dead Rising 4 is my first Dead Rising game... here you play as retired journalist Frank West, all you wanna do is play some mini golf, but youre tricked into covering one last zombie story.. I wasn’t sure what I was going to get out of this game... I was expecting just a mindless zombie slasher game… but there’s so much more to it than this... For starters the story is throwaway... its here but its background noise to the addictive weapon gathering that is this game... What makes dead rising so unique from other zombie games is that it feels authentic to what an actual zombie apocalypse would feel like in a cartoony way… practically almost everything in this world can be used as a weapon… This about 10 and half hour long game starts in a mall but takes place in an open world and I wasn’t expecting the have as much freedom in combat as I was given… At first I was grabbing the most ridiculous weapons to be funny… ive never killed something in a video game with a giant candycane or a Christmas wrieth… But as the game went on, enemies started to become a threat and I had to start taking things a little more seriously.. But not completely… hidden through this games open world are blue prints that will allow you easily combine items for ridiculously powerful weapons... and youll get to experience so many because weapons do break fairly quickly.. Thankfully you’re able to carry a decent amount with you, as you’ll have melee slots, throw able, and ranged weapons… I was surprised with how unreceptive the game ultimately ends up being as the first hour of the game is what you get until the end… it’s just picking up new weapons and killing everything in your way until you complete an objective, leveling up and dumping skill trees for more slots for weapons and health pickups and increasing your stats of both you and the vehicles in the world… Annoyingly though you can’t really drive everything in the world.. But if you look hard enough you’ll always be near at least 1 car to drive of bike to ride… the game slow down a bit at times for you to investigate areas which I didn’t mind much at all... changing the pace of the game, letting you breathe.. it allows you to crave the zombie and rogue survivor slaying… The game does eventually get to that feeling of repetitiveness though… Thankfully it started to wrap up around that time… I was over it before it was over.. so I feel the campaigns length is pretty near perfect… The story doesn’t end with the credits though Again included in this collection is the Frank Rising DLC.. You’re a zombie version of Frank trying to get cured and escape, but you’re given an hr. and a half real time to do this… And this mode is just not fun... there are no weapons here.. You’re given 3 zombie moves, an acid spit, a scream, and a pounce… and these mechanics are just awful for combat when guns are involved... you don’t feel overpowered as youre pouncing and eating enemies for health… You just start getting frustrated as enemies with guns surround you and take you out over and over.. There’s an imbalance here and nowhere near the epic chaos that is the base of this game… IF you’re a fan of slaying zombie hordes in anyway, you definitely owe it to yourself to pick up Dead Rising 4 I’m tired of Zombie games and even I had fun fighting with ridiculous items, and finding fresh gear throughout the world. I give Dead Rising 4: Franks Big Package An 8/10

TUmaDO, Apr 9, 2017

I have been playing this game for some time, i have to say its a clear recycle of dead rising 3 but fails even more,bugs and glitches are everywhere,clunky on foot controls and vehicle(the worst in the last years) the game made me so mad i wanted to rip my hair off, i tried multiple times to finish a quest but its so broken its practically impossible, can someone please explain me why there is no quality control??? worst game of 2017. i give this game a 3/10 for making my follicles die.

Detraxxx, Feb 18, 2017

The worst game of the series so far. The campaign is very short - it offers roughly 6-8 hours of unglamorous gameplay and the worst thing is, that you can not play it with your friends because co-op is now included in separate mode. For the first time, the story has just ONE ending (although there are more endings available for the DLC owners)... Poor game. 4/10

Videntify, Dec 15, 2017

The game itself is fun for me. But the real problem is the bug , crash and all the technical issue. I played the game till around 2hr then the crash came every 5min. I couldn't find any good fix ( My computer is good enough to play all any AAA game in highest setting ). And there're people like me everywhere so I stop playing there. I don't know whether there will be a good fix soon because this game is almost a year old and the bugs are still tremendous. GG Capcom & Microsoft

Critical-Hit, Jun 20, 2017

Enjoy the most broken game of all times. If you manage to play this so get ready to get killed only by touching your enemies. I wish to those devs the most refunds on this game as possible.