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Death Rally (2012) Load your guns, start your engines...THE CLASSIC IS BACK! Brought to you from Remedy, renowned developers of Max Payne and Alan Wake, Remedy's Death Rally classic top down racer is back, stronger and more vicious than ever. This is no Sunday Drive. This is Death Rally, so be prepared to be blown away, literally.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 64 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1591
Genre Driving, Racing, Arcade, Automobile
Company / Developer
Nordic Games Publishing / Remedy Entertainment

Death Rally (2012) reviews ( 7 )

LastNinja1987, Aug 9, 2012

I loved iPad Death Rally to death and immediately bought this version when I saw it on Steam. It's basically the same game, but they removed all the IAP crap and added another track. There are tons of things to unlock, cool weapons and fame levels. I don't know what's going on with the multiplayer, though, I hope they are going to fix it soon. I can recommend this game to all arcade-racing-shooter fans.

CrouZ, Nov 9, 2012

Awesome game! It's very much like the original with a bunch of enhancements. The multiplayer is a really nice addition! On the downside the story mode is quite short.

ERB, Jan 23, 2014

Death Rally doesn't really improve upon the original death rally.It also did not become worst than the original Death Rally.The only problem in this game is that The new Death Rally feels like the same as the original.This game disappoints me but the game is worth playing for like 2-4 hours or less.In fact each races are only about 1 minute long!and there are only 10 maps in the whole game!But the good thing about this game is customizing your car.Death Rally cars always looks awesome to look at.I know that this is a disappointing game but I hope remedy will make a better death rally in the near future.

alfaalex101, Aug 5, 2012

As a big fan of the 1996 PC Death Rally game, I was very disappointed with this iteration. Transitioning from the old title, you will immediately notice: -The game plays at a much slower pace -Narrower tracks, -The camera is far closer to your car than before, hence you'll have trouble seeing upcoming turns -Just...bad car handling (even with an upgraded car. Even on a technical level, it won't let you turn+accelerate+shoot your secondary weapon at the same time. Instead you'll just go straight shooting and ram into a wall) -Very short races -No more pedestrians to run over -Your basic machine gun AUTO-SHOOTS? Now we are being noob friendly/streamlined? I regret buying this on sale and this game has hampered my view of Remedy. However, if you just stumbled upon this title and haven't played the original - drop everything you're doing now and go play it. It really is one of (if not) the best top down racer ever made.

BinarySplit, Aug 4, 2012

The races in Death Rally are each only about 1 minute long, and there are only about 10 maps. Consequently, it's a VERY repetitive game. You usually have to do 3 to 5 races to get enough cash for an upgrade, and there are 5+ upgrades for every car, and 9 upgrades for each of the 6 weapons. Since you don't really get any objectives, completion is the only thing you can play for. That means you'll have to do several thousand of these 1 minute races. The game was fun to begin with, but 30 minutes later it was a repetitive snorefest. Don't get this game if you don't like grinding.

Gixbit, Aug 7, 2012

I was a huge fan of the original death rally. The steering was a lot better which is the worst of it for me. I get the drifting part but, The camera is too close and doesn't allow you to see what you're doing all that well. I'd like to know if the critic reviewers actually played this. The aiming is bad, the repair option is insanely expensive. It gets to a point where you're just trying to repair instead of win. Other games will actually give you a better sense of earned victory after spending hours of trying to get the highest score possible, this game just makes you feel dumb every minute of your life while playing it. Cause that's how long the races are. One minute. The original didn't have long races either but, At the very least you had better aim and your car actually felt like it was getting better, instead of worse. You'd hope your next car feels better right? It felt the total opposite for me. It felt even slower and handled even worse and took even more damage. I couldn't bare it anymore, I just had to shut it down. I like to play games until I 100% them, but, when it feels like a grind and a luck match, I'd rather go I feel most games have gotten more casual since the older gaming days, but, This was poorly done, I feel like an option or tweak for steering would be nice also maybe mouse aim, less turns, distracts from the carnage part.

Qgal5kap, Nov 2, 2013

Really poor remake of the original. The controls are absolutely rubbish, as they seem linked to the FPS, which means you turn at different rates, depending on how many items are rendered, or where you are on the map.