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Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna A lone astronaut is sent to the moon on a critical mission to save humanity from extinction.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 64 / 100
User rating
Downloads 63
Genre Adventure, 3D, Third-Person
Players No Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
KeokeN Interactive / KeokeN Interactive
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Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna reviews ( 7 )

bajie, Oct 14, 2018

A very good experience. Fortuna is the first part of a long story. I hope the devs can make the next episodes in 2019/2020. The adventure of this first episode is short (3/4 hours) but the ambiance is strong. Music, graphism, cinematics, I realy enjoyed almost everything in the game. The puzzles parts are not very intersting maybe (easy, repetitive...) but the story is well designed and integrated to the gameplay.

Vasot, Sep 28, 2018

A great survival "walking sim" of sorts, in space.Deliver Us The Moon is a very well done and immersive game where you must uncover the reasons why a lunar base has gone dorment. Great graphics and audio which really shine in this to include overall detail. If you enjoyed games like SOMA, Firewatch, Solus Project you will also like this game too,

Gary_Move_Out, Oct 31, 2018

It's alright but doesn't have an ending! I would rate it 10/10 if there would be ending! Gimme my ending! Devs told me that they will add it some time, but I want it now!

Nobilis1984, Nov7, 2019

Uff what a cramp. Ok it only cost 10 € but I remembered that from 2018 better. The control in gravity is frustrating. Otherwise, you just run around and move things. A shot in the oven.

Apexis, Oct 17, 2018

For 20$ I expected a little more than 2 hours of game-play. What I saw was immersive and fun, and the story was just getting good. Then I get kicked in the balls and credits. No where does it say on the store page that it is episodic, or relying on (free or otherwise) DLC to complete the full game. If this was listed as episodic I would have waited for all the parts to come out. It's a real shame though, many of the games aspects really shine through, like the spectacular music. The voice acting is a bit hit or miss most of it being really good, some of it being way too cringy, but I suspect they forgot to remove some placeholders. As it stands right now, it's not worth a buy, and honestly for the lack of information given on the Steam page, I'd request a refund. But the game took exactly long enough to complete to put you out of eligibility for a refund

Neonsz, Oct 17, 2018

Poor Value for Money: This could've been a great game, but $19 for 3 hours of play of a game without an ending makes it not worth your time. It's good, the story has depth it's fun to play, but here we're talking about value for money. Bang for your buck, and it's just not there. They've gone for an episodic game, and give you ♥♥♥♥ all game play for your money. They could've made a fantastic game if they'd finished it, but they got greedy and decided to hold back the ending. So if you're looking at this, and feel excited to play it, well yes it's good, but it leaves you with a sick empty feeling after all you go through and it's just cut off at the end. The story just cuts off. Don't recommend it soley because of that reason. Story is great, gameplay is great, no hand holding, but when you buy it, you are not told it's episodic.

Crescendo, Oct 28, 2019

What an insane way to steal buyer's and KS money. I really wonder when walking simulatiors with minimal (read: ONE) puzzle (that's not even worth to be named such) have become the "indie game" norm for puzzle games. And as a fan of everything space related and a sucker for a good story.... THIS story was pretty half-baked. I found it refreshing to see a game that takes the "realism" approach - and then you start the game on a decommissioned base with noone else around, don't even disinfect your spacesuit and just go ahead and fly to the moon, alone in a jumbled together rocked just before of a sandstorm arrives, yup. This annoys me, but shouldn't be a real criticism. However, coming back to the half-baked story: just when the game begins to get somewhat interesting (read: after 3 [!] hours) it ends. You'd think you've reached the midway point, but no, that's it. And the rest of the story? In the DLC, of course. So we have: A walking simulator with no challenge to speak of A half baked, incomplete story A total playtime of 2-3, maximum 5h What feels like 3 voice actors maximum Somewhat nice graphics, especially the outside sections. Would not buy this game for over 3 bucks. And that is just because I like the scenario. Absolutely not recommended, and I struggle to see the comparisons to firewatch, SOMA etc. - all of these are actual games with a well-written story and plot.