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Dead State Dead State is a high-tension survival RPG set at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. As society begins to fall apart, the player must organize a scant handful of allies, working on fortifying a shelter, scouting for food and supplies, making uncertain alliances with others, and attempting to hold together a group as humanity teeters on the brink of extinction. A full-fledged RPG featuring shelter building and management, turn-based tactical combat, and reactive story and dialogue with an emphasis on survival at any cost. Attract new allies, scavenge food and supplies, and protect your shelter at any cost. Do you have what it takes to lead a desperate group through a crisis? This is your chance to find out.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1788
Genre General, Role-Playing
Company / Developer
DoubleBear Productions / DoubleBear Productions

Dead State reviews ( 7 )

Adast_Adamov, Dec 7, 2014

This game is masterpiece. It reminded me of classic Fallout so much that i almost cried. Way better than Wasteland 2. Great characters, good graphics, challenging but also simple battles. The only drawback is quantity of bugs and glitches, which, i hope, will be resolved soon.

Csmyky, Jan 15, 2015

Permanent repairs and upgrades. Huge idea well executed. Zombie game is now trendy. The game is still hope will improve a lot. Building and character development & Survival Skills

Zell, Jul 26, 2015

You get this game for the writing. Some of the best in the business. Gameplay can get repetitive after a while, and by mid game zombies become speed bumps. If you liked the first 2 fallouts combat is in that style, but the graphics are not those of a AAA game. That said its amazing what they were able to do with a 10 person team, and a small budget. I paid full price and feel like I got my monies worth with it. Is it perfect no, but does it deliver on the experience of managing a shelter during a zombie out break yes. This is not an action game its a thinking game, and those who enjoy that will enjoy this a lot. Personally I am ready to throw another 50 at an expansion.

StarCitizenZues, Dec 14, 2014

I'm giving this game a very soft 7. I was an original backer, and if can certainly appreciate the independent production of this game, as well as the feedback and communication from the devs. They would literally reply to concerns or comments within 15 minutes of posting. With that said, as it stands, the game is decent (at time of posting) but it is still hampered by numerous bugs and glitches. Upon release, this game was unplayable, but the devs cleaned it up to about 80% playability (without wanting to punch your monitor). Why this game was released with so many known issues is beyond me -- I can only guess it has to do with some type of contractual obligation to either Steam or Kickstarter. I currently have 70 hrs invested in this game, and I'm starting to get a little burnt out. It does become a little repetitive, but only because of the bugs slowing everything down. It's very cathartic bashing zombies heads in after a hard day, but its becomes frustrating when those glitches kick in and slow you to a snails pace, or when a major event happens, but its glitched and you are powerless to make a decision .... Usually resulting in very negative results. Graphics and music are also decent and the maps are fun; however, all maps are pre-written and never change. In other words, you restart the game, same maps, same zombie and enemy placement, zero replay ability factor .... But there are ALOT of maps. This is a real shame, because if the maps were random (or any random events for that matter) this game would have a huge replay ability factor a la Xcom meets Oregon Trail. Right now, this game is going for $20 to $30 on steam, but I think a $12 to $15 price tag is more appropriate. Check it out, if its on sale, or they gear up some substantial DLC.

urieaal, Jan 18, 2015

This game could be so much fun... but: parts are to scarce, it makes upgrades difficult. the first area your supposed to go get parts at doesn't even have enough for the first required upgrade. even in its current state (134) this game is so buggy, and the combat system is so god awfully hair pulling slow. Maybe a few more updates and this will be a good game to play but right now its to buggy, parts often disappear for no reason. and its 39.99 :/ theres better games out there to be sure. so unless your a die hard zombie fanatic this is not the zombie game you've been wishing for.

blade01, Mar 5, 2015

I dont know, i had fun with the game, for a while.The longer the game was running the more bugs i had and the more the broken mechanics made me suffer.In detail: -Bugs:Encountered many bugs with the newest patch.Skills that arent working at all or they work just wrong.Some of the mechanics seems broken too and this influenced my experience!Minus -2 for that in the end! -Visuals:Ugly as hell, sorry. -Sound:Some of the worst sounds if ever heard.A character is injured?The sound they play to "simulate" that is hilarious.First i thought a porn is running somewhere.Turn out this is to "simulate" the heavy breathing caused by the injury.WTF??Music is not good too. Gameplay:Bare minimum.Some active skills, some passive ones and some perks.Nothing fancy, its ok to keep you going.Problem is, some of them will not work or will not work how they should be!Movement is a pain, no real sneaking. Conclusion:While the things i said sounds all terrible i had great 4 days with the game.Unitl i reached a point where i die for no reason!!!Just like that, someone stabbed me to death in the shelter without a major incident and many of the residents liked me.No warning, nothing.Food for weeks, gas for weeks, everything was fine.Suddenly Davis says "people are dying because of you".What?Not ONE in the game is dead!I think something in the mechanics isnt working like it should but im really pissed at this game. I dragged myself through this awfull game because of the story.The story is great, there is everything.Tension, passion, you like and/or hate the people you lead.But when bugs like that happen and you waste your time its the worst. The game is for me without the bugs a solid 5 bwcause i had fun despite the poor sound and the poor graphik.With the sheer amount of bugs(quests that wont end properly for example) its just a 3, im sorry. This game had potential.

Pincynik, Apr 28, 2016

This game should be called Babysitter The Zzzombie Apocalypse Edition! This is the most brutal and punishing game i have ever played! You get NOTHING but punishments in this game! The only rewards you get is less punishments. You are babysitting a group of people who never offers you any rewards only complaints. You get to do decisions where if you pick one way you will get punished later on by something and if you pick the other way something else will punish you later on instead. Nothing rewards you for anything! Killing zombies doesnt reward you, it can only punish you, opening locked doors cant reward you only punish you. This game is like playing on a minefield, take a false step and you get to pay for it! If you screw up in this game you screw up BIG TIME! Because of how punishing the game constantly is you will be forced to either reload or restart the game because its almost gamebreakingly difficult if you mess up! Lose a teammate and the game becomes insanely hard. Which leads me to the combat. This is the part where i hate this game the most! There is no room for tactics in this game because you can only solve every fight the exact same way! Either bash them with melee or shoot them with firearms, but if you do use firearms you will, can you guess? thats right! you get PUNISHED because all the zombies will run towards you and if they spot you in a horde you are doomed! You cant get rid of them! No matter where you run all these CRIPPLED zombies will keep up and never lose you. This is the dumbest decition ive ever seen in a game like this because when you are locked in combat you cant flee, you cant travel and the only way to go is a certain death! Ammo is scarce, melee weapons do almost useless damage so every single zombie takes MINUTES to kill! And this brings me to the games length. Its lengthy all right! In a full day i played this game and only got about 5% of the map. Its not that the map is big its just that the COMBAT TAKES FOREVER! Its so utterly slow and tedious and repetetive and punishing! If i only got rewarded with XP points for killing zombies it would be somewhat worth it but its not! The developers must be a bunch of truely misareble people who are only able to make up misery but no joy! The whole time i played it felt like a big tutorial because i didnt feel like i had free will. I always had a main mission and if i didnt commplete the main mission in that specific day all hell would go lose and the punisher himself would appear! If you play games for fun STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THIS GAME but if you like babysitting and work for punishment then maybe you are a masokist and will like this game!