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DESYNC DESYNC is a single-player first person action game that begs you to play dangerously and creatively. Eliminate your opponents as you perform violent attack sequences using the explosive digital weaponry and lethal side-arms at your disposal.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 71 / 100
User rating
Downloads 661
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Arcade
Company / Developer
Adult Swim / Foregone

DESYNC reviews ( 7 )

Nahtanriel, May 2, 2017

DESYNC is the fast paced, solo, online leaderboard experience I've always wanted. P.S. The music is amazing and a beast all on it's own. Edit: Here is some FAST gameplay by me, Nahtanriel! See you on the leaderboards! :D

nurfnaut, Jul 23, 2017

I rate this 10/10 due to having a game from Australia that is actually quite fantastic and the developers deserve praise. If you like fantastic fast paced shooters and love supporting an indie title, get on it!

KillerDave2, Jun 29, 2017

Really good game, pretty hard sometime gives a true challenge. Sick soundtrack by Daniel Deluxe, great graphics, good gameplay only problem might be the game difficulty i think at some point... Insanely difficult.

shootercritic, Jun 29, 2017

The game definitely deserves more attention and praise than it gets around the internet. Just bought it for cheap and love it. DESYNC's theme is "absolute ♥♥♥♥ing assault on the senses". Pulsing electronic music blasts out as you dodge and weave between viciously fast monsters and environmental hazards, desperately trying to avoid dying.

guccifer85, Mar 17, 2017

This game is awesome. No matter what people say, its a cool game. The soundtrack is GODLIKE too. People need to step up their game and get better at games. Every game today holds your hand like a little kid. Games like this come once in a while, and kick the **** out of those gamers, and then they go home and cry to mommy about how Call of Duty is better. This game has it's flaws, but the gameplay overall is awesome.

cardinalkrut, Jun 6, 2017

This game is a must-play for anyone who likes frenetic shooters, synthwave and cybersapce sequences from 90s movies. It's hard, but very addicting and super satifying.

DevilBlackDeath, Mar 4, 2017

It was said that you would destroy the rogue-likes, not join them, bring balance to the indie development, not leave it in darkness... All jokes aside, I had so much hope for this game... It broke it all. So it's a "skill-based scoring shooter". The game gives you grade for each fights then another grade for the level. Sadly the game comes with multiple issues. First of all, a lot of enemies are melee enemies. As expected for melee enemies, they're pretty powerful when it comes to hitting, to the point most of them will 3-4 shot you, and the most powerful will effectively one shot you. Problem is : they're fast. So they're fast, most of the time hard to kill (not insta kill at all, like 2-3 or more shotgun hits to kill the biggest bad guys that become common as early as in the second level), and they hit hard. You see the problem right : they have no weak point. You can't evade the average bad guys by strafing, only the dash will do it, but the intricacy of the arenas and the fact that most enemies will spawn all around the arena will often make you evade an attack only to dash into an enemy you didn't see or even hear. So you don't hear them, waves don't spawn in one point but at all corners of the arena, and the bad guys are absolute killing machine that would require having them grouped to evade them efficiently. But "hey", the game tells me", look this thing you just picked up in the second level, it's a damage upgrade". Wait what ? A damage upgrade in a skill based FPS that gives me a rank for each fights ? Also the possibility to give some "stylish actions" a bonus effect, but ONLY after the second level ? Is this WoW or a skill based shooter ? Now, if I was at least able to get an A rank on the first levels without those features by playing more than decently ok, but I can't. No matter how hard I try the game clearly wants me to come back to those levels later with upgrades to get the rank, not with my skills, but with my new toys -_- Getting a 180 flick headshot on CS is easier than getting an A rank on the DESYNC's first level with no upgrades This is not proper game design. This is a promising idea flawed by an attempt at appealing to modern gamers. Only players who like shiny new toys ALL the time will like this in such a FPS. Those who were coming for the experience of a fast paced shooter where skill matters and is used to get the upper hand on the enemies can refrain from buying, for this game is essentially the opposite of it. DESYNC, you were supposed to save my faith in game designing a non-frustrating but hard indie game, you sinked it even further. Oh did I mention the slow as hell pace...