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Diggles Accompany your Diggles clan and descend into an unexplored underground world full of great adventures, dangers and mysteries. Raise your Diggles, provide them with food, have them work hard and meet unique, strange creatures. Solve the secret of the horrible mighty Fenris and prove your fighting and Karate skills in tournaments and dojos. But watch out! Never lose track of your Diggles. [Innonics]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 64 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1308
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Fantasy, General
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Strategy First / Innonics
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Diggles reviews ( 7 )

AbramM., Jan 31, 2005

This game is awesome it is a little slow but once you get past that there is all the exitement you have to build, fight, defend, and the dwarves have to have little babies so yes i think this game is awesome and i would recommend this game to sombody who like staregy games.

AdamT., Jan 18, 2006

Amazing this is my favorite game and believe me i have a lot of games. I think they ought to make a sequelle to this games that has better graphics but built on the same idea and 2d style.

Ekaton, Jul 28, 2012

Despite some bugs and minor problems, this game is on my top list for a long time. Can't count how many times I played it till late night without a sight of tiredness. Humorous, addictive, amazing.

AuroraB., Jul 7, 2002

The loading is slow, the game play is slow. HOWEVER it is very entertaining and addictive. Its fun as well as time consuming which isnt a bad thing! I feel as though I got my money's worth and I am looking forward to a possible sequel!

TheNikus, Aug 15, 2013

This game is an absolute diamond in the rough. If you look past its unfinished interface, you'll find yourself constantly looking to get the next technology or building to advance your settlement. If you can muster the patience to endure the long periods of time it takes to get things done and the sometimes cryptic and even unfair challenges it gives you, you'll enjoy watching you dwarves develop and thrive. I say, give it a try.

John-PaulH., Jun 19, 2002

Diggles was a fun game but some of the quests are a little to hard, especially when looking for something, you litterally have to make your own root to get to it. But other than that it was a good game.

Sirik_Matak, Aug 6, 2016

The game is simply unplayable for a long run. The core gameplay is well enough, but the execution is extremely flawed. Jerky AI, your wiggles refusing to do anything, abandoning their current tasks and refusing to go back (during their work hours and well fed and entertained), etc. etc. The first mission can drag for more than 5 hours due to extremely SLOW gaming pace AND horrendous pathfiding issues. And you can't even play with bonus speed, because x4 (the highest available) also DISABLES all other controls with camera movement! The progression is extremely irratiating and if you didn't read any walkthrough, the initial progression depends solely on pure luck with random digging down your tunnels, hoping you will hit a sweet, sweet story progression jackpot. No, it's not a good kind of "slow", that Cultures managed to pull off. It's a sloggish, unsatisfying chore with more issues than actual gameplay working. I tried this game a few times since 2002. Every SINGLE time I was burned out at the end of the first mission. It is a diamond, but not really worth it. Especially when you have so many better alternatives for this kind of gaming.