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DG2: Defense Grid 2 The sequel to the tower defense game of the same name, Defense Grid 2 introduces new worlds and threats to test your tower placement strategies. With a new look and the addition of new game modes, player-versus-player and multiplayer co-op, every play-through brings fun new opportunities and challenges.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1425
Genre General, Strategy, Real-Time, Defense
Company / Developer
505 Games / Hidden Path Entertainment

DG2: Defense Grid 2 reviews ( 7 )

VengefulFurball, Sep 26, 2014

If you look at the negative reviews, they all have the same thing in common, the game doesn't feel the same. It's true, the balance has been reworked, but it's actually a good thing. If you played DG, the first thing you'll notice is that Gun Towers are no longer insanely overpowered. The next thing you'll run into is that one kill box isn't going to cut it. The fast moving aliens require overlapping level 3 temporal towers to really catch them, and you just can't fit enough damage into that small an area based on the way their hit points are balanced, so the only option is to spread out across the map much faster than the original game. You have to use more long ranged towers and set up paths so that they overlap fire. Speaking of overlapping fire, the boost tower does indeed add deeper tactical possibilities, allowing you to set up towers that can fire over other towers. Great for maximizing damage in a maze. I'm about half way through the game, playing on normal mode, getting gold, then moving on to the next map, and it's a fun challenge. Don't expect to be able to approach it in exactly the same way as the original, and you won't be disappointed.

garrun, Dec 12, 2014

I gave it a ten for what it is - the best overhead tower defense game you can buy right now. I'm really confused by folks that liked DG1, but not 2. It looks to me like they gave everything people wanted from 1, including multi-player and user created content. I didn't care for the MP, but the user content is going to be huge. I also liked the new tower perks mechanic and engine.

Wracky, Jul 5, 2016

I've only recently bought DG2. I don't know if the game has been changed since its initial release, but I really like the way it plays now. I've just finished the Containment DLC for DG1 (which I though was hard, but really fun too) and rolled right into DG2 after that. DG2 is more dynamic. The boost towers allow you to quickly block off a path without spending too much, while you can still build towers on top of them. When you do, you can then upgrade the towers, for instance to disrupt shields/cloaks, do more damage, or later on, boost your score. As some people mentioned, temporal towers are now less powerful, however they stack! so the key is to place more than one, and have them overlap. This in turn, slows down aliens a LOT. I find it a challenge to try and make the towers as effective as possible, and finish the levels with a minimal amount of towers, and the game rewards this in your score. You get points for each alien you kill, based on how much cores you still have and how many resources you still have, and this is adjusted based on your tower value. Later in the game, you can select upgrades and modifications for the towers, to make them fit your play-style. The more effective your towers are, the higher your score will be. The story is fun, and the little fly-by cut scenes in between are a nice touch. Take a little time to get familiar with the changes they made. To me, it does feel like DG1, and I like the new changes. It's quite addictive to me ;)

JanteB, Oct 4, 2014

DG 1 is a classic due to great tower balance, fair difficulty and overall good design. For some strange reason the developers decided to "fix" the game, so they fixed something that wasn`t broken in the first place - classic own goal by developers isolated in their ivory tower. You no longer gain interest and you cannot "juggle" enemies. Flying enemies are pretty much gone and the difficulty at higher levels will please masochists, but alienate most fans of DG 1. Be warned if you loved the first DG like I did, this is several steps in the wrong direction

shirajzl, Sep 27, 2014

Compared to the original DG, this one seems a bit bland. It's by no means a bad tower defense game, but every tower type feels the same in a way they're all bad. Even when you upgrade them, it's difficult to notice the difference in damage output, fire rate etc. Consequently, a surefire way to complete every level is to spam various types of tower in no particular order and no strategic planning. You don't have to think much where to position a certain type of tower or which one to upgrade, just spam the basic ones everywhere and you're good to go. The maps contribute to the overall experience; there's always an obvious path you should work on, you're never left thinking "should I route them here or here?", it's always glaringly obvious.

Crimson, Sep 23, 2014

Absolutely loved DG1. Beat the entire game + all DLC at the hardest difficulty. Unfortunately DG2 isn't more of the same. The tower changes are silly (boost towers everywhere so now I can't see anything, what fun!). Most of the towers are now ineffective against what they are suppoesd to be used for (temporal's have almost no effect on faster aliens, inferno are useless against regenerating alies, ect...). Missile towers are now better version of meteor towers, but both are eclipsed by canon, so there's no reason to build either. Tesla's are now completely useless. On top of that the maps are very linear, with much less strategy than in DG1. The optimal path in now clearly obvious and there's very little strategy or tactics involved. Its sad, with almost 100 hours spent in DG1, I'm already done with DG2 after just 9.

verun, Nov 4, 2014

This game suffers, like most PC games today from severe Consolitis. I only played 5 minutes until I deleted the game: your mouse cursor does not move. Instead your mouse moves the camera (intended for game pad play). Your mouse cursor gets LOCKED to only be able to move vertically when you open the build menu. There is no borderless windowed mode. 0/10 because of Consolitis.