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Dead Space 3 Dead Space 3 embodies deep space terror. Players embark on a ride through space that takes them to a hostile new planet, Tau Volantis. Fortunately, they are not alone this time around. The fully integrated drop-in/drop-out co-op feature gives players the option to play alone or team-up with a friend anytime. Players that choose to take down the terror together experience additional story details, side missions and gameplay mechanics only found when playing as John Carver.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 9911
Genre Action, Action Adventure, Shooter, Linear, Third-Person, Sci-Fi
Company / Developer
Electronic Arts / Visceral Games

Dead Space 3 reviews ( 7 )

410MaXiMuS, Feb 6, 2013

Haters gonna hate. This is just as good as Dead Space 1 2 honestly. The coop is actually a neat addition to the series and the game is still scary if you play it at a higher difficulty setting. Weapon Crafting is handled well and adds a nice layer of customization. For anyone having issues with the FPS being locked to 30: Turn vsync off in the game and force vsync through your GPU control panel. After doing that I was able to play the game maxed out 150fps.

briefly, Jul 22, 2013

I went into this game with a lot of trepidation based on the mixed reviews. Love the first two, and while this is short on the horror aspect, it's a fantastic game in its own right. Long, tough and fun throughout.

chris999, Feb 25, 2013

I played Dead Space 1 and 2 and as far as I'm concerned, this is a great 3rd installment. I'm now replaying it on "Survival" mode and enjoying it. My favourite parts of the game were in orbit above Tau Volantis, going from ship to ship, looking for stuff and the great vista of being in space and above that world. I liked the differences between this game and the others making my own weapons, upgrading them with different circuit boards and attatchments. I think this 3rd Dead Space game needed changes otherwise it would just be the same formula all over again. Seems to me the developers did a smashing job of keeping what was really great about the other 2 games and adding in new aspects. There were more problems than usual with some glitches, like not being able to pick up ammo or some other things. I recommend not getting the voice "personalities" for the bots it gets really annoying after a while and it's like they never shut up sometimes. Considering they made this game in 2 years, compared to Aliens: Colonial Marines" five years well, they did an amazing job. And the Co-op is well implemented thanks Visceral for another great effort, much appreciated ! Story was okay for me, ending too this is one of the best games I've played this year not sure what people are complaining about. I wonder sometimes if some gamers are becoming way way too demanding and critical jeepers Stop the whining and enjoy this game already :D

albasile, Mar 30, 2017

Nice polish and great graphics. Lacks the fear and terror due to both familiarity of the necromorphs and the absence of a claustrophobic environment that was present in DS 1. Having more fire power and many more enemies is fun, but it sacrifices the tension and anticipation that made the earlier games great. There are some great moments to be had, but the game suffers from down time not just in story, but in Isaac moving all over the map for fetch missions. For DS3, more doesn't necessarily mean better. Still a good game 7/10

Tessara_Vejgan, May 3, 2013

The game is good but nothing like the first two games. this sequel is mostly a TPS rather than a survival horror it has its horror moments here and there. I specially didn't like the fact that some missions are locked unless you have a co-op partner (they could of removed those or made them invisible during singlepplayer), also some bosses are reused that gets annoying after a while (spider).

UnbiasedOne, Feb 24, 2013

I'm not impressed, but then again, I didn't expect to be. The first took you down dark corridors with creatures lurking in the darkness waiting to pounce that added a feeling of uneasiness to the player making them want to go slow. The second took us to a fast pace almost run and gun scenario with a stronger story. This one, well, it takes it to the end if you can call it that. You'll beg for something to happen for the first half of the game. It is terribly slow and borderline Call of Duty. The second half is where the action is along with the story, but sadly by the time you get to it (if you get to it) you're spent of all emotion just begging the game to hurry up and get to the point. This is a love it or hate it game.

billyjones, Jul 31, 2016

I wasn't already expecting much of this game since the second wasn't so good as the first, but i have to admit that it surpassed my most negative expectations. I mean like damn it, how could they screw things up this much? They really done it with this one. Simply the worst game i have ever played. (i have played many games)