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Dementium II The visage of doctors and patients alike fade in and out of these nightmarish visions of tortured memories. This eggshell reality is fractured by experiments conducted in the ward. Blood, flesh and screams surround as you put together the pieces of your story and make your escape from the Bright Dawn Treatment Center while the dark.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 39 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1277
Genre Horror, Action Adventure, Survival
Company / Developer
SouthPeak Games / Memetic Games

Dementium II reviews ( 4 )

stranglehold, May 8, 2014

Loved it on the ds and love it on the pc. Still great as always, great story, soundtrack, game-play, in my opinion the graphics are pretty good as well. Over all this is a great game and it is definitely, definitely worth a buy. 8/10

yoyoyo410, Mar 17, 2014

I picked this game up, in spite of the atrocious reviews, because I had already played it on the DS. Upon starting the game, I found limited graphics settings and low quality music playing on the title screen. Slightly worried by these things, I began playing. The first thing I noticed was the horribly unoptimized graphics. My computer was struggling to play it on the default settings, and I run Crysis on max 720p. After playing for a while and beating the first boss, I stopped and uninstalled the game. I was utterly disappointed by the lack of elements that were present in the DS game, and the environments that completely missed the feel of the DS game. After not looking back for a few months (I bought the game the day it came out) I looked over the steam community page for it and found out that the company responsible for its production recently released an update that addressed many issues, and I redownloaded. I am happy to say that as of the latest update, many issues have been fixed and the optimization has improved tremendously. It is far from perfect; however, it has become a highly enjoyable survival horror experience. The atmosphere isn't quite where it needs to be, but overall I would recommend it to fans of Silent Hill and Doom 3.

Jodeth, Dec 7, 2014

Should have stayed only on DS, where its style and gameplay feel more welcome. The enhanced graphics are a nice touch that bring the PC version up to low-budget, indie standards. I applaud its use of 1:1 mouse aim. I know some huge-budget games that do NOT get this right! This game is fun if you like simple progression and retro style gameplay. I haven't gotten far, but based on what I've seen, there's no story to encourage you to progress. You progress to see what happens next, which is usually more of the same weird stuff, but some different stuff. There's nothing even half as scary as some of the best indie horrors. Now, onto technical issues... Vsync does not play well. There is tearing regardless of setting, and if you force it thru the gpu driver, there is stuttering when walking. So in order to play it, I must endure screen-tearing in a single player game... yay. Every time I launch the game, it defaults to windowed mode, even tho I have it set to fullscreen in options (alt+enter fixes it). On the bright side, to make the atmosphere a tad bit more pleasing, enable HBAO+ in Nvidia Inspector with this compatibility flag "0x00000003" and also enable FXAA. $10 seems like the right price for its value.

UnbiasedOne, Dec 29, 2013

I remember seeing this for the Nintendo DS, but I never got a change to pick it up. When I saw it was on the PC I was happy and ready to see what horrors and terror awaited me. The term "disappointment" is a horrible understatement. I didn't expect much graphic wise since it is a port but the graphics did amaze me for a little bit then they just got bland and repetitive. The gameplay is perfect for the Nintendo DS but abysmal for the PC and it's not just the gameplay, it's everything. The sounds repeat for each monster type, the combat music is the exact same loop and the ambiance music is the same. There is no story at all, zero, zip, none. Even after finding and reading all notes to pick up, it still does not explain anything. I actually had to search the internet for an explanation. There's more story on the description page then the actual game. There is no backstory or any introduction to characters. You can pick up notes and things but even they do not offer any kind of story, just hints on your current situation. The monsters are the same warped grotesque things we have seen in the entire Silent Hill franchise and the terror effect no longer exists. Enemies act and look the same to their type. Again there is no explanation for these monsters and why they exist. The locations are bland and dull to look at followed by emptiness and long areas that you must constantly run back and forth to beat one puzzle. The walking speed is the speed you should be when crouched or laying down in other games and the run speed is the walking speed. You must hold down the run button the entire time you play but it's okay you have infinite stamina. You can pick up health pills, medkits, adrenaline shots and poison resistant bottles but I never once used the shots, bottles or medkits and only a couple times used health pills. You can also get a flashlight that flickers on and off constantly, but when it's on a weapon, it stays on. The weapons are terrible. There's no "feel" to them, the recoil is just an animation and does not effect bullet path at all and the muzzle flashes are an entire white screen that blinds the player. Almost all weapons are almost completely silent when fired, the reloading sounds are louder. When you jump you don't grunt or huff, you scream like you just lost a limb. It baffles me how they can slap High Definition on this when all that was done was barely touching the graphics and adding cutscenes. With in three minutes you can predict when monsters will apear and how the game is going to go pace wise and gameplay wise. The only thing that kept me playing and I had to force myself to do that was the achievements. Yet those are just given to the player. No puzzles to solve for any of them. I can not find one fair thing let alone good thing about this. I would not even look at it for a free to play game. You can find more enjoyment and more story in modifications for games then this. The lesson here? What happens on the DS, should stay on the DS.