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Defiance Shoot any way you'd like, with a myriad of weapons, armor, and special abilities that evolve with experience. Custom character creation means you can play as human or alien, modifying your look to become a unique citizen of the Defiance world. Fight to survive in a consistently evolving environment with regular content updates and dynamic events. Play on your own, or join tens of thousands of simultaneous live players in a futuristic San Francisco Bay Area that’s a fully-realized open world.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 66 / 100
User rating
Downloads 6464
Genre Massively Multiplayer Online, Role-Playing, Sci-Fi, Action, Shooter, Third-Person, Arcade
Company / Developer
Trion Worlds / Trion Worlds
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Defiance reviews ( 7 )

Maeldun81, Apr 2, 2013

One of the rare MMO's that actually grips you in the story, flawless launch so far which you never see in mmos ever. Nice customization, weapons, loving the vehicles.

alphtec, Apr 12, 2013

This game is very good. Besides the fact of the server maintenance, but that has to happen in every mmo rpg. I think they nailed it on a mmorpg for consoles besides the pc.

Catch2two, Apr 3, 2013

Exciting Story, Fun Characters and a great new take on MMO games. It's not so much of an RPG, but it does have the elements needed to mimic one. I've been playing since the First stages of Beta and throughout the process of becoming full retail, Trion listens to their customers and feedback given. This game has a strong community and a stronger Development Team behind it and I cannot wait for the future of this game and what it brings to the table for Innovation and creativity. It's got a few flaws, but they're features that are going to be implemented or I have yet to get high enough to see more (Only gotten to 250). - Character Outfits could be worked on, more outfits or drops that could be rare. - PvP doesn't work for me, but it works for everyone else i play with, must be some sort of Port i need to forward or something that needs to be patched. I played it in beta and I thought it was really fun. - Hard to tell if the area we start at is the only area in the game or not, Not saying it's small, it isn't especially with so many players on at the same time, but having a larger outlook on how the world looks in more than just the California would be extremely neat.

leonardoshane, Jun 28, 2013

It has a engaging story with plentiful side missions. I feel as if there is not enough tie in to the show as advertised. It has an enormous map on the consoles, but on the PC it is very small for an MMORPG. The game has plenty bosses (Arkfalls) but they feel repetitive because it is the same boss constantly. PvP in the game is very underrated because there are varied maps, many weapons, and great gameplay.

ColdKill3r, Apr 2, 2013

The game is not the best game out there. But you can have lots of fun with it. I really like how you can play with many other people at once, but I haven't yet found anyone with some spare time to talk. I do hope we can create parties, which I am not sure whether we can or cannot. The game menu isn't very good, though. The information we need aren't there. The voice acting is quite bad, specially because the characters mouth barely moves while they are talking.

ShadowDDD, Apr 11, 2013

I bought three copies of this game for my friend, brother, and I and we were disappointed. First problem is getting this game to install on your pc. It will start downloading then it will stop with several "error" message causing you to re-download it over and over. Once you have final download it then the patch wouldn't start up. Second, this game has a lot of bugs. You'll lost weapons when you are trying to modding it, you might get the items you have buy with your game currency, some mission wouldn't start up causing you start and abort it to get it to work, and sometime I have to redo a mission because it didn't record my completion Third, it hard to chat with other players in this game. The chat window is on another window. If you open up your chat screen it will block your screen. Fourth, there several missions that you have play it solo. Fifth, every time you start a mission or travel away from your group members you will have to change "phase", which cause other group member to change phase as well. Six, the enemies AI is joke. You can simply walk behind them and shot them. Seventh, the missions are boring. Protect this area, kill this guy, run to point B... same old thing. Lastly, there's the lack of personalization. Everyone look the same. Same outfits and weapons. Do I think this game is bad? No, I think this game just need a lot of work. The story is OK for a typical sci-fi game. Hope the TV show is more enjoyable than this game.

Drakestein, Jun 5, 2014

I have spent 522 hours playing this game in the past 3 months, I got to say that the game has potential, but unfortunately there's a lot of bugs within the game that make the experience completely frustrating adding the lack of quality customer service. It seems that they are more focusing in giving a copy/paste response and blame the developers which by the way will never give you any kind of response for any in game generated bug report. So basically there's no feedback if your issue is going to get resolved or not, One thing that I would like to rescue out of this game is the forums community which seems to be really strong and has more lore than what you could acquire with their developers or CS reps. Now as a closing, all this game experience leave me with a bitter taste. Trion Worlds would be definitely a company similar to Turbine Inc but even worst.