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Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer Comprised of controlled, calculating individuals, the Priests of Rathma have long known the true stakes at the heart of the Eternal Conflict. Known to uneducated outsiders as Necromancers, these masters of blood, bone, and the dark arts are often misunderstood. Driven to protect the Balance at all costs, those dedicated to walking this path see neither good nor evil in their actions; simply obedience to the cycle of being.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2205
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Company / Developer
Blizzard Entertainment / Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer reviews ( 7 )

Nightdk, Jun 29, 2017

Haters who dont play diablo anymore will attack this game. And it shows when all the negative score is without a review. Most likely from people who did not even bother to buy the pack. For a diablo 3 player, someone who played the game and enjoyed it for what it is, The Necromancer pack is a perfect addition. If we took in to consideration what players expected from the next paid diablo 3 content, the rise of the necromancer would not be good. But this is not what reviews are for. The pack is what it was announced to be. And in that aspect, it is a perfect, 10/10 addition. If you liked Diablo 3 and had fun with the game, this content is for you. Worth every dollar. If you did not like D3 and is hostile towards the game, this new content wont change a thing for you.

Silverbow, Jul 3, 2017

I don't know who these professional one game for life players are, that think that if people stop playing a great game that it's somehow not great anymore. I stopped playing Baldurs Gate 2 in 2005, and it's still a great game. Having said that, the necromancer brings great things to D3. The class feels really powerful, and it gives you an excuse for another playthrough or two using a new class. For the price of a movie ticket and a coffee, why not?

Demonmonger, Jun 28, 2017

If you have moved on from D3, the Necromancer pack is not going to bring anything new that will make you come back. It is still the same process as before, 1-70, rift, rift, rift. That being said, the Necromancer is hands down the best character class in the game in my eyes in terms of share user control. The Necro is a very active character that requires smart positioning and resource management, which is refreshing compared to the one-click win variations of all other classes. If you are still playing D3, you HAVE to give the Necromancer a try, if not, no reason to come back at this time.

WorldRedbull, Jun 29, 2017

The Rise of the Necromancer pack is the newest "thing" to be made for Diablo 3, alongside the new maps. So is it good? Well..... The Necromancer itself is good, it plays fine, it works fine, and it's fun and all, however, the rest of the pack itself is a major problem with this. If you've played Diablo 2 it's pretty similar to the old Necromancer who summons a crap ton of minions to help him fight. The pack mostly contains useless cosmetics(Banner items, a pair of wings, and a pennant), an extremely useless non-combat pet that doesn't help you in the game whatsoever. The only two worthwhile things in the pack that aren't The Necromancer itself are the stash tabs, and the two character slots. There's not even any new playable quests with this pack. It's more of a pack that pretty much says: "Here's the necromancer.........okay bye!" However, that being all the pack has to offer, I feel as if 15 dollars is WAY too much of an asking price, especially when most of the content in the pack(Excluding the necromancer, stash tabs/character slots) does nothing to impact or enhance your gaming experience in anyway shape or form. It's more just to go: LOOK HOW COOL THIS STUFF IS? Do I recommend the pack? It's a half and half. If you have 15 dollars on hand, and really want to play The necromancer then i'd go for it, as the necromancer is the reason itself to even buy the damn thing. If you aren't really interested in the necromancer, and are more cautious about buying the pack, i'd wait until it's on sale honestly. You don't even need to buy the pack to play the new maps, as the new in game maps are free.

Oyarsa, Jul 2, 2017

This expansion is a microcosm for the entire Diablo 3 game: a highly polished, yet severely limited bit of content. As has been noted by critics and users alike, the pricing is questionable. If we're keeping track, D3 was released at $60, RoS at $40, and RotN at $15. So, $115 for, what seems to me, content worth half the price. The price point alone was enough to cure me of my almost two-decade (probably 5-10 years too long) devotion to Blizzard (D1/2, WoW, Warcraft, and SC1/2). I refuse to buy EA games for the same reasons.. I wish I'd waited until the RoS price drop to buy D3, but my sweet wife knew how much I enjoy Diablo and got it as a birthday present. As to the expansion content itself, I played a friend's account and certainly enjoyed the class. I appreciated the nod to D2--the necro was an easy choice of first character for me. I was, however, shocked at its omission from D3. The vanity items and extra slots would probably be useful. But, again, my recurring thought was "$15...for this?" If you're literally wiping your behind with $100 bills, sure, buy the DLC. If not, give Path of Exile a shot, or check out the Steam sale. Or go outside. Lord knows my pasty skin needs it.

Foxcool, Jul 25, 2017

Can you afford to buy a big mac for $50? Sure you can, but it's not worth it and you shouldn't on principle. Same thing with this DLC, not only is it not worth $15 but by buying it, we're telling the big cooperations that it's "ok" to charge so much for so little.

sonofdiablo48, Sep 10, 2017

Notice how they are too scared to put the negative reviews at the top? Have you ever seen a negative review at the top? I think Metacritic and their reviewers have some kind of a deal with publishers and or developers to always put the positive reviews at the top. They know the negative reviews would destroy this DLC or expansion or whatever it is.