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Devilian Play as a half-devil hero fighting to save your world from a fallen god and join thousands of others in a vast free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online Action RPG.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 65 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1530
Genre General, Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Trion Worlds / Trion Worlds, Bluehole Ginno Games

Devilian reviews ( 7 )

Diskordius, Apr 3, 2016

One of the best top down games. Devilian is a very nice mix of a horror- and WOW-style game with a Diablo / Path of Exil gameplay that is just a lot of fun. It's free to play -- and I mean really free. I play since months and didn't pay a cent. You can choose from four classes and you can have different characters on one server. Each class has three subclasses you can combine with each other. Balancing is good. Challenging but not too hard.

Skyes, Dec 13, 2015

The game is a bit bland. Only 4 classes to choose from, wich are gender locked by the way. The repetitive gameplay and quests can bore you a little. But the game shines on the combat and action, wich in my opinion are better than Diablo 3. So if you are looking for quick and easy fun, give it a try. If the game had more classes, you could choose your gender, and had a bit more of freedom it could be a 9 out of a 10.

panospaul, Dec 12, 2015

In few words, it's a fun game to play with, alone or with friends. It gets repetitive after some hours but when you log out you going to feel you already missing it, a strange feeling indeed. Diablo style gameplay fixed in a MMO world, nice graphics and animations, awesome classes and skills on each class but not plenty.

Chomag7, Dec 12, 2015

I'm giving it this score because the game can't be played with arrows and numpad. Yes, you can play it with point&click like Diablo but the game also has the option to control your character's movement with WASD or whatever you feel comfortable with, if you want more control over the movement especially in the pvp situations. Thing is that if you set arrows for movement and plan to use the numpad keys for ability keybinds, you can forget it, the game doesn't recognize the numpad number keys as actual number keys, it will only detect them as their secondary function (home, arrows, doesn't even know 5 exists, pgdn, etc). This is an old issue that I kept hoping it will be fixed by release. Alas, it did not, as obviously the devs have way more important things to do than assigning an intern to do a 30 min job. Well, this is a deal breaker for me, so whatever.

Darkroronoa, Jan 10, 2016

It starts fun but its just a boring grindfest with equally boring unbalanced pvp. The content is not there, there are pay2win elements and the support is really bad with bug fixes taking lots of time and there are lag problems. At this state the game is not worth your time.

pythag0ras, Jan 29, 2016

Pros +fun for about 10-24 hours or so +"f2p" (as all f2p games out now tho its more freemium then free) +Enjoyable PvE combat for cannoneer and evoker (the other two not so much ) Cons -Severely unbalanced classes , cannoneer and evoker is only real viable classes. Melee gets ate in PvP. PvE the melee classes are constantly taking damage where as the cannoneer and evoker are mobile nuking kite machines. -Devilian form seems like a punishment .. have to level and gear it up separately which makes you end up not using it ... until you try and do the daily dungeon and it forces you to use the form during one of the floors , every day . Both for the cannoneer and evoker, the devilian form turns them from AoE death machines into single target squirt guns. -Extremely grindy . Once you are around lvl 50 or so you start doing the same 3 dungeons over and over and over ... and the layout never changes. -lots of limitations which can be negated , of course , through cash shop purchases. (p2w) -to add to the grind, stats on gear is random -gender locked classes (which i dont care too much about but it does show either ineptitude or cheapness on the part of the designers.) -no replay ability . Once you get a character to end game lvl you most likely wont want to do it again.

ugura, Apr 13, 2016

looks great, NEN has good gameplay, has something of diablo 3 but jetz comes the negative, the great paywall, so the item shop, let the finger of trione games you'll only be disappointed,