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Detention Detention is a survival horror game set in 1960s Taiwan under martial law. Incorporated religious elements based in Taiwanese/Chinese culture and mythology, the game provided players with unique graphics and gaming experience.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1570
Genre Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Red Candle Game / Red Candle Game
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Detention reviews ( 7 )

unchangingtask, Jan 28, 2017

I love the unique story and setting in 70's Taiwan. It is not commonly used theme in games and I love to see something unique and refreshing. The game might be a tad bit short but I love it overall.

Concordia, Nov 4, 2017

He decidido hacer esta critica en castellano (mi lengua madre) principalmente debido al tema del juego, la dictadura, este juego trata el tema de la manera mas madura que he visto siendo superada solo quizás por una que otra obra literaria, mi critica para esta obra como videojuego puede bajar un poco por la poca duración o la simpleza de los puzles, mas aun siento que los fantasmas estaban forzados y que este videojuego bien pudo existir sin la presencia de estas cosas. aun así, mi nota final es un 10, ya que, como dije, es un videojuego que trata el tema de la dictadura como nunca había visto y para países de latinoamerica que vivieron dictaduras, como el mio, es una obra que debe ser jugada si o si, es lamentable la falta de una traducción al castellano pero de entender ingles (o en su defecto, chino, que considerando la presencia de un poema podría ser incluso mejor), jugadlo

arnoldpalmer, Mar 26, 2018

Hey! Thinking about playing this game? Read on. I doubted whether this game would be engaging. Taiwanese history? Zzzzz... Yet I was wrong. Yes, this game is not for everyone. Don't play this game if you are a "hardcore gamer" who only likes hard games. Don't play if you want to shoot things. Do play it if you want something truly new and you appreciate a well-told story. You won't be disappointed.

aditya1101, Jan 26, 2018

Really creepy atmosphere in this japanese horror game. Very solid, with puzzles that aren't super straight forward but that also don't distract from the game by being frustratingly difficult.

PaleMimic, Aug 22, 2017

There are a fair number of horror games out there. Many of them, to be candid, are fairly bad if not downright awful. The issue being that a lot of the time games in this genre seem to want to follow a set list. There is somewhat a rigid rulebook on how horror games are meant to be, but these rules aren’t supposed to be one hundred percent abided by. Developers can and should, for the most part, make up the rules and experiment as much as they want. At the end of the day I find that it’s the somewhat unique games that capture people’s attention. Now I’m not saying Detention is unique, I mean let’s face it what is unique nowadays? However it does like to throw in its own little rulebook. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The summary of the plot is; you are start off the game as a male student named Wei who falls asleep in class. Hours later he wakes up alone in a dark and obviously quite spooky school. After sometime exploring he comes across a girl sitting asleep on the school stage. He wakes her up and things start really kicking off. A lot of weird stuff starts happening around the school and creatures called Lingered start appearing. These seem to be undead students and teachers and are the first enemies you come across. They’re slow creature which, like the rest of the enemies in the game, seem to have a hunger for anything that breathes. Luckily there’s a useful mechanic that can help with that. By clicking the right mouse button, or whichever button it’s been mapped to, Wei or Ray will hold their breath. This allows for you to scamper on past the Lingered without them attacking, however you will have to catch your breath if you hold for too long. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Detention plays out as a point and click horror game where you will need to solve puzzles in order to progress. Some of the puzzles can be fairly straight forward, for example using an umbrella to fetch a key from a ventilation shaft. But others require a bit of thought to them. One example was where I had to look at three clock faces. Two had hands and the one in the middle didn’t. There was then three pictures, each with a bloody symbol on them. These symbols represented the clock hands and once I’d adjusted the clocks to the correct times the door that was previously locked opened. Some puzzles do require certain items to complete them. These items aren’t too difficult to come across, you just need to be a little bit observant. The puzzles themselves don’t feel too tedious or pointless. There’s always a valid reason to complete them and most of the time it’s to move the story forward. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Graphics wise I’d say detention has an unusual but very well done art style. It’s clear the artist took a lot of time to add in as much detail as possible to give the game a sense of reality. Each area is well drawn, with clear distinctions from the odd dark world, with it’s grainy overly, to the creepy school at night. The characters and enemies are defined too. With Wei and Ray wearing very white school uniforms and the enemies seemingly very dark and shadowy. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In conclusion I think Detention is horror game that tries to break the mould of the genres standards. But does it? Yes and no. There are a few things that really shine for me in Detention. The story is pretty complex but welcome, as I know of many horror games that have little to no story at all. Also I like the various stealth mechanics that are introduced for the number of enemies you have to face. It does throw in the odd jumpscare here and there, but I mean what horror games doesn’t. It’s got puzzles of varying difficulties and an eerie soundtrack that fits the game’s quite chilling atmosphere. All in all if you love horror games and want something a little different than the norm then I’d suggest giving Detention a go. And even if you don’t want it for the horror aspect, it’s full of puzzles to test your wits too. Good Day!

crnppscls, Jan 30, 2017

It's possible to keep the review of this quite short because there isn't that much to say. It's basically a point and click adventure with a horror/supernatural theme that you inexplicably find yourself rushing to finish. The story is engaging and the soundtrack is pretty spot on for a game of this type. There are some nice cultural references which add to the atmosphere greatly. It's good but it feels like it should be a prelude to something greater, pt springs to mind. Once it's done it's done and you could easily have spent your money on something that lasts more than three hours

Tgc, Feb 16, 2017

+ Interesting setup (60' Taiwan) + Climatic graphics - Too short, max 3h of gameplay. - Only 3 real puzzles (and rather easy btw) - Whole 4 chapter is just -> click, and go forward - First part is horror, second is just psychological mumbo-jumbo without any feel of danger