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Dex Dex is a 2D, side-scrolling, open-world cyberpunk RPG with a focus on exploration and non-linear gameplay.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 64 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1242
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Company / Developer
Dreadlocks Ltd , Dreadlocks / Dreadlocks Ltd, Dreadlocks

Dex reviews ( 7 )

sifis172, May 12, 2015

one of the few cyberpunk games these games. dex doesn't inspire to become the next cyberpunk 2077 (it's not out yet :P ). but what it sets out to do, it does it really great. a great atmosphere, nice quests, non-linear gameplay. all in all it's a 2d rpg, with good character development, that is a strange combination, but it comes out wonderfully.

Zulgot, May 8, 2015

Really great game, nice voice acting, nice soundtrack, great visuals. Gameplay decent, AI decent, story decent. Developers work with the community and are patching bugs. Overall good indie game.

Adast_Adamov, May 8, 2015

Wow! First cyberpunk game in a veeeery long time! Cybernetic implants, evil corporations,the feeling of decadence...Makes me remember System Shock 2 and Deus Ex series. And, what's more important, this game is damn good. Keep it up, guys!

harykeogh, Sep 24, 2017

That was pretty surprising, and pretty fantastic game. My second real trip into platform games (the first was steamworld dig a week or so ago), after 20 years of strategy and rpg. So, this was great cyberpunk rpg experience with a lot of action and a bucket full of atmosphere. I'm not sure it can even be included in "platformer" category - probably no. The quest were interesting, some of the even suprising. The effect of choices somehow limited, but still you saw some of them. The gameplay entertaining, however fighting part would benefit with a little more variance. The lack of melee weapons was also visible. Character building elements also interesting. And the series of twists at the end - it gave me an impression of reading a well writen cyberpunk novel. Combine this with watching Blade Runner, Jonny Mnemonic, Minority Report, and reading some of Gibson novels - you have a very atmospheric trip into cyberpunk!

will2357, May 9, 2015

I loved the story, setting, aesthetic, characters, voice acting (mostly amazing - was one or two questionable but I've yet to play a game where that is not the case), and game play (I primarily did stealth - which was a blast). However, on release day there were a few bugs, but they released a 30MB+ patch within 24 hours to address some. The main ones I experienced were some minor controller issues (text scrolling sometimes required a mouse in menus) and an end game saving issue. Aside from those two bugs, I really loved the game. A lot. Especially if you're a Gibson or Stephenson fan, buy this game. Some of the best $20 I've ever spent, and I can't wait to see what these guys do in the future.

Matseb2611, Jun 22, 2015

To start off my review, I want to say that Dex is a really fun game and I would most certainly recommend it. However, there are a number of bugs and gameplay issues that can hinder the overall experience, and although I enjoyed the game, I can't help but to feel some disappointment in the final execution. To put it short, if you want a casual experience just to enjoy the story, this game might not be for you. Now to break everything down. Dex takes place in a really cool cyberpunk setting. As a fan of sci-fi and cyberpunk, I think the game captures the cyberpunk feel perfectly. The art is truly superb. The character sprites look great, and the environments are very colourful and beautifully done. Dex proves to us that you don't need a game to be all grey and brown to show a gritty setting. This is complemented by a lovely musical score. Music playing in every area was fitting to the setting and memorable. Most notable one is the main theme, which has become one of my personal favourite main themes in gaming. The story has its good points, but overall it's a pretty standard cyberpunk story. Hackers, gangsters, evil corporations, secret experiments - all this stuff makes an appearance. To me most issues come in the gameplay. The gameplay consists of a mix of stealth, combat, and hacking in cyberspace. Hand-to-hand combat was really well done. The fighting was smooth and each impact was felt. By contrast, gun combat was done rather badly. For some odd reason, it's not possible to walk with your gun out. If you want to shoot, you have to stand absolutely still. If you make so much as a step, the character automatically holsters the gun. This can become extremely annoying during fight sequences, where each second can mean a difference between shooting the enemy and them taking off half of your healthbar. The platforming aspects such as jumping and climbing were fine enough, although at times it was very hard to tell where you could jump onto and where you couldn't. At times it seemed like you could jump onto something, only to see your character fall through it and to their death. And because you cannot save when you want, this becomes annoying. Hacking... ugh. I just didn't like it at all. It was nothing more than a basic pixel shooter and your sole job is to click, click, and click. What annoyed me more than the hacking mini-game itself is the fact how often the game forced you to play it. Most times there were no alternatives. Play the darn hacking mini-game or make no progress. I signed up for a cyberpunk sidescroller, not a cyberspace pixel shooter. The game also had some balance issues. Like for example, there was no permanent cheap/free heal anywhere in the city. So if you were out of money and low on health, there's probably nothing you can do about it. Likewise, there was never any place where I could grind for money and/or experience. The game had plenty of sidequests. Most were pretty interesting and I attempted to solve each one of them. However, quite a few of them I never managed to solve due to things not being clear. Maybe I just needed to do more exploration or simply to get lucky, but I think a bit more direction would've been nice. What was nice though is how some main quests and sidequests had nice multi-branched paths to accomplishing your goal and at times you had to make important decisions. Finally to round it off, the ending was extremely disappointing and felt rushed. Without giving any spoilers, the game forces you to do your "final fight" in cyberspace. That's right. Hacking again. And the ending cutscene lasted a total of 10 seconds. I really wish there was more to the ending than what I've experienced. I know this is a tonne of criticism, but I am glad to have played through this game, and it is a promising game. It's just, it's currently riddled with too many small issues, which pile up and hinder the enjoyment.

Broyax, Feb 2, 2018

L'indé daubé du jour veut se la jouer jeu de rôle, rien que ça ! et "cyberpunk" avec ça, y en a vraiment qui ne doutent de rien... mais quand on a pas de moyens, pas de pétrole et encore moins d'idées, comment voulez-vous déboucher sur quelque chose à part un étron pas vidéo ni ludique pour un sou... On a donc une espèce d'ersatz de "jeu" tout en 2D, de la 2D plate comme la main comme on en faisait au début des années 90... encore que même l'Amiga proposait en son temps des trucs plus jolis que ce machin-là. En dehors des 256 couleurs et des personnages tout pixélisés, la direction artistique est simplement dégeulasse, générique et fade. Le gameplay est foireux et très limité, l'histoire est très neuneu, les dialogues sont risibles ; les voix en anglais sont d'un amateurisme effrayant et la musique vient de sortir d'un ascenseur en panne. En outre, je ne sais pas ce que branle le jeu pendant qu'on essaye de "jouer" à ce bidule mais il trafique le disque dur. D'ailleurs, l'une des mises-à-jour sur GOG tyrannise le disque dur pendant un quart d'heure, et ça avant qu'on ne l'annule, car on craint pour la santé du disque, vu les bruits qu'il fait... j'ai pas installé Stacker 4.0, que je sache... putain ! Voilà, c'était le petit étron indé du jour qui se prenait pour un jeu de rôle (lol), bricolé par deux mains gauches et programmé avec les pieds. On aura tout vu !