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DEFCON: Everybody Dies Inspired by the 1983 cult classic film, "Wargames," DEFCON superbly evokes the tension, paranoia and suspicion of the Cold War era, playing on the fascinating aspects of psychological gameplay that occur during strategic nuclear warfare. You play a General hidden deep within an underground bunker. Your mission is to successfully exterminate your enemy's civilian population whilst saving your own. Points are awarded or lost depending on both the efficacy and thoroughness of your nuclear vendetta and the number of your own civilian deaths. In order to win you must wipe out the enemy population and simultaneously disable the enemy's ability to retaliate against you. This is an extremely difficult task since launching an attack on the enemy exposes the positions of your own Ground Silos, Subs and Bombers the moment they launch nuclear weapons, making you extremely vulnerable and exposed to a crushing counter-attack. Desperate attempts must be made to form fast, tactical alliances, alliances that may at any moment break-down to become the treacherous and most deadly of betrayals. Everyone looks to each other in a state of nervous suspense and paranoid accusation. In all-out nuclear Armageddon, everybody dies, everybody loses, you just have to make sure you lose the least! [Valve]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 86 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2248
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Sci-Fi, General
Players 6 Online
Company / Developer
Encore Software, Inc. , Introversion / Introversion

DEFCON: Everybody Dies reviews ( 5 )

JasonRabb, Dec 31, 2007

This is a simple game to understand yet incredibly difficult to master. Kudos for a company to break from what is "in" to attempt something older yet heat-thumping in fun and entertainment. You have to love the genre of strategy and chess to understand and appreciate the brilliance of this game. Enjoy! = )

DevonE., Oct 1, 2006

Easy to learn, difficult to master. This game just might be the strategy game competitive league enthusiasts and hosts have been looking for. Easier than chess and just as complex, Defcon is the game to have for any real time strategy enthusiast.

Discord, May 19, 2012

DEFCON is a wonderfully strategic nuclear war sim. Despite it being rather difficult to play online, the game is so brilliant that play against the AI is still quite entertaining. There are a number of astounding mods that enhance the game to a whole new level, and Introversion has taken the wise step of recognizing these mods on their website. In all, a brilliant game.

keefbaker, Oct 31, 2013

This game wears it's debt to War Games on its sleeve, and rightly so. It's an impressive tactical game that manages to have the most utterly depressing atmosphere I've come across. But is it a really good game? The jurys out on that I'm afraid.

AnnO'Nymous, Oct 17, 2006

STEAM!?! Forget it. Hate STEAM, hate it to death. Maybe you like STEAM, that's fine, then go buy this game (STEAM-Lover-- Bah!!). I think STEAM is at least as bad as Starforce. The good news is, that you can go out and buy the classic card game "Nuclear War" by Buffalo Games, and have exactly the same experience as this in the comfort of your own home - plus you can play "Nuclear War" with your friends, and if you are of the age of majority, drink a lot as you do so.