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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls No One Can Stop Death...The lords of hell rage within the Black Soulstone, their souls screaming for vengeance and release. Before the artifact can be sealed away forever, Malthael-Angel of Deathmanifests in the mortal realms with a deadly new purpose: to steal the Black Soulstone and bend its infernal power to his will. So begins the end of all things...

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 89 / 100
User rating
Downloads 13256
Genre Action RPG, Role-Playing
Company / Developer
Blizzard Entertainment / Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls reviews ( 7 )

Peeto, Mar 25, 2014

Absolutely zero problem at launch with ROS, closed option to buy items from shop with real money or gold, improveed loot system for playing yourself and not to use AH/RMAH, new act and character, new end game...well, this game already gave me 700h and now is completely better and totaly diffrent as it was at start. Well made. Deserved 10 this time and I am going to upgrade my ROS to CE right now. /update, can not beat last act under 10 hours, its a real beast, if you explore and kill everything/. Just ignore reviewers, who does not buy the game and judge after few minutes playing at friends.

Parthax, Apr 2, 2014

This is what D3 should have been at launch. With the addition of Act 5, Paragon 2.0, Loot 2.0, Adventure Mode, Nephalim Rifts, and a host of other features, this is definitely worth the 40$ price tag. I understand where some reviewers are frustrated at the 40$ pricetag with the addition of only a single act, however, I think they are being short-sighted in not taking into consideration all of the ancillary features that were added. I guess when looking at the 40$ pricepoint, it could seem a bit steep for a single act, however, length of story is not what Diablo is. Diablo 3 is all about the loot. With this expansion Blizzard has given us a way to enjoy every single act and crevise of this game over and over with the chance at that perfect item. In essence, D3 now has infinite replayability and Reaper of Souls has breathed new life into the game. My favorite feature is by far Adventure Mode., It allows you to see all that D3 has to offer over and over. In addition, you can take your spoils from quests to open up Nephalim Rifts. Plow through enemies in the rift and when you have killed enought a difficult boss known as the Rift Guardian appears. Kill him and have a chance at even more loot. If you haven't already give this game another go. Night and day difference between the vanilla version.

AbrahamLincoln, Apr 8, 2014

THIS is how D3 should have been in the beginning! R.I.P. Auction house and good riddance. Drops are now not just hours and hours of worthless junk that you have to waste time discarding. Game feels A LOT more balanced. Well done Blizzard!

Ceridwen8, Jun 1, 2014

I've played through RoS on my wizard, and though I rated D3 quite low, this *is* an improvement. (I'd like to do 6.5, but to be generous, I'll go with 7) First, the removal of the real money auction house was great - that was a painful, awful, insulting, greedy, disastrous system, & the #1 reason I quit D3, & remember it without affection. (I had reached - whatever the final level was, & completely lost interest, since it was P2W in the extreme.) On the other hand, the inability to trade with friends & party members now is disappointing, and a *sane* auction house system might be welcome, albeit possibly too open to exploitation. On the basis of auction house removal alone, I have to give it a substantially higher score. The story/area is a little better than D3. Not a lot. A little. I played the wizard most, but also got a crusader to max, & found it strangely ill-suited to the game design. (WHY make it slower? What's the point? - I realize that's been removed, but when I was leveling mine, it was a real pain.) By the time the crusader class had been buffed up, I was too sick of her to bother. I liked the voice actors for both male & female - that was a plus. I found the nerfs/buffs a little - annoying. I was disappointed, again, that the classes most suited to moving, to kiting, such as wizard & DH, seem to be rewarded for standing still & shooting. I find that boring, and too dependent on gear. I'm sick of gear being #1 in Blizzard games, as well as an almost mandatory cookie cutter build. (I see that critics seem to love their games, but I'm not feeling it. "Simple & utterly gear dependent is just not working for me, & I'm a pretty casual gamer.) Rifts - a good idea, intensely boring to repeat. WAY too long, & your reward/boss comes too soon, in that there's not a lot of reason to continue with them, though legendaries are supposed to drop more often in Rifts. (I averaged maybe one worthless legendary an hour.) There should have been a major boss per level, or make Rifts shorter. I got more legendaries from blasting urns & crates than from bosses, which is a big problem for me. A boss *should* give more than an urn, but you are not rewarded for tackling harder fights. Just - from playing a lot, & that's a reason not to open D3. Enchanting was a nice touch, if it worked reasonably well. I realize they changed the option that allowed for, "Would you like vitality for your vitality, or perhaps... vitality?" But several times, I got lovely rare items that had terrible stats.(that couldn't be altered by enchanting) Obviously, you're supposed to play this game for a lot more hours than I'm willing to endure. I'm not helped enough by going up in Torment (I was generally comfortable at 3 & 4 on the wizard, and had a few *mixed* set pieces, with the rest legendary.) (I was about 250 Paragon Level - I ran it more than I should have, though I saw players saying you had to have 'at least' 300 hours to expect set gear. That's crazy, & no thanks.) I was deeply annoyed, also, that the set pieces aim you at one build. I despise the 'changed look' effects - Archon, the Akarat's champion thing on the crusader - and I had no intention of building that way just because a set told me I had to. Not at all flexible enough! Gems were stupidly expensive to make, remove (that has been lowered a bit) and generally not something rewarding. It's an attempt to make you play eternally, & I don't find them exciting enough to do that. (I had max level gems on my wizard - there's no way I'd bother with that on another character) That brings me to Kadala - whose idea was it to make a snarky NPC who insults you as she gives you lousy, utterly useless gear? She gives you about what you'd get from 2 bosses. Just - no. My score is probably higher than I'm feeling about D3:RoS now, but it is a jump up from plain D3, & unlike most games now, allows me to play with friends. (I wasn't interested in public games) I'm sick of mmos, & single player rpgs have a very limited play time. So that's - something.

Boonah, Mar 25, 2014

Average ARPG at best. This is DLC disguised an expansion. It's a cash grab. That's pretty much all it is. Luckily I can review this having played at a friends and therefore saved £32.99. Oh and people giving it extra points due to a "smooth launch" are ridiculous. Smooth launches should be standard practice. Oh how standards and expectations have slipped.

day3walker, May 4, 2014

pure boredom after a month! Its very very sad what happend with D3! Which dev had the great idea that the dmg of my meteor is based on a crossbow...just retarded.

Deadraque, Jan 17, 2016

Waiting queues for a bad solo gaming expierence, good get a 0. still no skill selections, auto leveling, auto adapting monsters to your level wherever you are,no random maps and so on