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Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Devil May Cry 4 throws you into a gothic supernatural world, where a new protagonist clashes with a familiar hero. As the new leading man, Nero, you unleash incredible attacks and non-stop combos using a new gameplay mechanic, his powerful "Devil Bringer" arm. On the coast of a distant land you'll find the castle town of Fortuna. It is here that the group known as the Order of the Sword practices an elusive religion. They revere the demon warrior Sparda, who as their god fought to protect humans, and are committed to the extermination of all demons. Nero, a young knight from the Order, is tasked with finding Dante, the mysterious assassin who murdered the head of the Order of the Sword. Simultaneously, more demons begin to surface throughout the city. Nero soon comes to discover the motives behind Dante's appearance and the truth behind the intentions of the Order of the Sword.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1941
Genre Action Adventure, General, Linear
Company / Developer
Capcom / Capcom
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Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition reviews ( 6 )

Maneinarr, Sep 8, 2015

10/10 Good: * Solid gameplay. Precise hitbox, precise timing, precise animations. Versatile. Variant. Challenging (even for real- non casual- gamers). Rewarding. Inmersive. FLAWLESS! *Solid story. *Likeable characters. *5 badass playable characters: Dante, Vergil, Nero, Trish and Lady!!! *Nice graphics *Nice music/sound effects *Tons of unlockables *Heavy replayability value. Bad: *Repetition of bosses and levels. *"Sandbox" syndrome. "Unforgiving with casuals. And even with all it's flaws IT'S STILL A 10/10... why don't you try comparing this review with the one I did on DmC? There is no point in doing it, that's why! This is even sicker than the standard edition... pity they didn't listen the community in regards needing more missions with different designs... the positive reviews on this game would skyrocket...

infernal1611, Jun 25, 2015

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition - it's the same game, but only with 3 additional game characters. What else should a true fan of the game? 10/10, o my God, 10/10! p.s. in Russia the game is worth US $ 11.5

Ridongs, Jun 23, 2015

Well, the game is more awesome then was back in 2008, after playing this I really wish to see Devil May Cry 5. The combat is great, the new characters are amazing, more bonuses were added. Overall 10/10 As a Devil May Cry fan I like this game. gamespot is a troll

Captain_Chaos, Aug 21, 2016

I've been a huge DMC fan for a long time and I purchased 3 and 4 each upon their original release, in 4's case, for the 360, as I did not own a PS3 at the time. This special edition marks the first time I've played the series on PC, as my copy of DMC3 for pc straight up did not ever work. It's safe to say this is a better port then that one. I also got it at a very respectable sale price. While this release suffers from a total lack of mouse support outside of the interface menus, forcing you to juggle between movement, attacking and the camera (though you can fairly safely leave the camera controls alone), the controls are solid, reminding me of nothing if not the PC port of Samurai Warriors 4-II. As for the game itself, if you aren't familiar with Devil May Cry, then this game is a pretty good place to start. Combat pits you against groups of enemies and large, hard-hitting bosses, and is fast and sometimes unforgiving, with a focus on rapidly damaging enemies with varied moves: guns, melee, grabs and the limit-break-like "Devil Trigger" to build up a style combo meter. Taking damage imposes a harsh penalty on this combo, so "high level" play is all about dealing and avoiding damage. I still think the third game is better, but this title offers the greatest variety of playable characters and special modes. It's a shame that half the stages are simply the first half in reverse. In addition to fighting style-juggling series mainstay Dante and grab-happy newcomer Nero, this release includes Vergil, using an improved version of his moveset from DMC3's special edition. Also included is Trish, playable once again but now with her own unique moveset that evokes the Ifrit and Sparda moves from the first game, as opposed to in 2, where she was simply a reskin of Dante. However, I found Lady, playable here for the first time, the most enjoyable character by far: She uses improved versions of Dante's "gunslinger" moves for her pistols and shotgun, as well as her signature rocket launcher, Kalina Ann, with an expanded moveset from it's appearance in 3. In addition to the range of difficulty modes for the story mode and the Bloody Palace arena mode, this release includes a "Legendary Dark Knight" mode where the story levels are populated by a much greater number of enemies then there would be normally. Without the cutscenes the campaign is actually rather short, though the additional difficulty modes and alternate characters offset this to a degree. Still, there are both more varied and longer games out there. While arguably easier to play on console, this is regardless the most complete version of DMC4 and a good buy for series veterans, newcomers, people without a console and action gamers in general. Plus, the difficulty is a good middle ground between, say, God of War, and Dark Souls, if you were looking for something a little less punishing then the latter.

gyigyo2, Jul 10, 2017

This review coming from a hardcore Devil May Cry fan who played the trilogy more time than any other games! Dmc4 is the WORST DMC out there not just because Nero and Kirye, and the very bad story (again somedy wants to be Sparda blablabla),And Dante too, he looks like mature but he acting like a teen boy who is 18 year old, and he's voice sounds like a 18 year old puberty boy. while i agree its fit for DMC3 but not DMC4. DMC4 dante should be the same actor as the DMC1 or DMC2 was. because its strange DMC1 Dante was looked like mature he acted more mature than DMC4 Dante but still DMC1 dante was COOL, and fun too! but i think even DMC2 Dante was way COOLER than DMC4 dante was! and DMC1 and DMC2 dante concept (hair, cloth,face,eyes) was better than DMC4 dante! DMC4 Dante its looked like a joke with that stupid boots and like a smiliar dmc3 jacket....even he's face and eyes looked like similar dmc3 dante.I hated the Big boobs, yes you read it right, the Lady looked like normal in DMC3, and Trish looked like normal in DMC1 even in dmc2 lucia boobs was normal, but in DMC4 both Trish,and Lady BOOBS are bigger than they heads, its funny, and ugly, yes a aware this is a japanese culture blablabla **** but tell me why the old trilogy girls was looked normal? the side characters is not even deserve to mention. The music, the music wasnt that bad but the weakest of the series! in every way! The gameplay: it wasnt bad at all, this is the only thing it was good, but still not good enough! like the old trilogy was! This whole game was like BAD FANFICTION.. what i would like to see in the next game is more serious story similar like dmc2 was, and more mature dante like dmc2 was, playing in the future where the lady and trish died, and even maybe humanity too,

holdthis, Oct 24, 2015

The PC version of Devil May Cry: Special Edition is so "special" it doesn't offer in-game mouse support. No amount of story or gameplay can make up for this utter failure.