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Descent 3 Descent 2 ended with you drifting helplessly in deep space. Just as your life support begins to fail, you are miraculously rescued by a group of renegade researchers. Soon after, the researchers confide that a Dr. Swietzer has been secretly developing the deadly robot virus you've encountered in the mines. Upon agreeing to help the researchers locate Swietzer, you learn that Dravis, the corporate executive who contracted you, not only is working with Swietzer, but intentionally sabotaged your warp drive, leaving you stranded in the depths of space. Rejuvenated with a desire for revenge, you focus your search for Swietzer, and eagerly await your next meeting with Dravis. The gut-wrenching Descent saga continues with more pulse-pounding action than ever before. Dive into massive subterranean strongholds and experience a whole new degree of freedom powered by the all-new Fusion engine. Test your piloting skills against an army of assault-bots using an extensive arsenal of firepower. Prepare yourself for an explosive new 3D action-experience that will turn your world INSIDE-OUT! [Interplay]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 91 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1447
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Sci-Fi, Arcade
Players 1-16
Company / Developer
Interplay / Outrage Games
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Descent 3 reviews ( 4 )

Fighter17Descent3, Jul 27, 2005

The last Descent game in the Descent series. Good graphics, smart A.I, and [email protected]$$ online mode. Despite the game was good, for Interplay, it didn't made enough money for profit.

PlasmaMan, Jun 14, 2011

So, you are thinking of an old game to play again. I often find myself thinking... Descent. Now... one would ask Why Descent? Well, first off... it is a unique first person shooter with elements we shall not see again soon; at least until Interplay, revitalized, decides to make Descent 4. Why? I do not know. Only game I know with a similar system is Forsaken... which publications at the time reamed I do remember. Now though, Descent is a fun, action paced shooter that's great for anyone who wants an adrenaline fueled adventure. Story Junkies should check out another interplay product mind you... Planescape Torment. This isn't the game for them though. I love it thoroughly though and it both holds appeal today almost as much as back then. More... some days.

DanielW, Apr 17, 2011

If someone had asked me, "Quick, whats the game you remember most from your childhood?", the answer would always be "Descent". Nothing else really has the same allure as the 6 degrees of freedom the Descent franchise is known for.Back in the day, the graphics were amazing and they still hold up pretty well today. It doesn't strike as ugly, even being over 12 years old now. The sound track still sounds as futuristic as it did back then. After playing first person shooters (ground pounders!) for such a long time, going back to play the game is every bit as challenging as opening the box for the first time. The AI runs circles around your weapons, gets right up in your face at the worst of times, and runs for cover at the best of times. The controls are heavily configurable, and work fantastic with a wireless Xbox 360 controller.The story in the Descent series was never blockbuster level, and while you probably still won't care much in the 3rd installment, at least there's some cut scenes to keep you vaguely interested. The level design and objectives are much, much more varied, having open outdoor areas and not having to destroy a reactor in every level (quite the opposite at one point).Descent 3 (Aswell as I & II) are part of gaming history. It sits you in the middle of a world where movement is completely unrestricted and doesn't ever let you go. It's a highly polished experience that holds up to the test of time!Windows 7 best settings;Patched to v1.4Video mode: OpenGL (DirectX has issues with modern video cards)Audio: Primary Sound Driver (OpenAL needs to be installed for 5.1)Control: Mouse+Keyboard, USB Joystick (Recommended), 360 GamePad (Recommended)Extra settings in launcher (Misc tab);-width -height -aspect -z32bit-bumpedAlso since the engine is now relatively basic, feel free to jam on the anti-aliasing. My GTX460 works fine with the game at 32x AA (Set from the GPU control panel)

Gus, Jan 12, 2004

This game is okay. FORSAKEN is a better game, all around. Yes, Forsaken is a Decent clone. But they did a better job. Forsaken was never taken seriously because everyone was so bent on "waiting till decent 3 comes out". Well...Decent 3 was a let down in comparison (ESPECIALLY in the multiplayer arena). SO. If you want a trite, sluggish tunnel-shooter....Decent 3 is your game. If you want fast-paced action and great multiplayer (assuming you can find a server still running it) FORSAKEN RULES THE PLANET! (please god, let them make a Forsaken 2!)