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Dinocide A classic NES inspired old-school single-player platformer in a prehistoric fantasy world. Dinocide tries to capture the drive and fun of that era and recreate it in a modern way.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 53 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1118
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
AtomicTorch / AtomicTorch

Dinocide reviews ( 4 )

Rankior, Feb 2, 2016

I'm here just to say this. Are these reviewers CRAZY giving this game 30 or 40? And their main argument being "uh, I couldn't complete some level on the first try". Holy ****. And their second argument being "lack of innovation"? Did they read the game description? The developers said from the very beginning that they are making the game that is 100% true to the old days. They deliberately didn't introduce any modern mechanics. Dinocide is a pure classic! I had such a blast playing it that no other of so called "old-school" games comes even close. In fact, I completed it three times in a row just because how fun it is! It genuinely brings you back to NES era!

Tiraniel, Feb 25, 2016

I enjoyed this game! It reminds me about my childhood and long nights without sleep. I love the 8-bit graphics style and atmosphere in Dinocide. Pretty simple and fun gameplay, good music and cute dinos. Maybe the price is a bit high. Anyway I really recommend Dinocide as a good old-school platformer.

oOMeBloody, Feb 25, 2016

Okay, my friend from South Africa plays this game tens of hours, seriously. I am not that dedicated but I track this game's progress and here is something I need to say: this game maybe lacks some content and depth but they are updating it so far. The initial idea is great, developers managed to accomplish exactly what they promised: they revoked the spirit of that old-school NES gaming. There are some mistakes, but you know what? The game is enjoyable. It makes you keep playing, you do not quit if you die, you really wanna continue, you come there again. And this is important today, when people are used to mobile market where you play game just once in most cases. I won't give it 10, because I really want much more content and gameplay improvements. But this is a decent game made by fans of this genre and they did a good job.

Shefik, Feb 25, 2016

I really enjoyed playing this game. I could be a bit biased you could say, because I'm an involved party, but still! :) Dinocide is a true classical work that diligently recreates old-school gaming experience of the 90's.