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Dino Crisis Though it has some startling moments and a few fun sections, it's mostly just a mediocre version of a mediocre game.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 61 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1603
Genre Action Adventure, Horror, Survival
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Capcom / Capcom
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Dino Crisis reviews ( 7 )

Nyakuya, Dec 30, 2016

Un exelente juego en todos los aspectos. Amo la forma en la que corren los dinosaurios, los ruidos que hacen, la desesperacion de sentirme perseguido y de que se me lancen encima para intentar devorarme vivo, :'3 amo este juego.

Heisenberg93, Jun 29, 2016

I played Dino Crisis for the first time, many many years ago on PlayStation but never had the chance to finish it on that console, unlike one of the loves of my life, Dino Crisis 2. Anyway I've been able to play it and finish it on PC version. And yes, it was great. Dino Crisis's plot is good. Really good. In Dino Crisis 2, plot's characters had minimal idea on what they were going to face, but here they could never imagine what they would had to fight against. And this is understandable because of the tension of the unknown with which the story begins. Plus, unlike Dino Crisis 2, you feel in the air that someone is always trying to trick you or that there is a traitor in the group. It is a plot that really makes you feel on the edge that something wrong is going to happen, that things are going to go worse. That's great. Just like its successor, the opinion of Dino Crisis's gameplay is the same: "a Resident Evil with dinosaurs", and in fact it's what it is. Sure, in opposite to Dino Crisis 2, the gameplay here is a bit more basilar but always good. Difficulty in combat is very well done, dinosaurs are fast and not easy to kill, and it is necessary to keep ammunitions and health under constant control. In some part of the game the player can even choose more different paths to advance in the plot. The pace and the athmosphere in the game are done very well and, even thanks to the plot, moving in the building's corridors makes you feel fear of what's next, or what's is going to be after the next door or behind the corner. For almost the entire game, puzzles are very good and always fun to complete, but near the end I found that the situation is a bit "extreme": in fact much puzzles not only are too much complex, but they even overlap each other, making the game confusing, annoying and hard to keep under control. To this, has to be added that you have constantly to go back and forth all over the building. To make it simple: the final part of the game is a mess and quite frustrating. This is the only real bad thing in Dino Crisis. Graphically the game is great and the graphic engine works very well especially on dinosaurs' models, and environment. Even the audio component is quite good, as Capcom typically knew to do it. Dino Crisis is a masterpiece, and a great survival horror game. It's been a pleasure to complete it, despite some rough defects, that doesn't make it perfect as Dino Crisis 2 was.

Tessara_Vejgan, Nov 2, 2014

Just finished playing the playstation version on pc via emulator. So yeah, its pretty good, You got a great story, dinos and considering the release date some nice graphics. Did get lost several times. Also if you plan on playing it make sure you have pen and paper close at hand since the game doesn't have a journal or anything like that.

lukechristiansc, Aug 31, 2015

Dino Crisis is a mediocre game but it least it knows that, what I love about the game is it's campy, scary and suspenseful and the makers of the game make the cheesy element fun it's not original but it's very fun and that's what your going to get. If you love Shinji Mikami's zombie flick "Resident Evil" check it out. The voice-acting isn't all that great but they try. Rating: 8/10

Jouna92, Dec 25, 2013

In the end, the narrow view is that Dino Crisis is Resident Evil with dinosaurs. And Capcom did it again Dino Crisis is scary from the music to the vicious creatures.

tsakiym, May 18, 2015

I do not have to say anything. But i need to write one hundred and fifty characters. i think my score can describe it.................................

TheDestroyer, Feb 11, 2015

Note: I actually played the Playstation version of this game. However there is no Dino Crisis page for Playstation on metacritic. So the review is posted here until a PS page is brought to life. I am The Destroyer. I will break games, complain about the littlest detail, and tell you whether or not the game is worth buying. A lot of things to say here, but can't due to the 5000 character limit. 1. Story The story is set on the fictional Ibis Island, where a man named Edward Kirk has been developing a secret weapon inside his facility. Once discovered, the Secret Operation Raid Team (SORT) was dispatched to bring Kirk into custody. Upon the team's arrival, they shortly realize something isn't right when they find nothing but silence and dead bodies ripped apart. A new foe of lizard-like dinosaurs quickly exposes themselves and begins to treat the SORT team like a main course for dinner. Now you must guide 23 year old Regina, member of SORT, to solve the mystery that has claimed the island, while trying to capture Kirk before the dinosaurs capture you with their teeth. 2. Voice Acting The only good voice acting you'll hear is from Regina. Everyone else sounds like thoughts of "Wow! Technology has advanced so far to allow voice overs in video games. Let's act!" and then they do their lines without any heart. Even the dinosaurs will sound better than the rest of the npcs. 3. Graphics and Visuals The graphics follow a real-time 3d style texture & background. When it comes to Dino Crisis's artistic design and animations, they are only considered passable - not great. Even for year 1999 standards, it could have been better. 4. Gameplay Gameplay refers to survival-horror, customization, and various puzzles you solve within the game. Put it all together and it's Average! -Survival-Horror- Dino Crisis will attempt to overpower your emotions with it's frightening enemies and lack of ammo pickups, and does a pretty good job at it too. They'll ambush you, and follow you through doors. Taking damage can also inflict the Bleeding status on you, which damages you overtime, and attracts even more dinosaurs if you don't use a hemostat or another item to fix the blood loss. Everything from healing items to ammo is limited, so you must plan your moves carefully. The "survival" is solid. The "horror" however is to be questioned. In this game, there is something called "Danger" events where you have to rapidly mash the buttons to avoid taking damage or facing instant death. This takes away from the horror element when you know the attack is coming. There's also a lack of enemy variety in this game to the point where they just color the same dinosaur something different. Overall, it just comes down to how many enemies you can dodge without using bullets. -Customization- Every weapon you find in this game can be upgraded at least once if you find the weapon parts. Unfortunately, it won't feel as great as it's hype when you find out how many weapons there actually are in the game. There's costumes too, but you can't access them until you beat the game, which is a real let down. -Puzzles- All the problems for puzzles happen at the last half of the game, where suddenly you have to have a straight A's intelligence to solve a simple problem. When you have to look up online or use a magazine guide on how to get through a certain section, you're not playing the game. And it loses points for that. There's also a lot of unnecessary running around, which doesn't feel justified. 5. Soundtrack There's a lack of dinosaur sounds in the background when you're outside the facility. It's not even in the soundtrack either, which could have easily been done. Also, the Music overlaps the SFX by default, so you barely hear any enemies during gameplay, or voices during cut-scenes. Fortunately you can fix the ladder part in the options menu. But it get's worse: The SFX overlaps voice overs during the cut-scenes, so sometimes you have no idea what everyone is saying. And there is no fix for that. 6.. Personal Enjoyment Dino Crisis comes with a lot of issues as you see. But despite that, I was okay with them, and even managed to have fun playing. My game file clocked at 7H 39M when I completed it, but really it took me over 12 hours if you include all the deaths, and the amount of times I got frustrated from running around. 7. Overall Verdict Instead, I am giving this game a 7 out of 10. Could have easily been a 9 out of 10 had it not been for the issues listed above, but there's just too many to ignore. Overall, this game is still worth a playthrough.