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Depth Depth is an indie game being developed with unreal engine 3 by several of the original minds behind 'Killing Floor'. Play as a shark or a diver in a dark aquatic world and overcome your enemies by employing cunning, teamwork, and stealth.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 67 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2078
Genre Shooter, Modern, Action, First-Person, Arcade
Company / Developer
Digital Confectioners / Digital Confectioners
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Depth reviews ( 7 )

juanmi, Jul 25, 2016

increible este es el mejor de todos no puedo comprarlo de steam por que soy de argentina y son euros y en argentino solo pesos menos mal que existe mercado libre pronto tendre el juego :) mi puntuacion:10 lo recomiendo plenamente a todo el mundo y sello de oro muy bueno para sacar risas y un poco de miedo

Zerdath, Jun 18, 2015

The Steam summer sale finally convinced me to buy the game. I have wanted it for quite a while, I love the PvP concept with different species. I was blown away with how good it is. My time with it has been very well spent. This game is INTENSE! This is what I wanted from Evolve, which was disappointing. Does Depth still have some rough edges? Yes. Does it matter when you're playing? NOT ONE BIT! :D Playing as a diver is stressful, in a good way. They've done a great job on the atmosphere and feeling of it. Hearing your heartbeat speed up is a great indicator of the increased danger, I love it. It's never a completely one-sided battle, sharks are fast, divers have tech. Currently no difference in the divers that I can see, it's all about your load-out. The sharks all have different strength and weaknesses. Playing as a shark is fantastic, really gives you that "hunting" feel. Find a shark you're good at and stick with it, there are a lot of differences. I go Great White, my friend I played with goes Tiger Shark. I honestly enjoy both modes equally, they give such different experiences, it's almost hard to believe it's the same game. Developers seem to be putting good work into the game, updates are well-stocked with features and fixes.

StrikerFIN, Nov 5, 2014

This game has quite a big following already on Steam. Over 100 user reviews, general rating is "Very positive". I absolutely love it too! I think it could become one of the biggest indie hits of the year. Depth is in essence an asymmetrical multiplayer-only game about treasure hunting divers and sharks trying to kill them. It's polished for indie, and very well balanced. Playing the shark is absolute blast, but playing a diver is fun too, scary kind of fun. There are two Great White sharks (played from 3rd person) pitted against four human divers (1st person). Sharks have superior speed, vision and strength and razor sharp teeth, but divers have waterproof guns and other gadgets. The game takes place 100% underwater, in 5 different maps (free DLC maps coming later). Divers are trying to escort a safe-cracking ROV robot through waypoints, collect treasure, sticking together and trying to fight back sharks lurking in the darkness. A heartbeat sound indicates how close a shark is, but not it's direction, which creates paranoia and fear in diver players. Sharks can destroy some roofs and walls, to create new attack routes. Divers are slower than sharks, but have assault rifles, pistols, nets, harpoon, mines, flares and such. Even a small vessels, which can be used to drive around. Sharks have "Evolutions", which mean unlocking faster speed, better vision etc, but both sides start every round with nothing (Counter-Strike style) and must earn their unlocks. Divers use treasure they collected from safes (+ some extra laying around), sharks get an Evolution Point for each kill. Humans need to stick together, and getting separated from group usually means that you're going to be shark food, especially against competent shark players. Sharks work together too, for example other one creating distraction by thrashing a wall to draw attention. All of the maps are mostly very dark since it's deep sea, and flashlight + flares light the way. The game is very polished in both visual and gameplay sense, only thing I could nitpick about is the system to join and search for games. It has had occasional joining problems at launch, I'm sure they will fix that ASAP. I highly recommend this title. It has fairly unique idea, visceral and tense action, scary atmosphere (for diver team) and lot of teamwork... kind of Left 4 Dead vibes here, but different. High polish, good balance and it seems to have strong community and support from devs. Ready up your wetsuit and jump in!

gylvan2002, Dec 28, 2014

Great game, even for early access. Scary but fun as divers, and fun as heck as a shark. They are still balancing the teams some, but that's all part of an early access game.

busbfran, Jan 7, 2015

Depths got potential, rhythm and magnificent atmosphere. It's practically up to the developers on how far they want to take this excellent cat and mouse shooter.

Sansonite18310, Nov 20, 2014

Is a challenge fight vs great white shark under the water , and vs 4 armed divers, good rendering, need more maps, and would be nice with other species of sharks !!

KaienShiba, Jul 10, 2015

What a joke, firing guns underwater. Bet they think the easter bunny is real, or pigs really do have wings and can fly. Don't quit your day jobs. .Guess this is their first game or a late April Fools day