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Deadfall Adventures Deadfall Adventures takes the classic adventure genre and combines it with fast paced action associated with First Person Shooters. Set in exotic locations such as ancient Mayan ruins, forbiden cities, frozen wastelands and lush, tropical jungles - Deadfall Adventures takes the player on a whirlwind adventure set in the late 1930's

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 55 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1811
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Fantasy, Arcade
Company / Developer
Nordic Games Publishing / The Farm 51

Deadfall Adventures reviews ( 7 )

iansnit, Nov 26, 2013

Good Fun. The majority of the game is made up with grand shooting segments. Deadfall pits you in large rooms full of cover to hide behind and weapons to swap between. This basic approach actually does Deadfall justice. Far removed from the rollercoaster feel of other recent shooters, there’s room to manoeuvre, plan an attack, and execute.

hoolyss, Dec 4, 2013

Great FPS. Already I've had enough of games the second world war, space stations, horror etc.. It`s time 4 Indiana Jones. If you watched any of the Indy Quadrilogy U will not be disappointed. It is a pity that so quickly ended (10 hours normal level)

undefizer, Nov 15, 2013

Just to warn you people, I have realized that there are groups of people who are in "teams" to bash a certain group, or these who made troll bots to make any games look bad. --- Very good game and really exciting. One of the best adventure game of 2013.

Pravs, Dec 1, 2013

It's a very good adventure game. I enjoyed playing this since I've started. It has a lot of puzzles which are so different. I can really recommend this game for you!

benice4U, Nov 16, 2013

It can be good fun if you love climates with Indiana Jones. It's not Uncharted or Tomb Raider, but the smell of adventure floats through the whole game. I've seen the PC version and there this game looks better than on Xbox.

KingShree, Dec 1, 2013

I was deciding between 6 or 7. On one hand. This game is good. Gunfights are good, riddles are good, story is good. But on the other hand it looks sooo cheap. Sound design is bad, character models are bad, Overally i kinda got a feel that this is the worse version of Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones. But the start for the developer is decent. Game is good and it works well, if they will be able to build up on it in the sequel we could get a stunning journey. So for now, its a 6.

hb1209, Jul 12, 2014

this is pure garbage.This game is yet another where even the studio and publishers know it is bad and are trying to artificially inflate the score by posting overly positive reviews. This is pathetic. Just look at all the similarly phrased, 'Google translate' English being used. Don't be fooled. This game is not worth your time or money.